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  1. For ten years until 2015 (when real life took over the following year when my dad fell ill and succumbed two years later) I ran events at GenCon set in the 31st Century. All the characters were at a minimum 450 pts. These games were set up so both experienced players and newcomers could participate. Players have had no problems adjusting to the higher point totals. I'm looking to run again this year although I'm not pleased at this hybrid plan they have in mind this year. The same three teams are coming back plus two new ones. One is going to be in the 650 pt. range so this is going to be inte
  2. Instead of the Dingoes, may I suggest the Nightriders after the the leader Max wasted if you are going that route.
  3. Amazon Her name was Gabriela de Faria. The 11 year old daughter of a prominent Brazilian developer who went missing within a project deep within the Amazon Rain Forest. It was believed that she was abducted by indiginous peoples within the Amazon Basin. Seven years later she returned with a vengeance. Many "slash and burn" farmers as well as other development projects both legal and otherwise reported that the jungle itself came alive and destroyed everything that was intruding into tribal lands believed to be sacred to them as well as defending against the rain forests destruction
  4. Sahara A large humanoid being surrounded by swirling sands, Sahara protects the deserts and its people from all threats local and worldwide. It seems to have a dislike for oil companies. Sahara can teleport to any desert in the world but his powers and strength diminish depending on the size of the desert he is on which is why he is most powerful when in N Africa.
  5. THE BLACK OCEAN Six aquatic villains whose specialties center around exploiting the untapped riches of the worlds oceans. They are not your average run-of-the-mill pirates, scavengers, or illegal prospectors. These folks have serious skills and equipment and economic backing and are not going to let international law stop them from getting what they want (if it's valuable enough, a skirmish with Atlanteans isn't out of the question).
  6. Ali-Sadr Cave Creature This aquatic humanoid lives in the largest water cave in the world with great strength, the ability to breath water (it is not known if he is amphibious), and has hydrokinetic powers.
  7. He once was asked at the time why he was playing a Nazi since he was Jewish he replied "I'm an actor. If I can play Richard III, I can play a Nazi" He also insisted that Klink never won against Hogan or he was out the door. I have not seen Operation Eichmann, but it's hard to believe that four years later he would be Klink after playing that bastard in Judgement at Nuremburg.
  8. The "Tsar Bomba" that the USSR detonated in 1961 would indeed accelerate the process. Not knowing how the energy from the breech is spread out, the Soviets would have a huge advantage in creating "Parahumans" (as I call them) since it was tested in their territory while most of our tests were out in the Pacific on deserted islands (though I could be wrong my history on this subject is indeed lacking). You could set the campaign up with the west at a serious disadvantage of finding and recruiting these parahumans in order to counter the Soviet team(s) already in place. It would be similar to ho
  9. These are my speedsters The Heroes Green Flash Chapperal Voidracer The Bullet (Pulp fiction Flash) The Flying Scotsman (Combines speed with Martial Arts) Skater Girl (Creates a frictionless Force Field that allows her to "skate" at high speeds) Whirly Girl (Dirvish-like Speedster) Kaiten (Human torpedo) Angelshark (Travels faster on the ocean floor than she swims) The Villains Forerunner (Super speed linked with mind control) Exocet (Named after the missile) Cool Runner (Super speed on Ice) Cheetah
  10. The powers that be call him The Jailbreaker. His naivete matches his incredible dimensional traveling abilities. He fancies himself as a man who champions the wrongly accused. Especially ones in what he believes to be totalitarian regimes. The problem is he is releasing prisoners who really do belong behind bars and not running loose on an alien planet awaiting a new trial which includes the five others who gave him their "word" to stay out of trouble on Earth.
  11. W is for Whalesong. A Norwegian oil magnate who was a victim of a oil platform accident who was "adopted" by whales and learned to live like them as well as being able to control them. Think of him as an aquatic Tarzan. X is for X-Factor. A Scot able to wield both chaos and order magic depending on what needs to be used in order to maintain balance at that moment. He takes the "One Who Knows" stance way too seriously. I have Y and Z but I want to see others ideas.
