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  1. So if I understood right. Cost is 50 points (real points?). So this works that player has 4 clips with 8 charges each total? It certainly needs that, which is the base of this weapon. Multipower (50 Points) [8c/4 Clips] (-0), OAF: Shotgun (-1) u) EB 10d6 u) EB 4d6, AE One Hex (+1/2), NND [LS: Self Contained] (+1) u) EB 6d6, AP (+1/2) u) EB 6d6, Explosion (+1/2)
  2. I asked already good quality pdf of character sheets to MHI...basically some other where are equipments and other necessare info. Now we are using standard sheets and those won't work well in MHI. Any ideas where to get?
  3. Are there any? I need to print some as those would be better than "standard" character sheets.
  4. That is something that I am looking for. Total of 24 bullets in one clip (6 of each type) . Changing ammo type should take full phase and changing a clip should take one turn. Only single shots can be made. Just thinking that how big the cost will be.
  5. I am looking for to build a shotgun where are four different type ammo in clip (clip contains 6 of each). Explosive (3d6 aoe), armor piercing (halves armor) , stun (1 hour) and spray shot (few meters wide after 5 meters or so and damage 2d6-1 and decreases a bit after every meter or so). Range for others 100m. Could you help me
  6. Revisited combat rules to simplify it. Less statistics. OCV and DCV could be changed to skills. Combine statistic rolls and skill rolls. Now there are effect rolls and stat rolls done two different way. Some old school RPG background should be removed.
  7. I have been thinking to change combat rolls in Hero a little bit. For me...it is little bit odd that attack is calculated: OCV +11 - 3d6= DCV to hit. How about OCV + 3d6 = DCV + 3d6 ? How it will change hitting? Of course it will make it a little bit more random.
  8. And I will use ponits to buy a multipower (that arms get special features that I mentioned above)?
  9. Arms will work normally, and are used to replace lost arms.
  10. I am going to create clockwork arms for one character. Should I treat arms as different or as pairs? I would like character have arms, which give +2 to dex. One arm should have small gun inside (that pops up from forearm and have 8 bullets inside), small tools to repairs inside the fingers (+2 to repairing and PS:mechanics). Other arm should have possibility to shoot hand to be used as grappling hook and small place to hold smoke bombs to be used in escape). How to create those?
  11. Additionally to above: Coordinated Attack: Use of this ability is a full phase. On her initiative, the tactician calls out a single target and all of her allies within 30 ft. may immediately make their normal melee or ranged weapon attack rolls against that target. These attacks all receive a +1 bonus to both attack and damage for every ally involved, up to a maximum of +5
  12. How about those lore feats above? How I should treat those?
  13. Does this really add new things if Grimoire, FH abd Bestiary books are already owned?
  14. Ok...so basically I have to remove this heroic path, as this heroic path gives bonuses for others, not for himself.
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