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  1. I am thinking about whether or not to pick up Everyman but I already have Normals Unbound and would like to know if there's enough new good material to make it worth the purchase.
  2. Re: Master of Crime Stats - What Book? Awesome. Unfortunately, I don't have that book. Is there anything else in there that would make it worth a pickup? I currently own all of the 5th edition DC books and a fair number of 4th edition DC books.
  3. Just curious on where I can find the Master of Crime's Stats.
  4. I'm pondering the cost of a defensive power that protects only against BODY damage. I was thinking -1/4 but I thought that I might shop around for some opinions on the matter. So what do you think the cost should be?
  5. Re: Winging and Playing It Loose With HERO Glad to hear that it is possible and thanks for the good advice. I'll keep everything in mind for the next game.
  6. I love HERO but I really don't have a lot of time to number crunch or money to spent on additional books. Since I'm running a Fantasy HERO game, does anyone mind giving me pointers on how to mechanically improvise without denying my players fair challenges and rewards? Specifically, I'd like to be able to run Dungeon Magazine adventures on the fly and be able to assign arbitrary parameters to both the opposition and treasure encountered without a hitch. Is this possible?
  7. After reading the design considerations thread, I am interested in what people think are exactly the limits for changing HERO (before it becomes a better idea of finding another game or making one from scratch)?
  8. Re: Iron Heroes' Token System Wow, KH, that looks just like what I was looking for. With a bit of tinkering, I think I can use it. As for everyone else, thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it.
  9. A bit new to HERO here. I'm musing over a conversion of the token system from Monte Cook's Iron Heroes. I think I can pull it off with END Reserves of variable ENDs and RECs and the Limitations Limited Recovery, Restricted Use, and perhaps Requires Extra Time. Does that sound feasible?
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