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  1. I find the idea that there's something unrealistic or inappropriate about established characters being revealed to be gay or bi hilarious. I made it it to fifty years old without realizing that I'm trans. I was married with two kids. No one (including me) suspected that I was anything other than a straight, cisgender man. And I know a ton of people in the same (or a similar) boat. As long as society keeps moving in the right direction, I think this will happen less and less, but it's not going go away, at least not in my lifetime. People figure out they're different at their own pace. Or they just don't reveal certain aspects of themselves until they're ready. It's the world we live in. Even though comic book worlds aren't our world, there's no reason to expect them to be different in that particular regard. Just because you don't want to see something doesn't make it unrealistic or inappropriate.
  2. You may, of course, do as you like (until and unless a mod says otherwise). I, however, am done discussing this particular tangent on this thread.
  3. I don't think I can explain why comparing conservatives in the modern USA to Jews right before the holocaust to you is offensive if you don't see it. Especially considering it was done at a time when Republicans held two of the three branches of federal government, and hold a majority of state governments. And that is disregarding her transphobia. If you want to discuss this further, please take it to the politics thread, since it's not really on topic for this thread.
  4. https://www.scotsman.com/arts-and-culture/film-and-tv/what-did-gina-carano-say-why-actor-has-been-fired-from-disney-show-the-mandalorian-after-abhorrent-instagram-post-and-her-response-3131574
  5. That's a fine sentiment when it it comes to judging the quality of a given piece of art. It's nonsense when deciding whose art to support. I didn't go looking for some way to be offended. Carano used the much bigger platform she gained by being on the Mandalorian to mock my identity and minimize the culpability of Nazis for the holocaust. If giving a little less money to Disney might to help, even just a tiny bit, to remove that platform, then that's what I'll do. So, thanks for the advice, but I think I'll keep trying to deplatform transphobes and other bigots.
  6. And heaven forbid I not support a company that employs a transphobic bigot in a public facing position.
  7. On the other hand, I wouldn't have subscribed if they hadn't ditched her, so that's a wash for them.
  8. No, Time Limit can be used on instant powers. When used on an instant power, any preparations (gestures, extra time, etc.) are done once at the beginning, and thereafter the power can be used again every phase (if desired) until the time limit expires, without going through the initial preparations again.
  9. Totally agreed. I enjoyed it a lot, and if they can keep that up, the What If series will be a solid success.
  10. Sounds likely, but also for the PR push that a big open gives a movie.
  11. I haven't had any luck with that. Apparently Disney actually announcing the Black Widow numbers was highly unusual.
  12. Mulan did not make $240M on its opening weekend. There was some messed up analysis going on shortly after its release that said that, but no one in the industry believes that now. It may have made 80-90 million dollars (citation) in its first week of streaming, but keep in mind, it was streaming only. Black Widow made $60M streaming on opening weekend, plus $80M in theaters. So Black Widow easily outperformed Mulan.
  13. This is straying pretty far off the topic of this post, but I'm really curious what this "single monolithic, zealous worldview and political mindset" you see taking over consists of.
  14. Um, what? The last release before Black Widow was Spider-Man: Far from Home. It made $1,131M worldwide. Black Widow's $359M worldwide take, even without China, puts it at the number 5 movie worldwide for 2021. Considering that all the movies above it did have a China release, that's not bad. And that's not including the $60M opening weekend streaming revenue. Just looking at domestic box office, it's the top movie this year. With the Delta wave of the pandemic wave cranking up, I expect that the other two Marvel releases this year will suffer at the box office. But so will every other movie released. I haven't seen any evidence presented that they have gone wrong, or that they have anything they need to rescue themselves from other than the hit they've taken due to the pandemic.
  15. Since we can't rerun the universe a little differently, we'll never know who's right. I just find the idea that it's position in the release schedule added half a billion dollars to it's box-office take to be ridiculous on its face. Wow. That's utterly ridiculous. Marvel's marketing team guilted the world into making Black Panther the number four top grossing movie of all time? Seriously? I'd love to see examples of this '"you're a terrible person and bigot if you don't watch this movie" woke marketing.' Or is this like the horrible things Larson and Johansson said about men that we're just supposed to assume really happened, without evidence given? Further, I'd love to hear why, if that kind of marketing happened, and was so effective, Marvel didn't do the same with Black Widow. It seems like the idea that there was an audience that had been clamoring for movies like these and came out in droves to see them is just unfathomable to y'all. Black Panther was easily one of the best two movies in the MCU. Captain Marvel, not so much, but it was a solid superhero movie, and the first MCU movie with a female solo lead.
