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  1. Some of this was hit upon, but I want to lay out my assumptions 1) You're only landing 62.5% of your blows, as the Gadfly pointed out 2) Sensible folk block blows and use the momentum to go first next phase, forcing their opponent to block as well, dropping the average to 1 attack per turn and 1 defense, and the attack having more like a 23.5% chance of landing after the 11- block is allowed for. 3) All it takes is one die to come up a 6 to without the other being a 1 to get BODY through (25% chance of > 2 BODY) So you're only taking 1 shot a turn, you're landing the blow one time
  2. So, this is really only relevant at pretty low levels I imagine, but in a low powered game full of normal folk it might come into play... Two combatants with base stats (STR, CON and BODY 10, CVs at 3, PD/ED 2, REC 4, 20 STUN and 20 END) 1) Under most circumstances, the fight will have to go on a LONG time before Long Term END use starts to kick in. Otherwise, we're firmly in able to fight forever territory 2) Average hits do 2 BODY and 7 STUN, which causes 5 STUN. It'll take a long time even with above average rolls, to get to 0 STUN, let alone -11 where a person'll stay down for a s
  3. I'm not sure how to stat that using 6e - there's no option that I recall for minor environmental effect. Might be an idiosyncrasy of the version though.
  4. On Unstoppable - do you mean for it to include Dive for Cover, as mentioned above? I can see this being applicable to a power that only needs to make contact, like an electrical attack that, even if you block it, you're getting jolted, but it doesn't quite match up with that end goal if you include Area Effect powers and don't allow people to still dive for cover. So I'm curious. Liking the spirit of the "extra BODY from too much STUN" but strangely need help in the other direction. Put two STR 10, PD 2, REC 4 guys into a brawl and one of them is going to wind up dead before either one is
  5. FWIW, in my own game, I think I'll go back to the old ways: Change Environment: +4 to PER rolls for Normal Sight, Area Effect (4m, +1/4), 10 active points Even that's pretty steep, but a few handy limitations and it's in cantrip territory for a fantasy game, or you can go with the 16m line instead of the area and it's a flashlight.
  6. The standard build in Hero 6th, at least everywhere I've encountered it including Champions Powers, is the Images build: Game Information: Images to Sight Group, +4 to PER Rolls, Area Of Effect (16m Radius; +¾) (38 Active Points); Only To Create Light (-1). Total cost: 19 points. Which, fine, sure, it gets the job done but sure feels like an "official kludge" to me. GURPS ran up against a similar thing, with people trying to argue over how much energy you needed to Create with the Create power to generate enough light to see by. So they did an official kludge as well and made it a one-po
  7. Does the "Images to Normal Sight" build take into account the "flashlighting" effect - that is, something outside if your radius you might not be able to see, but by god they can see you and you're a really juicy target for a ranged attack from surprise?
  8. My list is pretty niche, and would likely never make the cut: The return of hexes, so as to promote some well-thought-out maps and minis style rules, to include facing rules. Movement by the segment as more than a handful of suggestions. A complete system for replacing killing attacks with normal attacks+modifiers More rules for the mere mortal end of the spectrum - not just better granularity for STR, but dealing with END/STUN/REC in a way that doesn't lead to unrealistic results from normal folk. I'm sure I'll come up with others...
  9. I'm going to run something using these damned Hero rules I love so much, and while Fantasy is still on the table, as well as Traveller Hero, I'm also considering a supers game set in the Champions universe. That said, I'm not sure I'd have anything but a riot if I suggested the players read the player section of Champions Universe to get up to speed. So, does anyone have any recommendations for how to introduce them to the world and how it differs from our own, easily or on the installment plan?
  10. Not the answer I wanted, but the one I expected. If any official Hero folks are listening, are we intending one?
  11. Is there an updated PDF for Fantasy Hero with corrections (notably the tab errors in the weapon table on page 249 and the erroneous pricing for Gestures and Incantations throughout)?
  12. I'll preface this as other have: I have no beef with 6th edition, and think that there's precious little need for a 7th Edition. That said, a hypothetical 7e - I'd definitely like to see more of the all-in-one-book solutions that we've seen thus far, though I'd dearly love to see them in hardback and full color. Rule-wise, I'm a fan of a maps-n-minis style of play, so a modular, fully optional set of rules that hearkens back to the 2 meter hex days would be lovely.
  13. There's been a bit of 70's nostalgia going on with the Savage Worlds folks over on G+ as well. Less blaxploitation than 70s TV nostalgia writ large https://plus.google.com/+KarlKeesler/posts/d44uqjqhaQR?pid=6119259974154007474&oid=102126505101628678823
  14. I expect it matters what you're pushing. A chance to boost your lifting capacity to twice what it currently is on a good Ego roll seems like a reasonably useful thing.
  15. FWIW, the language from Champions Complete is (perhaps unsurprisingly) copied verbatim into Fantasy Hero Complete.
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