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  1. Or it could be a special effect.
  2. How often does Captain America's shield get taken away? IIRC, almost never. If that's how often it gets taken away, than it is not getting taken away enough to count as a Focus. Of course, special effects are supposed to more or less balance out. So this sometimes getting taken away should be balancing out benefits that the character is getting from the special effects.
  3. It's intended to keep players from applying Limitations when they should be applying special effects. For example, few of any player characters should have a Focus, but it's fine for a power to be based on a shield, or suit of armor, or whatever.
  4. This May help: Most (not all) of the actual mechanics are in chapters 6, 10, 11, and 15. Some important rules that are elsewhere concern the ratio (of point total without limitations to point total counting limitations). I prefer designers notes to tacking on a lackluster setting. For whatever reason, this game got me excited enough to write up a page of house rules for it. That doesn't happen much anymore.
  5. When I get interested in an RPG, I write house rules for it. When said house rules reach a certain point of development, I seek feedback on them. So here’s a thread for Champions Now house rules and some Champions Now house rules under construction for folks to react to. Powers Images The hero may decide what he is creating an illusion of after rolling the dice and adding up the total, but must do so before the GM announces the level of effect. Mind Control The hero may decide what the target is being commanded to do after rolling the dice and adding up the total,
  6. Conditional and Constrained are, well, a bit vague about just what is and isn’t appropriate. So I thought it would be useful to set up a thread of possible examples for discussion. Here are some to start with: All Powers Constrained/Counts Towards Pool Limit Constrained/Only Up to Amount Hit By (Before Defenses, 5 Power Points per Body) Blast Conditional/Requires Available Earth Conditional/Requires Available Fire
  7. First, More Questions: What does 25 hexes of Flight/Expanded Scope do that 5 hexes doesn’t? Can you take Find Weakness with Presence Attack. (The rules say “single, specific attack”) Which Powers are visible by default? This raises more questions than it answers: Is this instead of being able to lend the power to another character, or as well? If as well, Do you have to take the advantage twice to get both benefits, or will taking it once do? Whatever the answers, it is weird to conclude that Advantag
  8. I didn’t invent this for Champions Now. It’s Something I already came up with for Hero System, because I don’t like the bookkeeping for Hero System Absorption. I’ve only suggested two Limitations here, and a single character isn’t that likely to want both. Let’s look at the one for absorption. It’s a ½ Limitation which won’t be applied to the associated defense(s). So a starter version of Sebastian Shaw can have up to 174 Active points of with said Limitation, while a heroic version thereof would be limited to 114. This seems quite sufficient. On the other h
  9. Thank you. Thank you! You have answered six of the questions and are working on at least two more. About that ninth question (actually the third one that I asked). You added some information about Reactive, which may have been intended to answer my question. If so, then my question was not worded clearly enough. Would it add clarity if I pointed out that Champions Now has no Advantage by that name?
  10. Thank you for the useful info and errata. It cleared up questions I had. It happens that I have still more questions. Could you answer, or get answers to, these questions: Lethal Can this be applied to Negation or Weaken? They fit the description, but are not on the following list. Aura Can this be applied to Negation or Weaken? Reactive What counts as having the “Usable vs. Others Advantage” for purposes of determining whether the reaction must be directed at the attacker? No Range By “Illusions” do you mean “Images”? Attack Po
  11. Why? To whatever improves as you get hit. So if the hero gets stronger as she gets hit, buy additional Strength and apply the limitation to that. The ability that the limitation is applied to is the ability that improves as the hero gets hit. Well, a “few minutes’” is about how long a fight lasts. So let the hero keep the goodies for the rest of the fight, give her time for a few more actions, then it goes away. I put some thought into that time period. HA can also be Strength with Constrained. Which is what you do when making a Blast into a Strike is po
  12. By asking the GM to consider it one of the character's special effects. Did you catch the rules for re-assigning memorized locations? But there is Usable by Others. That does a lot of what Aid could do. But there are Conditional and Constrained. Whether ‘up to amount of damage (before Defenses) character got hit with in the last few minutes’ counts as Conditional or Constrained depends on how much control s/he has over this.
  13. Keep in mind that special effects cover lots and lots of ground. When (in the Kickstarter discussion) I asked Ron Edwards about using Luck to represent Dream Girl's precognition, he seemed to consider it appropriate.
  14. I thought I'd adapt a character I first built for 4th edition, and started building for other systems I came across to help me understand them. This character is intended to be visible, famous, and inspiring. Limelight Disadvantages: -15 Physical Limitation: Easily spotted in the dark, In certain situations, Debilitating/Negating -10 Public ID -15 Psych: Loves to be noticed, Happens a lot, Opinionated -10 Dependent NPC, Whichever reporter(s) is underfoot this time Normal, Occasional -10 Dependent NPC, Whichever member(s) of her fan club is
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