  16. Where does Ant-Man and The Wasp fit into this theory? It also fell between Infinity War and Endgame, but made on modestly more than Ant-Man. My memory is more of a bunch of really positive reviews and a bunch of really negative reviews, with some in the middle. I can certainly seeCaptain Marvel's spot in the schedule boosting opening weekend somewhat, but I don't see that holding up long enough to get it to the levels it reached without a lot of fans really liking the movie. The idea that its position nearly doubled its take, but somehow only gave Ant-Man and The Wasp a modest boost, if any, strikes me as grasping at straws.
  17. Entirely? That's an interesting theory. Have you seen anything to support it other than the certainty that people couldn't have really liked the film enough to give it those numbers?
  18. There are some uncited assertion in there. Where did female cast members "bash males"? The Brie Larson quote cited in the article listed upthread had nothing to do with the MCU, and was nothing close to male bashing, and it's the only thing presented so far. As Ternaugh pointed out, Captain Marvel was a blockbuster, by any reasonable definition. As to why Black Widow is doing so relatively poorly, that's really complicated. I sincerely doubt it has anything at all to do with anything Johansson has said in interviews. The movie is about a character that is already dead in the continuity of the series. It was released simultaneously to streaming and theaters, and it was released a year late due to the pandemic. All those are almost certainly bigger factors than folks caring about whatever Johansson said. Regarding Dr. Strange being cut from shows, do you have an example beyond WandaVision? Otherwise, that's one show, and I've got to say, making the decision to not have the powerful man come in and save the day at the end of that series was a solid one. Having any character show up and Deus Ex Machina the ending would have been bad, but having a man do it in a show that's otherwise been mostly centering women would have sucked. This whole panic over more diversity in the MCU makes me laugh. There was one female super hero for the entirety of phase one of the MCU, and she's the one who didn't get a solo movie (until just now), while there were four male-led solo movies. In phase two they added two more women. Wanda only became a hero at the very end of the last movie of phase 2, and Gamora was added as the one woman in a crew of five. There were once again four male-led solo movies, and zero female-led. Phase three gave us our first female-led movie, and five male-led movies. As the original lead actors retire, their characters are getting replaced. We got a black Captain America. We're going to get Iron Heart instead of Iron Man. We know we're getting a female Thor in Love and Thunder, and rumors say that Hemsworth's Thor may be going to die, but I haven't heard anything solid on the future of those two characters. A lot of fans want Shuri to be the new Black Panther, but, once again, Marvel seems to be playing their cards close to their chest, so who knows. This year we get Shang Chi, a new male lead, our first Asian lead in the MCU. Someone in one of these threads said that Dr. Strange is going to die in Multiverse of Madness, and that Hawkeye is going to die in his Disney+ series. I've seen nothing to back these up. But the thing is, if the MCU becomes no longer completely centered around white males for a while, it's not the end of the universe. White males have dominated lead roles in these movies so far (and in all of Hollywood, for that matter) for a long while, and it would take a long time of that no longer being true to reach even close to parity. It would be okay to let some other folks take the spotlight for a while.
  19. That was a pretty standard Captain America speech. Cap has been a social justice warrior since way back.
  20. I think that's a completely valid viewpoint. I disagree with it, but I can definitely see where you're coming from. Larson gave a very understated performance in many ways. There were lots of barely there smiles, and bits of understated humor. I think this was most likely a directorial choice (which worked fine for me), because I've seen her play much more emotionally broad characters. I find the accusations of arrogance against the character unfair, but, once again, that's a question of perception. Overall, it's a matter of the character as written/Larson's performance working for some people and not others. And that's fine. I think part of why it worked for me is that I identified with the character a lot. Most of my life I didn't display much emotion. People tended to find me arrogant, when really, I just didn't connect well. And until recently, for as long as I remember people had told me I was something I wasn't, and I had believed them. So it makes sense that I would connect more.
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