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    Not much to tell, just trying to live a life thats worth while and enjoy my games in the process. Oh and avoid the kidney stone guild. They're bad.
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    Got a decent job wit a good company doing factory work. I'm happy with it.

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  1. There have been a lot of good points brought up. There's nothing that I would really disagree with. This is just more of how I dealt with the same issue. I used the "Rule of X" approach for offense and defense. The biggest thing I did was limit how many points they got per session. Two was average and the 3rd point was for outstanding game or role-play. I also stated that offensive or defensive powers could only be increased every 3 games. Occasionally, if the team or a specific player developed a contact during game, that was what they got as XP. I never had anyone offended or upset that they were given something like that. I also made sure they had background skills. If someone said they were a physics professor at the local school, then they needed a couple of science skills, teaching professional skill, and possibly some local ks skills. I also made sure that I ran them in their secret Id's. They had to be able to function in their jobs and hobbies. I personally tend to always put in one oddball skill in my characters, even if its just a familiarity. It's a personality pick and I look for that on characters and make sure I reward it and bring it up at least once in a game somehow. Of course, YMMV. Good luck.
  2. I ran several games based off of the Storm Watch books by Warren Ellis. Much fun was had by all along with my getting called many, many names.
  3. Re: Cool take on the Golden Age: The Specialists [webcomic] I've been reading this one for a while now. Really good stuff and you guys won't be disappointed!
  4. Re: There shall soar... the surfer girl! http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php/69491-Cosmic-Entity-Adventures!?p=1743691#post1743691 This might help.
  5. Re: Starting versions of Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four Okay it's been a while since I read the FF but wasn't it recently stated that he can literally expand his brain and get more neurons firing to get smarter? It would be a scarey thing to walk in on him in a recliner with his head blown up the size of say a Volkswagen.
  6. Re: Book of the Empress Yeah I got mine today too but haven't had a chance to really get into it yet. Does anyone know when the paper versions will ship?
  7. Re: BOOK OF THE EMPRESS Kickstarter So funny story... I don't own a credit card. Haven't for years because I can pay a lot better attention to my funds when I can actually see them. Anyways, I gave my fiancee the cash this morning to put down on my copy of BotE. She grins and gets up and walks away after saying shes done. I start laughing about it and she asked me what was so funny. So I had to explain to my non gaming fiancee that she just put her name into a Hero Games book. Her look was priceless.
  8. Re: Guide to Street Supers Well that works for me. I normally do the big four color team games all over the planet and beyond. However, a more street level game is always a fun way to relax and make players remember exactly how powerful they can be at any level. Thank you both for the answers and count me interested!
  9. Re: Guide to Street Supers Okay so a serious question... How is this book going to be different from Dark Champions:The Animated Series? Its been while since I looked through it but didn't that cover the whole Batman/Daredevil side of things for Dark Champions?
  10. Re: Cyberforce Universe and Infos Mind you its been years since I read those books so this could be wrong. I seem to remember that Ripclaw did have "animal totem" powers. His claws then were his channeling the power of the bear or something. Somewhere along the lines he lost both of his hands so the claw finger blades were the cybernetic replacements he got from Cyberdata. That's what he had when the books started. Again thought its been years so take that with a grain of salt.
  11. Re: List Your CO Heroes! Dr. Device are you sure that the device was the Elder Worm Humidity Dome? It never did that for me...
  12. Re: What Champions Universe character would you gender change? I tossed out the idea for Defender to have a gender swap a while back. Imagine Defender born as a female with a father who believes that women have no point to serve in the military. A father who thinks that the family's long tradition of excellence has pretty well fallen short. A young lady who's out to prove shes every bit a hero that all of her family has been. That was pretty much the blurb I gave her when I tossed out an Alternate Champions team in the beginning of 09.
  13. Re: A Marvel-ous Suicide Squad? So what are we calling this merry band? The League of Losers? Cannon Fodder? Expendable Assets?
  14. Re: Strange events...what do YOU (not your character) do? I'd pretty much follow suit with what everyone else has said. Once I have a grasp on the extent of my changes though, I'd be flying to see family and friends. With enough flight missing my peeps would be a thing of the past. Oh and I'd toss out all of my kidney stone meds and laugh like a maniacal b4st4rd. Just sayin!
  15. Re: A Marvel-ous Suicide Squad? DC's was successful?
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