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  1. But a Batman like character needs to fight street level mooks, and also his line up Mad House Villians as well. LW
  2. I didn't mean to upset some British posters and I want to as close as to True UK problems and crimes mention by Skilled Normal. LW
  3. What I mean is that Major American Cities has more murders then London in a Year, A Batman level of Vigilate character needs endless source of Crime and Bad Guys and Corruption, London has nether of these, LW
  4. The Problem is that I need in London and the UK a level of Crime for a Batman level suitable for the Dark Champions setting, LW
  5. Ok but the Ducal Family is based on the Cavendish family, it has bin suggested on this forum the Duke of Westminster but if that would make the family protectors of Parliment, one of those old English titles makes the current Duke dress up for the opening of Parilment wearing his Ducal outfit with wearing a sword. LW
  6. This what I know London has Two Police forces, The Met and the Yard. The CCTV is usual used by the Police get Time of Day for the Victims or were he was last seen, CID is ether in the Yard or the Met, that is handles Murder and Crime. LW
  7. Um back to the info on the UK info for my superhero setting, LW
  8. I know that I'm half British on my Mother's side, it has bin suggested for his Peer Westminster that's were the family pile would be located aka the Ducal estate. Vigilante Costume: Lord Protector's Vigilante Costume is across between an 18th Century Highway man with Tricorn hat and British Napoleonic Calvary Officer outfit, LW
  9. The Cavendish family the Dukes of Devonshire are currently Landlords to Half of London that's just the Tip of there Wealth, that's all I know about LW
  10. Hi folks some of you know I created Lord Protector in my UK posting in the Champions forum, but since he is a Vigilante I place him in the Dark Champions forum, this is a character was original for a Comic and I hope one day that he does make into Comics. Lord Protector: Homebase: London He is a Peer of the UK a Duke, his Dukedom is based on the Duke of Devonshire the Cavendish family, as Peers they are the most Richest and Powerful in the UK after in the Royal Family. This family dates back the Hundred Year War during the rein of Edward III, the founder of the line was a common solider who only owned a sword and shield to his name one day during battle he saved the King's life in return he was Knighted and made a member of the Order of the Garter. That's why the family coat of Arms is a Shield with a sword in the Middle with a Lion Rampart on one side and a Unicorn Rampart on the other, the family Motto we shall be the Sword and Shield of Albion. Along with the Belt of the Order of Garter and the Ducal Crown, Vigilante Vehicles: Defender: This Lord Proctor's Car like Batman's Car it's tricked out with all sorts of Crime fighting stuff, Flying Lion: This is Lord Protector's Personal Train Base, kept in the Lion's Den in London this Train is Five Cars long and serves as his base outside of London. The Train is Armored Plated and EMP harded, One Car is a flatbed for the Defender, Two Cars are for his personal comfort and Two Cars are his Lab and Armory. LW
  11. What about the London who is the Peer of covers the County of London?, LW
  12. Well I'm moving my Lord Protector over to Dark Champions board, also London has Two Police forces, the one that handles the One Square Mile, and The Yard which handle all crime outside of London. I need also to find a Peer that hasn't bin used for the last 50 years in the UK one that can be used for a Dukedom, LW
  13. No Lord Protector Viglante costume is across between 18th Century Highyway Man and Napolonic officer costume in the 21th Century, So Scotland Yard handles all of the Police for London, LW
  14. Well I'm creating a no Champions superhero setting, more like a British Batman like character called Lord Protector, based in London. Hence why I need to find out about Criminal groups, crime in general in London, the British type of police like the Yard and the Met. This I do know since I'm fan of British Mystery Fiction, I do know that they put more people on a Murder then they do in the States. Second they have a Murder Room if possible if not then a board back at the station or the Yard. Third is the Firearms Law there not easy to come by in the UK, Fourth is the Video Cameras that are everywhere in London. LW
  15. Hi I need help with the UK, as states in the Champions source books that UK can be a setting, I need to know current timeframe for the London and the UK. The various levels of Police, Armed Forces, and Spy groups. Firearms Laws, Criminal types and groups. LW
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