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  1. Have you looked at any of the supplements in the store? There are a couple Shared-Origins books, that have some adventures built in. Also, Evilution Unchained is an adventure my wife is currently running. It has a bunch of cool stuff in it!! And the Villainy Codex!! Must not forget that!!!
  2. Have you tried any of the character generators? Like HeroMachine or X-Girl? They are quite basic, although losing the work once and having to start over from scratch was not a fun time, but its easier than trying to draw it yourself!
  3. Has anyone ever redone the background sheets from those books? About different questions you ask yourself when building the history of a character? I think they were in the Champions 3 book...
  4. I have an image to post... Made on the X-Girl website... Not sure how to resize it though... hmmm, I can't seem to load the pic here... get an error message of "you are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" I've changed the format to a JPEG and still get the same error... any help out there? I got a message that Clonus likes my post but... Finally figured it out... ok pic attached...
  5. For my own bid, I say Facade. She creates illusions of things you fear, "You'll reap what you've sown now!!" She's more of an anti-hero, punishing those who deserve it!! Mental illusions to confuse the mind, "Are you sure you really saw what you say you saw??"
  6. Saint & Sinner!! I like, but what makes you think the guy in the cloak is a saint???
  7. My daughter is making a character based off of Silver from the Sonic video games. Has anyone attempted this? He can use telekinesis to fly, throw objects, not sure what else. I have looked thru the Champions Powers book for ideas as well.
  8. This was back in 4.0; and it was also over 10 years ago, so I'm likely forgetting some element of his argument. "Old age and treachery will overcome youth & skill!"
  9. I had one player who used a Ego attack on my Martial artist and said the special effect was he touched them... But he bought it such that he got the limitation (0 range) to reduce the cost. I told him that meant he had to had to touch the MA which was much harder than hitting their ego... He didn't like that...
  10. I should probably know what RAW is an an acronym for but for the life of me... I don't... Does anyone know whether Megalith who could steal Alex Summers powers was immune to Scott's eyebeams?
  11. I certainly agree that it wouldn't come up too often, but siblings do tend to fight!!! One character is sound based (flight, EB, Flash vs hearing) and the other is mentalist (Telepathy, Mind control, mind scan, danger sense). Perhaps a splash effect of the EB hitting the sibling (no damage) but a minor sound distortion going off from there...
  12. That was the first place I looked, and it would fit if such was needed. But is their immunity just a show? Not being enemies it wouldn't give either an advantage over the other in a fight...
  13. I figure that Data from ST, has 2x the stat of a normal human, possibly 3x a normal human's strength. I remember an episode when someone on the holodeck fell into water and data picked them out of the water with one hand. Eidetic memory, skills in everything they have processed (possibly a VPP for skills). This is a beginning...
  14. We are starting up a new Champions game and two of the players are running a brother/sister team. I think they should be immune to each others powers (like Banshee and Black Tom - can't think of other examples). Would this be an advantage they should pay extra for or just flavor text to add to the characters? Opinions??
  15. As a GM I didn't put my heroes into situations where they could die (at least not in Champions situations, DnD was a different story). I did knock them all out from time to time, and drag off one of the supers who would need to be rescued by the rest of the team. One time I captured all the heroes, had a sorcerer put spells on them so they looked like the villains and had them all shipped off to Stronghold... Players ran alts until they could figure out what had happened to the main toons. Was a fun time, lots of role play!
  16. Thanks for the replies gang. We took some of the characters from Champions Complete and ran them through a fight scenario. Things are pretty much as we remembered, but we had to spend time refreshing our memories... That'll take a lot longer...
  17. Hello all We are just getting back into playing Champions and have not played anything but 4th Edition; is there much of a learning curve between the 2 versions? I just picked up the Champions Complete book and was thumbing through it trying to remember the rules and thought I'd post a query here!
  18. Sad news, the store I got my Champions Complete book from is not familiar with Bits & Mortar. So I can prove I have the book, is there a way to get the PDF as well?
  19. Thanks Hyper-Man I had seen this and that's why I'm hoping for the PF. I will find out on Friday...
  20. I have ordered the Champions Complete book from a local gaming store. Does this mean I am eligible for the PDF version as well?
  21. I have ordered the Champions Complete rule book from a local gaming store; does this mean I should get access to the PDF version as well? Here's hoping!!
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