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  1. The TK can only be 32 STR because you want it at half end, but it means you have 3 points to spend! Cornerstone.hdc Cornerstone.pdf
  2. 10 Points remain Unless the plane was made out of 'ground Materials"... Cornerstone.pdfCornerstone.hdc
  3. I removed the old PD/ED and replaced it with Resistant Protection +20 PD/ED this is proof versus killing attacks 2 overall combat levels is 20 points I used to play Coronet in TSA. I had too much air and switched to baritone, then euphonium!! Added the "Only to activate" and the easy Rock blast Also added the JJF contacts and perks Still have access to 99 points... (You don't have to spend them all) Although you could probably remove the "must be within 2m of Ground Materials" at this point... Here's the PDF again Looks like you've only s
  4. Hi Quozaxx I built your character in Hero designer. Take a look - according to what I see here, you still have almost 200 points to spend... Cornerstone.hdc Cornerstone.pdf
  5. Nice write-ups! For The Elaine King version, does Widget have stats? (asking for a friend)...
  6. Where did you get the output file? Is it just a Word document? or somesuch? I think you've given her German language as her freebie, shouldn't she have to pay for English?
  7. That's not a focus situation, its just special effects. No limitation on the ability.
  8. What if we change the focus of Find Weakness completely from what it used to be in earlier versions of Hero? What if Find Weakness now reveals the limitations that players have taken on their powers? It would become more useful to the Master Villain who learns what can cause the heroes' power to fail. For example; we know that Human Torch cannot maintain his fire form without oxygen; so the villain can prepare traps to deal with that weakness (or limitation) of the Hero. Just a different tactic to consider.
  9. Are all the followers exactly the same or could you have a rogue follower, a Mage follower, etc? Using the doubling rule?
  10. If you have HD on your computer you can use Hero System Mobile to access your characters on your phone.
  11. For example, with no body damage how would you knock down a wall?
  12. Amorkca

    VIPERS assets

    Are you willing to post them? I'm always looking for agents to shake up my heroes!
  13. I do have Classic Enemies. Been playing this game for many generations... Now to go find that supplement!
  14. Did you ever do conversions to 6e for characters from the Escape from Stronghold adventure? especially the robots?
  15. There is a PDF in the store that should have a decent Character sheet you can use...
  16. It is missing those files... also missing Bloodstone & Dark Seraph. Peculiar
  17. Hmmm I wonder if I download the character pack again if it would have the same problems you guys have noticed?
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