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  1. Some great advice in here:
  2. Best response I saw to this mindset:
  3. Agreed. This is definitely affecting a lot of people at very deep psychological levels. Just today I was working with some healthcare providers and they were talking about what they are seeing across their patient population. Some are very angry, others are turning in on themselves. The providers of course have to take all this in stride, but I could tell, they are having a tough time as well. It is definitely going to lead to some PTSD for a lot of people, especially the care providers who are experiencing all the death right on the front line. I said it before, I'll say it again. They need a
  4. But what is your nozzle made from, what about your bed? It's easy to dismiss the particular filament, but you still have to consider all the chemical changes throughout the printing process, not to mention the sterilization of the process as well. Some hospitals won't accept any DIY components for the simple lack of sterilization used in the manufacturing process. But as I said, desperation can sometimes remove those barriers from consideration. I'm mentioning this not just for you, but for others that might read this and want to help their local hospitals, which I 100% recommend. Providers ar
  5. Make sure to check with the hospital before you start. Depending on the filament used, they may refuse the masks because they are carcinogenic, but it depends on how desperate they are. I've inquired with my local hospital, and they said they would take face shields, but not printed masks. They'll take handsewn masks though. I've heard stories of other hospitals taking them though, so who knows.
  6. Well, at that slow of a speed and that high of a resolution, I can understand why. I didn't look at the whole video, but just based on the layer height he is using, I can tell he doesn't fully understand the engineering of how 3D printers work. But brute forcing an extreme layer height and slow speed should pretty much work for anyone. I prefer a more "engineered" approach which means understanding a bit more about how stepper motors work and how slicers work. For example, in PrusaSlicer, I can go in and set variable layer heights for the mini and control the level of the detail based specific
  7. WOWZERS!! That's an insane level of detail. Even at .2mm I get enough detail for a face. At .12mm it nearly matches the model, and I typically print at around 50mm/s. I completely get why you are frustrated with the time it takes to print one model. Honestly, I would highly recommend Prusa over Cura. I was honestly shocked when I made the switch how much better the quality was and as I said, I made sure to port over all the settings (as best as I could) from Cura so that I could compare apples to apples. And Meshmixer is a great tool to have, but I don't use it that much. I typically will use
  8. Ouch! Yeah, my Ender has been really awesome from day one. It has only been lately as I've been getting into the super-fine details that I'm struggling. I guess I got really lucky because I was able to tram the bed as soon as I finished building it, and only retram maybe after a couple weeks or after it prints a large print with a lot of XY axis movement. It's at the point that I'm able to do print-in-place moveable objects and have them actually work. And I'm finally getting the thin walls/details dialed in. Interestingly, a lot of the information I find online seems to be so narrowly focused
  9. OH? I'm doing similar. Which 3D printer did you end up getting? I've had an Ender 3 for quite some time, but only recently have gotten serious about dialing it in and using it to its fullest.
  10. Skynet, hello. IoT is already being hacked daily. The thought of someone gaining access to essentially my life isn't too compelling. Hopefully, they work off AI rather than any external input. That said, the new organic nanobots, look really promising, but they are by nature not as "intelligent", yet.
  11. LOL And I'm not?!? Are you accusing me of being industrious? How dare you sir! But in all honesty, I've only produced two digital-to-print models to date, and both weren't horrible, but nothing I would want anyone to actually use. Once I have the printer dialed in perfectly, which is going to be quite soon, I'll be getting back to creating some models and seeing if I can actually turn them into a decent miniature.
  12. Unless you are creating original content yourself.
  13. Since I'm typically on the road for work 90 to a 100% of the time, this has been kind of nice. And since when I am home I have to work from home, I already have the whole work from home schtick nailed down. But the kicker is that most of my customers are hospitals, and as you may have heard, they're kind of busy with other stuff, which means they don't want to see my ugly mug. So, I've been using this time to get my 3D printer dialed in to perfection, and working on building custom 3D models that I can then print. I might consider doing it as a side hustle, but I don't really need to, so we'll
  14. Because I've seen how you all wash your hands as I've traveled the world's airports.
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