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  1. As you can tell from my pic, I'm partial to Elves. And I like mages, in general. Can you point me to a Wiki?
  2. We built characters using the above mentioned character creation cards and one of the players drew that card, been working with it since then. This is why I'm looking at other means to define the "Invulnerability". They did encounter one villain so far who could hurt this player it came as a shock!!
  3. How would you do "Invulnerable"?
  4. Sounds like a plan That would be 3 PM for me, should be doable.
  5. I have TTS, never played MERP, will that be a problem? Also I'm on Mountain time.
  6. Interestingly, the Character Creation Cards list desolidification as a way to be Invulnerable. Card #52 1) Invulnerable: Desolidification , Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (50 Active Points); Limited Power Cannot Pass Through Solid Objects (-1/2) 2) Affects Physical World Cost Based On Strength (50 Active Points)
  7. Avis flies around Poverty Gulch, looking for anything that would pique his curiosity...
  8. Avis turns into a duck and flies off towards Poverty Gulch.
  9. Avis nods and looks at Arachne. So where are we heading to?
  10. Points at Ghost cat, "You mean her technology? I'm just guts & squishy stuff!"
  11. Good to know! So, if you're injured you can come back all on your own? Cool, I have a hummingbird's metabolism, so I heal fairly quickly too!
  12. "So do you bleed? Would standard First Aid practices help us revive you if you were knocked out?", Drew wonders aloud, "I ask in case we need to do something like that!"
  13. Have you followed the tutorials Brian? They helped me a lot!
  14. Wow, that's amazing, I mean... Wow... I don't know what else to say...
  15. Is the bridge falling apart a prelude to some type of attack? Would you consider a Base Dex roll of 9- as a reasonable solution to your bridge encounter? This way your giving them a chance as if they had a Dex 0 for the surprise aspect.
  16. Technically both LL and I are part of North America, just more North than you... 🤣
  17. That's tragic, Sorry for your loss! My parents suspect but they don't "Know" at least I don't think they do...
  18. Hey GC, Did you mean MPH or KPH? Cause if its MPH you are going to be the fastest
  19. Hello all, I am creating a hero who has a Paralyzing Poison/venom/toxin attack. I'd like to see it work as something that fades over time, so that it would hold them for 5 minutes (or longer) as if frozen. I've modelled it two ways thus far: 1) Drain Dex ; once their Dex is down they have no conrol of their muscles so they can't move. 2) Entangle (Mental but I don't want to use this construct) where they could potentially break the Entangle by using their Con, instead of Str. Not sure how to model this with HD. I envision it as a small p
  20. So we three shall be the mobile ones and Arachne can be close quartered. Arachne, where do you want to start?
  21. They've been spotted in the richer areas of town, so Poverty Gulch? I can fly up to 120 km/hr
  22. "Thanks Detective," Avis quips, "I will check with the other team members and see how we can possibly help you out! One of us will get back to you once we have a plan in place!" Avis hangs up, looks around at GC & LH. "We might want to include the missing members in on this action plan!"
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