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  1. Question: GAH! Id thid subBOSED do buhn by eyes ride oudda by head lyg dis? Answer: It was red right up until the spray hit it.
  2. Question: What can you get by answering an ad out of the back of a 1968 comic book? Answer: Schroedinger's Cat on a losing streak.
  3. Question: Where can I find clueless poseurs still living with their parents who believe they know everything on a given subject just because they flipped thru a documentary on said subject shown on the Discovery and/or History channels once last year? Answer: You're the fifteenth or the sixteenth person today to ask me that. Here's a tip, bunkie: you have to be smarter than the sign to be able to read it. Now listen closely: (slowly repeat whatever the sign has written on it). EDIT: Yeah, I know, switch to decaf and try deep breathing.
  4. Question: Name three things women turn to for comfort in times of greatest spiritual despair. Answer: A papercut OR a new recipe, but never both. EDIT: for code boondoggle.
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