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  1. The PDFs available on DriveThru RPG (and presumably also in HERO's online store) for 1st and 2nd edition Champions currently have the wrong front and back covers. Back in late February, the PDFs on DriveThru were correct but misnamed (and so assigned to the wrong product in the store): "1st edition" had a complete and correct PDF of 2nd edition, and "2nd edition" was the complete PDF of 1st edition. I contacted DriveThru to let them know about that misnaming problem, and the PDFs were updated on March 7. I assumed then that the problem was fixed, but now that I've re-downloaded the
  2. Re: KA.'s Idea Thread That's several cool ideas together. Hope you don't mind if I just mess around with them a little. The part about creating a non-evil duplicate reminds me of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Riker discovers a duplicate of himself who, due to a transporter accident, has been trapped alone on a planet for several years (our Riker was beamed back to his ship, the other Riker materialized on the planet). The duplicate is every bit as much Riker as the character we already know: as far as he's concerned, the Riker who made it back to his ship is the du
  3. Re: Looking for help with a Hero name If her parents have similar powers, and she doesn't want to be associated with them, I think she would choose a hero identity that draws attention away from her powers. She could still use the concepts of "green" or "fire" in creating her identity, but she'd probably want to avoid using both together. Many of the best character concepts are defined around the person's psychology, more than his or her powers. Batman and Captain America are perfect examples: their abilities have nothing to do with bats or America. Their identities are more symbolic
  4. Re: Gaming Historical Zeitgeists I'm not sure this can be done well without excellent players, but it's a cool idea. Here are a few ideas: It might help to merge the paradigm shift with a conventional RPG plot. I think the Matrix is a decent example here. It plays on the old idea that the world could be an illusion perpetuated with some kind of sinister intent (a notion that goes back at least to Descartes, probably much further). If this idea is revealed as the truth in your world (as in the world of the Matrix), it becomes a paradigm shift. The Matrix uses this change as dr
  5. Re: What?? Bruce Wayne isn't Batman??? Ditto. Good series. A little "Astro City" in the DCU.
  6. Re: Old School Dungeons and Dragons Question. I don't think it could be "Palace of the Silver Princess." I don't think that module was still in stores in 1989. It's much older than that. Early '80s, I think. Well, that sentence sums it up: Joel McGinniss is relaying this info 3rd or 4th hand. This detective told him that his wife read a book that said blah blah blah. We're playing "telephone" here. It might not have even been a D&D module. It could've been something in "Dragon" or "Dungeon." It could've been a D&D novel. It could've been a true crime book shelved in
  7. I don't have any really specific challenge ideas (I'll give it some thought) but here are some potentially helpful thoughts: The best contests on Survivor have some flexibility in the rules. There are some clearly defined rules to the challenge, but other parts are left hazy, to give more clever players an advantage. Here's an example: in the most recent Survivor, the teams had to remove weights from submerged boats, bring the boats to the surface, bail them out, and row them to shore. They were given 2 bailing buckets to help them empty the boats, but they were never told thay HAD
  8. Yeah, but is Ms. Marvel Bronze Age or Silver Age? I don't recall when she first appeared, but I never saw her until after the death of Gwen Stacy. (I might be totally wrong on the dates.) I think Marvel's tougher heroines came later: She-Hulk, Phoenix, Storm, Dazzler (well, she's not all that tough), even Red Sonja. Sif might is the only exception from 60s Marvel that I can think of, but she was never a lead character and couldn't compare to Thor. (She seemed to be almost as tough as Baldur though.)
  9. It was Bucky II (Jack Monroe?) that became Nomad. I think he might have been paired with Captain America III though (though I could be wrong). I think Cap II was the former Patriot. Anyway, whichever Cap he was paired with is dead. A lot of the old All Winners Squad and Invaders are pushing up the daisies: the original Union Jack, the Whizzer, the Patriot, probably Miss America, the Blazing Skull, Red Raven, etc. Cap and the new Union Jack killed Baron Blood many years ago, but he could've come back. Lots of Peter Parker's human associates (Gwen and Capt. Stacy, Jean DeWollfe, U
  10. I never played Earthdawn, but I love the way they handle enchanted items. For example, all the abilities of an enchanted weapon can only be used by someone with knowledge of the weapon's history. For every piece of important information about the weapon (its name, who forged it, where, when, why, and what happened to it), a new power is unlocked, until the weapon's full capabilities are available to the user. If you know nothing about the weapon, it's normal or only minimally-enchanted in your hands. The funny thing is, Forgotten Realms was once more like Earthdawn in that way. About 20 y
  11. +1 for 3 pts is unfairly expensive when immunity is only 3 pts, but I think Kintara is right that this is the GM's reasoning: +1 CON roll takes +5 CON and costs 10 pts, so even with all the possible lims, you won't get +1 for less than 2 or 3 pts. I think you could argue that you should be able to buy +1 for 1 or 2 pts by looking at it as a skill level. After all, your GM probably isn't treating acohol as an attack modeled with the HERO system (STUN drain? negative skill levels? EGO attack?): he's just treating it as something to address with a CON roll. If that's the case, you should be
  12. Sorry man, I was referring to Champsguy: he's worn the Munchkin King crown for a long time. (You probably haven't been on these boards long enough to know that yet.) You can proclaim yourself a Munchkin Knight or Munchkin Duke, if you'd like. Although I think I'd prefer Lord of All Humans too.
