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  1. What type of Complication is a Harmful Secret? I've never heard of it but like the concept!
  2. I agree with your comment about anti-mutant hysteria, and technically Peter Parker did mutate from a human to Spider man after the radioactive bite... I think its assumed that unless you explain another origin that you are a mutant!! Thor - I am a god Iron Man - I built it Fantastic Four - we were exposed to radiation X-Men - what?? No explanation? AHHHH their mutants!! etc
  3. Can you give an example or two of what you did here?
  4. Mark Frey was the Team Brick but didn't know his limitations, he was clumsy and always knocking things over or breaking them. He was known as Easy. Rumours say he was a kleptomaniac (Take it Easy, naturally)
  5. Can someone confirm this? I don't have that book but can hunt around for it unless its available as a PDF!
  6. I didn't know you could make Heromachine do such action poses!! Very Cool, time to go looking again!! Your pics are awesome!
  7. Are we going to try to limit the members for the next group here as well as in the Villains thread?
  8. Bartos is with Clarion, he's her loyal follower... 2 more to go!!
  9. Attack... of the Killer Tomatoes!!
  10. Is this a legal thing? Can you use transform in this manner? I think its a very creative way to give the Find Weakness ability. Kudos
  11. How about Images with the no conscious control limitation. People see who they expect to see at work...
  12. Brothers from Different Mothers He is a limited shapeshifter, his eye shape remains the same but his eye colour can change! He is a petty thief and operates in six different cities in the Tri-State area.
  13. She has heard the voice drone on an on for ages, sometimes garbled and sometimes clearer than she would want. Usually the periods of clarity discuss how the evils of the world have engulfed her and taken her down to hell for judgement. She has always been on the poor end of others comments, their judgements have been quite debilitating and she has felt cutoff from friends and family. But down here, where the flames of the eternally damned are never extinguished she has found resolve! No more putting up with the bickering of those less gifted, she will become the Voice of freedom from tyranny!
  14. Thanks for those files LL, are they in 6E format?
  15. Bump <Looks around nervously, scurries off to the corner...>
  16. I have the Sky-Q and plan to buy the Dynotron (thought I had it already) Plan to use some of those ideas in my game!! please keep it going!
  17. Another note here, when creating the illusion is the player visible to his targets but standing beside the image or within 8 M of the image he/she is creating? How does a villain fight back does he have to target the player's image or the actual player character? Let me give a different example... I create a character who can use Telekinesis, I drape a cloak around the Telekinesis and have the "force" fight another super. As long as I have line of sight I can maintain the TK Force character attacking, but it doesn't take body or stun damage and the character creating the Visual Ef
  18. Should your entangle be vs DMCV or are you aiming more for something "physical" the target is fighting through, for example, they see an image of a Druid casting entangle, so the grass grows longer and stronger trapping them. Vs the same image but its all in their mind so they must use mental powers to break free...
  19. Ah yes, Quebec, the only place where Swimming Pool is Piscine...
  20. Say did anyone ever come up with Pics for the Corporate Raiders? from the adventure you posted Bolo?
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