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  1. An update on the Champions Campaign Wiki: I imagined that the wiki would pick up in October. And here we are in October! Points to Ponder 1. The wiki is now open to any edition of Champions, not just 6e*. (Champions Now and Fuzion included.) 2. It's not a campaign wiki anymore. It's a character wiki. Please upload any characters in any edition. We no longer are going for a unified theme.* 3. Please include a picture of your uploaded character. Use Fabrica de Herois or some other character designer. 4. You don't need permission to upload to the wiki.
  2. Post in ANY edition. Just indicate which edition it is. The wiki is mostly just a place to post a whole bunch of characters. That's 99% it. I just saw a lot of people posting great characters on this forum and thought that, if only it were cataloged, people who have never played Champions could see just how amazing it is. It will draw new people in to the system, I'm certain. Which will bring in more players, more money for the property, leading to higher-quality publications. And, most importantly, it will be super-easy to host a tabletop game because everyone will be playing it!
  3. I'm on it. It should be up by the time you read this.
  4. I think part of the problem may be my explaining what the wiki is, and what it is not. I will explain below. This is absolutely the answer, in my opinion. Yes! Effective immediately, post in ANY edition, and indicate which edition it is. The wiki is mostly just a place to post a whole bunch of characters. That's 99% it. I just saw a lot of people posting great characters on this forum and thought that, if only it were cataloged, people who have never played Champions could see just how amazing it is. It will draw new people in to the system, I'm certain.
  5. I hear ya. But, for whatever reason, the most interest in the wiki seems to be from 5e players. And I see a lot of threads for 5e builds here on the herogames forums. I could be wrong, but perhaps there is something about 5e that lends itself more to the wiki than 4e or 6e?
  6. I see your point. And I messaged Hopcroft right after I posted the thread because I did see how he might have meant that. But in the moment when I saw the quote I was feeling frustrated and I (mis?)interpreted it to mean that 6e is a fun thought experiment but isn't meant for actual gaming. Regardless, I'm very close to changing it (the wiki) over to a 5e project. Reasoning: there aren't enough 6e players to justify moving forward in that vein. Am I wrong? The smart decision, it seems to me from the participation levels thus far, is to change it over to 5e and allow for
  7. Hi folks. I'm one of the curators of the wiki. I'm having the inevitable doubts. I feel like no one is using 6e. My logic for using 6e was that it was the future of Hero Games. But.... It was Michael Hopcroft's (a member here) sig file that hammered it home to me: "6th Edition is for entertainment purposes only." Should I even be building this in 6e? I had been away from the forum here for a couple of years, came back. I originally felt that the future of Hero was rolling back to 5e, and taking Michael Hopcroft's quote literally: treat 6e as a wonderful
  8. UPDATE: We'll give this a couple more days. What we need is a complete team, including 6e write-ups and pics. I think the superteam has to be submitted fully to qualify. Because: based on my experience with the wiki thus far, people will only work on their own characters. What I mean is, if we pick a team name and describe the characters only, no one will step in and build the chosen characters. This is not a complaint. It makes total sense. My experience with Hero players is that we want to do it all: the character concept right through to the build. No one wants to build someone
  9. You're in! ;) I'm not currently running this campaign, but once it gets up to speed (i.e. 75+ characters or so) I will probably run a Play-By-Email in this setting. Note: This world is wide open at this point development-wise. I set design parameters sometimes (e.g. this thread) but I try to only referee and just let the campaign setting develop a life of its own. (I set the parameters so that people can comfortably participate. I decided to use Marvel's Avengers as somewhat of a template to give people a starting point. I'll probably set another thread that
  10. I like "Second Chances" (s06e24). The concept blew my socks off when I first saw it and I still love it. Commander Riker comes face to face with an exact duplicate of himself, created years earlier by a transporter phenomenon. "Tin Man" (s03e20) is also one of my favorites: Telepath Tam Elbrun (Harry Groener) joins the crew to investigate a bio ship detected near a star about to go supernova. As the crew investigates, the Romulans threaten the Enterprise and the creature, Gomtuu, and Elbrun boards it with Lt. Commander Data. Honorable mention: "The Outrageous
  11. I think we could possibly use "Champions" for the superteam name. We/I could look into that. But....let's see what everyone thinks first. It's not a bad name, and I understand the spirit of it, but it might not be where we're heading. My feeling is that, given the nature of this project, we would be able to use it. But there's also a good chance that it won't be the name chosen by this thread. I'll personally investigate if it's looking promising. Still, there seem to be some moments where we're veering back into using things that already exist. My feeling is: we should avoid that
  12. We're fine mentioning VIPER etc., but in my mind I think we should be aiming at designing our own villains and organizations. VIPER, like COBRA, is based on snakes. Can we make an evil agency based on something else? (I love VIPER, but the point of the wiki is to make a whole new campaign world!)
  13. (I did put a "copyright steriaca" blurb on your pages, but we can remove that. I want to leave it for now so people can see how it's done.) Yes, I see it the same way. It's just like the old Enemies books: there were characters I used all the time and some I almost never used. But it was nice to occasionally have the rare ones show up and catch everyone off guard.
  14. Thank you for realizing that I appreciate your efforts very much! I have been updating your contributions--you may have seen that Mister Wicked now has his pic. I feel like people might be looking at all the great stuff you have contributed and feel like, "Well, this isn't my campaign style, so I'll not participate." But I imagine the wiki as having thousands of entries where you can pick and choose your favorites. So...get in there, everyone! My only agenda is to get it done. I try to listen to what people are saying and steer the flow. My ideas do sneak in--I see mys
  15. Hello, folks. The wiki is moving along slowly but surely. Link: https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Championsrpg_Wiki I'd like to design the wiki's main superteam, together, on this thread. Proposed Guidelines: 1. We need a name for the team. We can go to a vote if necessary. 2. The team needs to be written up in 6e, at least for starters. 3. They are set in NYC, so they need an HQ location etc. (I don't think we need to design the HQ, but that could definitely be something for later.) 4. We'll need pics made in Fabrica de Herois, so if
  16. I like what you're doing fdw3773. I'll help out in any way I can. 👍
  17. I posted the image. Link: https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Mister_Wicked Things are picking up at the wiki! PS: If anyone has trouble posting images, just post them here and I can upload them. But if you can post them yourself on the wiki, go for it!
  18. My vote was thumbs down. I vote to port the 5e version verbatim.
  19. Yes. When I started playing D&D the DM only had the 1st edition DM guide and the OD&D brown books. So I was playing "0.5 edition," I guess.
  20. Cowboy Bebop is really good. For me, anime has always been hard to get into, but for some reason Cowboy Bebop was just amazing. I would argue that it's the most non-anime anime ever. I have tried to watch several recommended anime series but couldn't get past the first 10 minutes. Ever. But then I heard that Firefly was basically stolen from Cowboy Bebop, so I gave it a try. (I would say that Firefly did not steal from Cowboy Bebop, in my final analysis. But I am grateful that the accusations led me to this great series.) I can't put my finger on what makes it special.
  21. My FBI agent after I "Liked" this post
  22. I have these comics...in storage, unfortunately. Does this thread help? Link: https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/83329-the-guardians-project-lets-build-the-original-champions/
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