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  1. But, on the plus side - Come to the Phantom Zone!Live forever! See the universe! It practically sells itself.
  2. Are Endgame spoilers okay in this thread? I'll wrap this in spoiler tags, just in case. Here's what I'd like to see for a Fantastic Four movie
  3. There's debate about everything, including whether or not the Earth is flat, so I don't find the existence of debate meaningful. An individual can be subject to multiple jurisdictions. Almost all of us are. I'm subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, the state of Texas, and the city of Austin. If I were in the military I'd also be subject to that jurisdiction. If I travel to England, I'm subject to the jurisdiction of that country, but still subject to the jurisdiction of the US (unless I go through the complex process of renouncing my citizenship). The amendment does not say subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the US. The argument that being subject to another jurisdiction somehow means they aren't subject to US jurisdiction is entirely specious. Besides which, to argue that these children are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US is to argue that their parents also are not. If they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US, then they are not bound by its laws. If that were the case, US law enforcement would have no authority over them. Children of anyone with diplomatic immunity have always been excluded for exactly that reason. They, in fact, are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US. That's what diplomatic immunity is.
  4. But the law changed with the passage of the 14th amendment, which is quite explicit that those children are citizens.
  5. As hard as it may be to believe, you are not the universal arbiter of importance. I'm not saying they needed more screen time. I thought Shuri being in the battle made perfect sense, and I don't have a strong opinion on Mantis. If all you're saying is that it wouldn't have made sense to spend more time on them away from the battle, given their place in the story, I have no problem with that. But to just flat say that the characters are unimportant is dismissive of the people out there who do care about those characters. Those characters are important to them, and their view of the movie matters just as much as yours.
  6. They are not important to you. You aren't the only person the movie was made for. And as far as Shuri being combat capable goes, she's a princess in a country where rule can be determined by martial prowess. It's pretty likely that she has extensive combat training.
  7. People keep saying stuff like this, trying to equate the two parties, but I never see any actual coherent point by point comparisons. If it can be done so easily, please show us how.
  8. Tony built that gauntlet. I'm sure once he was in physical contact with it, his armor's shifting/reforming capability was up to the task. Also, the movie was great.
  9. I'll be seeing it before I go to work on Friday morning.
  10. GCS is my preferred terminology. Other trans folk prefer others. As long as you don't call it sex change surgery, you're probably fine. As far as the fear of doctors being forced to perform GCS, yeah, right. It's a highly specialized surgery that requires very specific training. No trans person is going to want someone who is anything less than skilled and enthusiastic performing it. Using that fear as an excuse to allow doctors not to treat us at all is just an excuse for transphobia and general bigotry.
  11. 1. Well, we're keeping kids in cages. Putting people who cam here seeking amnesty (which is completely legal, by the way) in tent cities in inhumane conditions. We aren't gassing them yet, but people are dying, including children. 2. It wasn't a criminal trial. Innocent until proven guilty is irrelevant. And the admin and the republicans on the committee did everything in there power to make sure that any evidence didn't come out. 3. Well, a little agreement is something, I guess. 4. I'm a trans woman. They want doctor's to be able to refuse to treat me, even in an ER. Even if my life is in danger. They want me to have to use the men's bathroom in public, which would clearly out me as such, which would endanger my life in may places. So my only choice, if they get there way, would be to strictly limit my time in public, or break the law and use the correct bathroom, for which I would be arrested if caught, and then put in jail with men. They don't want me to exist. 5. Which countries would those be? Saudi Arabia? Brazil (with it's newly elected fascist leader)? North Korea? I was never ashamed to be an American, and few Democrats were. I'm leaning that direction now, though. 6. Which deals were hurt us more than the ridiculous tariffs he's imposing? 7. The democratic party is not in the habit of ginning up fear of other. They get hyperbolic about some things, but they aren't demonizing whole races of people. 8. I didn't call the whole admin Nazi's. I said there are Nazis in the administration. Stephen Miller is a genuine Nazi in all but name. He associates with actual Nazis. He espouses Nazi ideals. He is high up in the admin and has the ear of the president. And Simon's post about the origin of the name Nazi is a good point.
  12. Maybe not for you personally, but if Hillary had been elected we wouldn't have concentration camps in my home state. We wouldn't have a serial sexual abuser as our latest Supreme Court justice. Our deficit wouldn't be skyrocketing at record pace from tax cuts that serve to concentrate wealth even more into the hands of the wealthiest. We wouldn't have a federal government that wants to strip me of the right to exist in public. We wouldn't be in the process of completely destroying the United States' status as a world leader. We wouldn't be in a trade war that serves only to stoke the ego of a petulant man-child. We wouldn't have the most corrupt administration since the Taft administration (and possibly ever). We wouldn't have a president who takes every opportunity to stoke the fear of other. We wouldn't have Nazis in the administration with the ear of the president. Exactly how would it have been worse under Hillary?
  13. And now I know exactly how seriously to take any resulting criticisms.
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