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  1. Agreed, but she still gives the character justice! And to quote Sky High, Lynda Carter says "She's no Wonder Woman!!"
  2. As promised earlier.. attached is Brick... Brick.hdc
  3. I have a copy and have been running it with my new Champions game. As a side, the heroes in my game have no powers yet, they are skills only (and scientists at that), so when I had VIPER show up, I had them run the Viper agents and I had a single hero to deal with them... (to have your new heroes learn about taking damage without it hurting them) During the first salvo, one of the Agents using an auto fire RKA shot my hero 3 times, I was using the stat sheet for Blue Jay (not built to 6E and to my horror realized she has no resistant defences She was taken out and the agents got away
  4. And Red Doom was a supplement that had Russian Heroes, they were portrayed as villains but they were definetely pro- Russia!!
  5. To those who were in the Chat meeting today, not sure if any of you have the skills for it, but can someone make a simplified XML sheet according to how we want the characters sheets to appear for this product? I don't have those skills...
  6. I think there should be a sidebar item with chances for all new heroes to "Flub" it up. That way everyone has the chance to laugh at everyone else...
  7. I'm reminded of Ron's broken wand in Prisoner of Azkaban. I think the side effects should be tied to a failed roll. It's way more amusing that way!!
  8. So in looking over Ace... I suggest we name all the multipower slots according to Baseball Lingo. So Slam would be Fastball, Blast could be Meatball, Crash would be Homer, etc... I can keep going if you like this concept. Ambassador add Flash defence and other defensive things to their Diplomatic Immunity Behemoth - Why not give hi Growth 3 levels? And add a Public ID (due to his size)? Honey Badger - Like as is. Ironmonger - As is Lightning - Is their "Linked to Combat Running" on the punch an error? The combat running is only a Naked advantage to reduce endurance.
  9. But that's the hero outwitting the villain. Not the GM undermining the players!!
  10. So, my next question is, Do you want me to add complications to the characters you've created? Do you have expectations for us to review? Or do I edit it as I think the character should be and post suggestions???
  11. I have built BRICK for HD6, will post it shortly...
  12. I tried that and it wouldn't work, I used my wife's laptop, that is running Win 8.1 and I was able to open Ace... weird!!
  13. I can't open the files. When I DL to save them they show as Ace.hdc.xml files I'm on a Mac and don't often DL files, but I can DL from the Downloads section and open in HD the files found there (like Knifepoint) I'm likely just having a blond moment... (Blond is a state of mind not a hair colour) Its trying to open the file in MS Word??? and I get an unspecified error... "The XML file Ace.hdc.xml cannot be opened because there is no available data view (XSLT)
  14. If you want to assign me a character to build I will do that for you!
  15. Or from the city your running the game in (if modern), plus makes it a little more realistic for the players if they can go to where that funeral home is afterwards and say "I really kicked zombie butt here!!"
  16. Thanks for adding this thought of increasing the points in Complications, hadn't really thought about it to this point. The current game I've started has 4 players. They all start off as having up to 75 pts to build their characters. They all must have some science skills as they work together in a lab. I'm randomizing the powers they will get (2 of the four players are new to Hero and superpowers in general). They won't get their first "Super Power" until they reach 20 XP, I give XP for creating a history, providing an image of their toon, background NPC's (thanks for this idea Bol
  17. I have those comics around here somewhere, they had 4e write ups for most of the team didn't they?
  18. I've had a long hiatus from the Hero system and am just getting back into it myself. Some of the change in Complications is only needing 75 for a 400 pt character so you can get by without using the Vuln/Sus complications. Whereas back in 4e you needed 100-150 in disads. I'm curious as to whether other GM's find that their players don't use those options anymore too? -------------------- From the number of posts to the contrary I see that most people don't use environmental factors. I'm thinking about the recent Supergirl adventure against an electrically based opponent (Livewir
  19. I'm hoping for this thread to be something to allow creativity to flow. I know that Vulnerabilities are options for characters but sometimes you can't think of what a suitable Vulnerability or Susceptibility would be. This is the point of this thread. To give people some other options when designing their characters. Some GM's like to add different aspects into their games and may allow a Fire based character to do more damage if they work with another player who has Air based powers, and the added oxygen increases the effectiveness of their powers, or can hinder their powers if the f
  20. But Dex is used in so many skills. How would you account for that change?
  21. I was wondering if we could start a thread about the above, maybe post things that you use in your games for differnet vulnerabilities. Do you have a fire character always take extra damage from water attacks even if they don't have the vulnerability/susceptibility? Because its a natural law? What would you use as a vulnerability for sound based characters (sonics)?
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