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  1. Or if you wanted 5th Edition stuff follow this link to the store! https://www.herogames.com/store/category/14-fantasy-hero/
  2. Use a Hero System Bestiary instead!
  3. "Yeah," Avis replies, "Ghost Cat helped get the bus out of the hole!" He thinks for a moment, "Has this been a rare occurrence or have other attempts been made? Do you think if we patrolled some areas of the city we might catch someone in the act? Would you welcome us doing this?"
  4. "Hello Detective, I'm Avis from the Junior Justice Foundation, and we've been looking at the cat burglary information, we've actually gone to talk with Beverly, one of the potential suspects but didn't really get very far with her. She did point a finger at one of the officers but I think she's just deflecting attention away from herself." "At any rate," Avis continues, "I was wondering if you had come across any other leads we could assist you with?"
  5. Avis gets the number from their files and calls the police department, "Hello can you connect me with Detective Grove please? Yes, I'd like to make an appointment to meet with her. I'm part of the Junior Justice Foundation. Thanks I will hold for her..."
  6. Well technically we've only fought two villains, one was insane and the other just wanted to be left alone... How else are we supposed to get exercise if we aren't "Jumping to conclusions" or "running down the boss"? <I presume we are heading back to base> Report time again? What was the name of the cop Beverly fingered as a possible cat burglar? Oh ya Detective Lieutenant Barbara Whitfield. Looks at the others, who is our police contact now?
  7. Just retested again today on both iPad and iPhone. Even clearing the cache doesn't stop it from crashing.
  8. Was playing around with your App today. From the character screen under rolls, the hit button won't let me update the ocv/omcv line without crashing. I'm on IOS, v 1.7 of HSM
  9. "So it could be coincidence??" Avis ponders aloud, "Not some supervillain out to take over the city or transport it thousands of kilometers underground for nefarious reasons?"
  10. Maybe I'm just looking for conspiracies in everything?? Or is this just a normal day for San Angelo?
  11. Hi Brennall I'm new to Steam and have been having trouble with Tutorial 2; I get a character transferred to the TTS and rename the file, but it doesn't come up with the Load character screen at all. I'm obviously missing something Also I joined Discord as Amorakca#2721 but don't know how to find a link to talk with you.
  12. Avis looks at Ghost Cat, "Great minds and all that..." Perhaps we need to keep Bev on the watchlist Too!
  13. As we walk away from Beverly Archer, Avis looks back at her to see whether she's watching us leave, wondering whether she's got a smirk on her face or something to indicate she's not quite as innocent as she appears... He comments to the other two, do you think she knows how to fool that electronic bracelet? Maybe even take it off?
  14. Raises an eyebrow at the outfit... Avis says to Lady Heart and Ghost Cat, is it Halloween?
  15. Lawful Good Cleric, heavy on the law!
  16. Funny, I was thinking of Green Dragon having an epileptic fit...
  17. You could create a club and limit who can enter it (possibly) on this site...
  18. <Crickets chirp> Avis flies down and eats several before they can get away!
  19. Hangs around for 15 more minutes then leaves at the next open opportunity
  20. Eavesdrop on some conversations to hear what the tone of the room is.
  21. Avis finds a spot up in the high recesses of the ceiling and settles down to see when GC shows up. <Is everyone, male and female all in masks? > <Will try to use spatial awareness on the people in the room to see if what's visible matches the area they fill>
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