  12. Sometime ago I had met a young lady who was friend of mine's sister-in-law who was looking at my artwork at a bar we all frequented. I had mentioned that these works were for use in a Superhero RPG and I was running games at a local convention. A few days later she came back (a little more sober this time) and asked how this game was played and wanted to put a character together. She remembered that this game took place in the 31st century and since she was a big fan of "Arrow" at the time, she wanted to be an archer. I don't know of any futuristic archers apart from maybe Yondu to use as a re
  13. R stands for Requin. Same description, correct French moniker.
  14. May I suggest Quatrefoil. A young British girl who controls the Ancient Elements earth, wind, fire, and water. R for Renard. A French amphibian with shark-like abilities.
  15. Plant characters in my universe Bad Seed Evergreen Thornstrike Witchwood Red Tide "Algea" (Name is Temporary)
  16. I have two characters that fit that origin although these are heroes not villains. Hydrofoil was an environmental activist (more of a practical joker than an eco-terrorist) who was interfering with a ship that was illegally dumping waste into the North Sea when she was forced overboard and fell into an area where the waste was leaking and turned her into an amphibian who could only stay out of water for six hours at a time and obtained water control powers. Finback was a teen-aged fisherman who fell overboard during a storm in an area where a Soviet era cargo ship carrying "strange materials"
  17. No Snake Men, but I do have psionic Pterosaur-like beings, an animal handler in control of two 40 ft. bi-pedal creatures, an intellegent ape-like being, and to top it all off, a group of upper crust British teenagers who manage to receive parahuman abilities the moment they crash into this underground world. All under the command of a man thought to be a fictional character in an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel.
  18. Captain Nemo and the Nautilus Nine are based at Pearl Harbour and they operate mostly in the Pacific. I've been putting together off and on a west coast setting based in Seattle (named Emerald City here) Both have the advantage of having access to nearby Navy facilities (Pearl Harbour and Bremerton)
  19. I have a character named Minstrel who has a sonic power that can only be used with various flutes as a focus. A basic flute allows for various sonic attacks, a piccalo does RKA's, and a fife emits hearing flashes.
  20. I'm avoiding Dracula for the time being although I have Lucy Westenra making life miserable for Mina Harker and the Scarlet Order. I have also played with the idea that a repentant Lucy would lead the team and Harker would be the pain in the neck (no pun intended).
  21. I opened a post earlier about a campaign involving a group of so-called "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" who've somehow arrived in the present day and are in charge of their own parahuman teams based on their various fields of expertise. They are Captain Nemo (the seas), Mina Harker (the occult), The Time Traveler (what else?), Robur (the skies), David Innes (the subterranian world), and Professor Cavor (space). What I would like to do at some point is to have the groups (or maybe just the LXG's and their team leaders) confront a master villain from their time period tha
  22. My Universe consists of three connected but distinctive eras, The Pulp Era (the first arrivals of the so-called "Mystery Men" known as the American League), the Modern Era (centered around the Crusaders, The British Avengers, the Lost Ones, and the "LXG's"), and the 31st Century (centered around the Force of Nine and the Shadowers). All eras are connected to the city of Liberty Metropolis in one way or another.
  23. I have a couple characters who roll above 18 because of 35-40 INT along with the skill rolls attached to them so the extra die allows for the possibility of failure (Hey! even Brainiac 5 gets it wrong once in a while). Plus it gives the lower life forms something to razz them with. Quadruple 6's is critical failure in this case.
  24. We ran a shared universe for 5th ed in which the cap was at 12DC. However, I run a champagn world that takes place 1000 years in the future where the DCs are capped at 15 with high INT characters (the Brainiac 5 types) using 4 dice instead of three for PER rolls.
  25. The Squadron Supreme limited series from 1985-86 is a textbook example because it shows both sides of the issue very well and doesn't end well for both sides.
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