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  1. I remember being in Florida back in the 70's... I got a cold walking between mall stores because of the air conditioning. Also it rained every day for 15 minutes...
  2. There is a 60 AP limit to the PCs. So giving 15 physical DN and 10 EN means she will ignore most direct damage aimed at her. She's a bodyguard for a politician, her strength is in the 35 range and she has martial arts, I will run her as is and see how she fares. Thanks for the input.
  3. I've been looking in old bookstores for 6E1 & 2. I found the Original Strike Force book, it cost me $50Can for!!! Which is really annoying cause I know I own that book and can't for the life of me find it!! Now that I have it, I'll probably find my original... And with the Kickstarter Book coming I'll also have the PDF version... I would still like to get the 6E1 & 2 books though....
  4. The way I've thought of her, she just ignores the effects of damage to her person, I haven't actually brought the character into play yet, But hope to in the next few weeks. Imagine the shock of a hero who fails to protect her from say a gun shot, but she stands up without a mark (except in her clothing). Her role is still being defined as well, is she heroic? Villainess? or just someone wanting to live their life without getting in on the hero/villain trope..
  5. I thought this was about Bad Ass not Evil??
  6. Hi All I've created a character that I want to be invulnerable, I've currently purchased it as -15 DC's Physical Damage Negation and -10 DC's Energy Damage Negation. In the past I would have used fairly high PD/ED resistant and 75% damage reduction. Any thoughts? with the -15 DC's physical DN, she could fall from a great height and walk away... I've left her open to mental attacks on purpose.
  7. Nice job Enforcer84!!! Do you by chance have hero designer files?
  8. Which supplement has the new Genocide? IHA?
  9. Digital Hero is available in the store, as is Evilution...
  10. I'm thinking that the number of people who want to have a hard copy is limited. I'd be willing to buy the PDF through Hero, so they can verify my purchase so I can have access to a product that I don't need to have the skills to modify so it prints out properly. Who would be able to authorize this?
  11. I've thought about that, is there a way that we could verify through the online purchase service?
  12. Just a question, but can other people use the file that you others have used at Lulu to get their own copies?
  13. Not just misunderstood? However, I was referring to Bolo from Strike Force or Shadow Warriors... was that you?
  14. Do you have Hero Designer? Its a great utility for building characters!!!
  15. Very nice Beast! Do you have this as a Hero Designer file?
  16. I actually ran this at a con putting all the characters into Hero 4th edition, it was fun!! oops double post...
  17. I actually ran this at a con putting all the characters into Hero 4th edition, it was fun!!
  18. The text specially says she is not a planner, but maybe she is learning to be one? "She is concerned about the poor, particular about Hispanic children in the Southeast US, but is usually too busy enjoying her powers and indulging in her whims to get around to giving them money." ----- Sounds like you would like her to develop a conscience...
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