  13. Re: Yeah, but... I think the Munchkin King is right on this one: you get diminshing returns until it no longer works. You can't raise the dice of the absorption with this feedback: with the +3 adder, it costs 20 cp per die, and you can only get 12. So raising the max is the only way to do it, but even that peters out. This is how I see it: You've got a 2d6 Absorption going to STR, PD, ED, and Absorption (to raise max), with +3 in total advantages. So at first, your absorb max is 12. After you absorb 12 BODY, your new max is 18 (4 cp per +2 max, so 12 BODY will give you
  14. Re: Re: Re: Almost anything that loops is a problem Yeah I get it. I misread p. 73 as 2 cp for +1 max (which would be a rip-off), so I thought it was a better deal to raise the dice. It isn't. Also, since this power has a total +3 advantage, if it did absorb to the dice of the Absorption, it wouldn't work. At +3 advantage, it would take 20 cp to give +1d6 Absorption. So raising the max is the only way to do it.
  15. Re: Almost anything that loops is a problem Damn, that's clever. I couldn't believe this power was legal, but I couldn't find anything in FREd that explicitly forbids it. There's a bit in the Rules FAQ that warns about it, but it is only a warning: As a GM, I would rule that the maximum you could raise the Absorption would be the original maximum, so you could turn your 2d6 into a 4d6 Absorption, and give yourself a max of 24 points for STR, PD, and ED (though PD and ED would be halved), but no more than a 12 max for the Absorption. That rule seems arbitrary to m
  16. I'd recommend looking for some of the "Citybooks" and "Maps: Cities" published by Flying Buffalo several years ago. The Citybooks (there were at least 4, but I've only read 1 and 2) had maps, desriptions, and/or plot lines for many different types of fantasy city buildings and characters that you could adapt to any game system. I adapted most of books 1 and 2 to my FH campaign years ago, and they were some of the best parts of the campaign. There's some work involved though: the books don't even have d20 stats, just descriptions of powers and abilities in general terms, with a simple system fo
  17. There was a thread on this topic a few months ago. You might find some good ideas there: super speed and invisibility
  18. Well, A) I'm sure he's only gold in color. The whole "Body of Gold" thing is probably just for flavor. and Sounds like a great character concept and psychological limitation (lazy) to me. "Aw geez, I don't feel like stopping another bank heist. Can't someone else do it?"
  19. Re: "The Emerged" Has the best Avatar Me too. Buster might be the cutest dog I've ever seen. And sure, Starlord's avatar is hypnotic, but I doubt those things are real ...
  20. Re: The Wild Bunch My group used the Raiders--a villain team from Enemies 3 (and Classic Enemies, I think)--as sort of a modern day Wild Bunch. The Raiders weren't great characters IMHO, but the concept was good: mercenaries who'll take on villains or heroes, as long as the price is right. That's not exactly the Wild Bunch, but it's a similar approach for a Champions game. Another approach would be a PC or NPC team that are definitely criminals (they pull heists, etc) but have high ethical standards of their own kind. They're loyal to each other, they don't kill innocents if
  21. Yeah, I always thought they were sort of a "What if Dr. Doom had created the Fantastic Four?" team. In 1st/2nd edition, this was my favorite Champions villain team. I never saw Muerte as "Dr. Destroyer-lite" because there was no Dr. D in our games. In 1st/2nd edition, Dr. D only appeared in a couple of modules, not the Enemies books. We didn't have those modules, so our armored, uber-villain was Muerte. Once I finally saw Dr. D (in the more powerful BBB version) it was clear why Muerte wasn't that impressive to most people. But the Prof still had lots of potential if used properly.
  22. Yeah, that's a good point, and that is more the effect I was looking for anyway. Invisibility is as viable a speedster power as desolidification, but the sort of free ability I was thinking of probably shouldn't be invisibility: more like unrecognizability. On "Smallville" the gust of wind Clark creates is sometimes noticed, but no one can tell what it was that raced by them.
  23. Thanks for the feedback guys. William Bushway's method is very close to how I would build it (if it had to be built), although I wouldn't give it Always On. (This goes back to the Great Linked Debate. Let's not go there. ) And I would make the limitation related to velocity, not distance moved (you can gain 5" velocity for every 1" moved). Something like: Invisibility, linked to Running (-1/2), must move at 50+"/phase (-1/4) I really like The Emerged's house rule for this sort of thing (in a special case): the observer's SPD helps to determine whether he can see the character or
  24. Bullseye, I should've been more specific. You're right in the case of trying to be invisible in one area, but I meant effective invisibility while moving past someone while traveling a long distance at top speed. Page 229 of FREd has a list of sight PER modifiers. I was thinking that really high velocity movement could act as a negative modifier to PER. I guess a variation on range modifiers could do the trick.
  25. On the show "Smallville," Clark Kent often runs so fast that he is practically invisible. He's really just invisbile to sight (the requisite whooshing sounds and air wake are usually there). I've never given this ability to a speedster, but I was wondering about the game mechanics behind it. Of course, one could just buy Invisibility to sight with "linked to Running," but I'm curious if people would allow a character to gain effective invisibility from a high velocity. And what would that velocity be?
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