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  1. Re: Hero Mailing List? Sent you a private message, John. Thanks.
  2. Is anyone here subscribed to the Hero mailing list, the one run by John Desmarais? I (re)subscribed a few days ago, but have not received any notice that I was indeed subscribed and able to receive messages, nor have I been receiving messages. If it's just that John has to manually set me on the list, I'll drop him an email. If the list is for all intents and purposes defunct, I won't bother. So - is the list a thing of the past, perhaps supplanted by these discussion boards and other things? Or does it still exist?
  3. I've looked at the text description of the Power Suppress. I've checked the passage about Adjustment Powers. I've looked at the online FAQ. I've even searched this particular forum. I think I know how the following is supposed to work, but I'll ask here for clarification, since I haven't seen these particular questions directly addressed. I have the Power Suppress, which works against a target's STUN. My chosen target has 30 STUN, 20 CON, and no Power Defense. I manage to Suppress 40 points of the target's STUN. I have seen explanations of how it is possible to Stun the target for CON (an
  4. I did my research on this one, and I'm pretty sure I know the right answer. However, I didn't find anything that specifically addressed this situation, so I'll spell it out and get the official take on it. Shrinker. Extra Leaping. Villain on a rooftop two stories up. Shrinker elects to do a Move-Through on the villain, and wants to add Growth Momentum to the damage. I knew this wasn't growing up under the guy's chin, but I was in the middle of a heavy combat, and didn't want to stop things to look this up then. I ruled on the spot that the shrinker could do STR/5 + velocity/3 + 1/2 growth
  5. Okay, so I'm trying to plan/engineer/dream up some death traps that would be suitable for superheroes. I would imagine that they'd need to be stuff that the hero can't just rip right out of like a wet paper bag. A challenge to the mental faculties might be good: solve the puzzle before the death ray comes on and fries you from the inside out. I dunno, since I never tried to come up with a deathtrap before. I'm kinda drawing a blank. Can any of you point me to a resource somewhere? Has some kind soul put up a website detailing several deathtrap designs that I might crib from? Would you pl
  6. I started this thread because I'm concerned about a sense of complacency I think I'm seeing. Heroes in our campaign alternate between sitting around talking ICly for hours, going in dozens of random directions conversationally and getting nowhere, or they all rush to fight the bad guy when he shows his face. Heroes don't seem motivated to really focus and track down the bad guy BEFORE his big strike. When the bad guy DOES strike, the heroes all wade in, with little regard for teamwork. It's like they're all fighting the bad guy by themselves, and never mind those other heroes who happen to be
  7. Let me throw a 'for example' your way. What if the big bad villain knocks a hero out, with no other heroes around? Would you have the villain run off, or continue attacking the hero into a fine red paste? Would it depend on the villain, or would you always choose the former, so as to keep the player from being disappointed that his character is now dead?
  8. This subject has likely come up before, but I bring it to you all anyway. How do you handle killing characters in a superhero setting? Do you make it an OOC priority not to, because making a character and fitting it into the campaign is difficult and/or time-consuming? Do you allow it only if the characters do something REALLY stupid? Do your campaign's characters start to feel invincible because they know they can't die, and thus start to maybe grow bored or take unrealistic chances? I'd appreciate any and all viewpoints you might care to offer.
  9. I think this may be exactly where I had seen the reference before. Thanks, LL!
  10. I could almost swear that I've seen this written or discussed somewhere, but I've searched thru the FAQs, thru several of my Hero books, and the forums themselves. If what I'm speaking of is there, I missed it, likely because I was searching too hard. What am I speaking of? I vaguely remember someone writing up a 'tar baby' power, wherein when Hero A Hits Villain B (who has this Tar Baby power), Hero A's fist is now stuck to Villain B. The question is: how does one write up this power? Start with Grab? Start with Entangle? Sticky? No range? Trigger? Has anyone seen this, or did I just hav
  11. Question: GAH! Id thid subBOSED do buhn by eyes ride oudda by head lyg dis? Answer: It was red right up until the spray hit it.
  12. Question: What can you get by answering an ad out of the back of a 1968 comic book? Answer: Schroedinger's Cat on a losing streak.
  13. Question: Where can I find clueless poseurs still living with their parents who believe they know everything on a given subject just because they flipped thru a documentary on said subject shown on the Discovery and/or History channels once last year? Answer: You're the fifteenth or the sixteenth person today to ask me that. Here's a tip, bunkie: you have to be smarter than the sign to be able to read it. Now listen closely: (slowly repeat whatever the sign has written on it). EDIT: Yeah, I know, switch to decaf and try deep breathing.
  14. Question: Name three things women turn to for comfort in times of greatest spiritual despair. Answer: A papercut OR a new recipe, but never both. EDIT: for code boondoggle.
  15. We actually came to an agreement that didn't end up including the house rule that I proposed. We finally decided it was a balance issue, and that the dupes not having 'the full points they paid for' was a fair trade-off for the character having, in essence, 5 PCs to play with. The dupes will not get 'free advancement'. For the record, the duplicator is my character in an online game. I have not had the guts to actually play more than 3 of me at the same time. Any more, and my attention span might well short out altogether.
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