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    Amorkca got a reaction from Juan Sanchez in Looking for a game + Discord   
    Here's a Discord Server you can join!
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    Amorkca reacted to ShelleyCM in Shelley McTyre's Champions game   
    You GUYS! Thanks, this made my day (and thanks @Sketchpadfor letting me know about the thread). If there is a thing you're looking for specifically, let me know and I can go through backups. (I'd intended to take down everything except for Red October but couldn't bring myself to do it.)
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    Amorkca reacted to Blindman in Looking for a game + Discord   
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    Amorkca got a reaction from Blindman in Looking for a game + Discord   
    Here's a Discord Server you can join!
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    Amorkca reacted to Pattern Ghost in Coronavirus   
    Just took the wife for her first vaccination! She's halfway there.
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    Amorkca reacted to Ninja-Bear in Modern Champions   
    Are you sure? Have you seen the world lately? 😁
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    Amorkca reacted to Ninja-Bear in Character Build Advice Wanted: Alchemy   
    Aluminum Armor! Or Tin foil, take your pick. Drain Resistant Protection.
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    Amorkca reacted to Opal in Supervillain F.I.S.T.   
    Legal Offices of Schwammberger, Eichmann, & Rauff ?
    Cut-rate attorneys specializing in defending unsuccessful supervillains.
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    Amorkca reacted to Duke Bushido in Quote of the Week from my gaming group...   
    I meant to say "disk."  I meant to say "disk."  I meant to say "disk."
    I swear to you I meant to say "disk."
    Not exactly a quote, but I feel it belongs here.
    Youth game was cut short by a display of histrionics the likes of which are rarely seen.....
    I swear I mean to say "disk."
    Instead, I let my age show.
    Two members of the party have headed to the courthouse to find the current and original blueprints of the building they plan to investigate.  They are given the current plans simply enough, when one of them starts a conference call to the rest of the team and announces that they are waiting for prints of...  well, prints of the prints, but they should catch back up to the rest of the team shortly.  The other remembers that the building is very old, and likely has been remodeled at least once, and asks about the _original_ plans for this building.
    The custodian looks up and says "well, I am sure we have them, but it will take a while to get prints of them because we haven't gotten a lot of the old records on 'fiche yet-"
    Entire group:  "FISH?!  Why would you draw blueprints on FISH?!"   _HOW_ do you draw blueprints on fish?!"
    Feral's player "So, when I become a fish, do i like, just _have_ the blueprints or something?"
    Player on phone: "I think I know why everything takes so long here...."
    Even after explaining microfiche to them, they just couldn't get back into the swing of things....
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    Amorkca reacted to Greywind in Snippets   
    Yawning, Jason opened the door to his room only to find Kris fighting with the top he had loaned her. “Stealing my bed?”
    Covering herself with the top, Kris said, “Sorry. You said find a bed. You never specified which bed was already taken.”
    “It's too small. I can't get it on over the wings.”
    “Did you try stepping into it and pulling it up?”
    “Too...uh, small,” Kris said, indicating her breasts.
    Jason nodded. “Sorry. I guess you're a bit bigger than Sandy was.”
    “You don't have a problem with loose, do you?” Jason rummaged in a drawer and pulled out a white v-neck t-shirt.
    “No. No, I don't. You don't need to ruin anymore clothes on my account.”
    “Oh? Going to sleep naked in my bed?”
    “Uh, no!”
    “Teasing, Kris,” The shirt disappeared. He stepped behind her. “Relax.” He lightly touched her neck. The shirt reappeared, rent, allowing her wings freedom.
    “Thanks. I guess I'll go find another bed.”
    Pulling his shirt off, Jason dropped it into a clothes basket. “You are welcome to stay if you'd like.”
    Kris looked like a deer in the headlights. “I...uh, I don't want...”
    “Music. Soothing.” Jason gently caught her wrist. “I'm not talking sex. But maybe a little intimacy, a little human contact, might help.” His hand went to her hip and he released her wrist, sliding his hand up until her hand was in his. He began swaying gently to the music. Kris was stiff. She moved with Jason, but didn't really relax.
    As they moved, Jason slowly pulled Kris closer. In time her back relaxed. Her forehead came to rest on his chest. She began shaking, sobs racking her body. Her arms slipped about Jason. Jason held her close.
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    Amorkca reacted to Greywind in Snippets   
    “What do you think?”
    “I think you've got a bad case of the hots for her,” Jason teased. Warren reddened. “I think she's got a lot more going on inside than she's letting on.”
    Warren shrugged. “She doesn't really know us.” Jason nodded. “As for the other, she's gorgeous.”
    “She's got a twin, too.”
    “How'd you find that out?”
    “Research. Mentor tracked through some missing persons reports. Found both of them. Kris was reported missing by her sister. Ash by her landlady.”

    Jason shrugged again. “No idea. I'm sure we'll learn more in time.”
    “What are you going to do?”
    Jason scraped scraps into the trash. He grinned. “Wait and see.”
    Warren finished cleaning off the table. “You want help with that?”
    “You want to wash or dry?”
    “I can probably do both in the time it'll take you to start,” Warren said, half-joking.
    “Or you can just load the dishwasher.”
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    Amorkca reacted to Sketchpad in Which Viper?   
    You could buy the Image Portfolio Platinum products off DriveThruRPG and use his art. This is one of many: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/91000/Image-Portfolio-Platinum-Free-Edition-Storn-Cook
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    Amorkca reacted to Sketchpad in Building a Better Hero Block   
    Not really, @Christopher R Taylor. The sheets are a bit too basic for my use. I'm thinking we could use something a bit more robust honestly. I'm thinking we'd need the other stats since they do have a purpose in the game. I was playing around with formatting a while back and came up with the following. Still not 100% happy with it, but it's coming along.

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    Amorkca reacted to Greywind in Snippets   
    Setting his coffee cup down, Warren sat up a little straighter. “Jason,” he said.
    Looking up from his sketch, Jason saw Warren's concern. “Slide that bowl over here.” He took hold of it. “Thanks.” He opened a bottle of water and poured it in, then tosses the bottle into the recycle container. “I was wondering if I was going to see you this trip.”
    “Mrrow,” the mountain lion replied. She bounded to the stairs, sniffed at the bowl, then began rubbing her head on Jason.
    “A pet?”
    Jason shook his head. “We have an understanding.”
    “Sounds like there's a story there. I wonder if the girls are up.”
    “We're up,” Ash answered. “Just getting coffee.”
    Kris stepped through the door. “When did we get a kitty?”
    Looking her over, Jason said, “You slept well.”
    Giving him a small smile, Kris said, “I did. Thank you. What's wrong with his paw?”
    “I came up here a few years ago. I needed to decompress. Find my composure. I'm responsible for a lot of land up here. The Forestry Service does its part, but I keep my hand in when I'm up here. The land I'm responsible for is posted no hunting or trapping. That was how my grandparents wanted it.” His hand caressed her neck while she nuzzled him.
    “Cool. I don't think I've ever heard a mountain lion purr before,” Ash said.
    “It was my second day and I decided to go for a hike. I found her in a bear trap. Panting, thin, too weak to even attempt to put up a fight. I'm not sure how many days she had been laying there. I gave her a bottle of water. Pulled out a travois. I made the trap go away, got her on the travois, and hauled her back here.”
    The cat moved down to lap at the water.
    “After I got her comfortable I called a vet that was willing to up. Dehydrated and starving. The bones weren't broken, but for however long she was in that trap,” he shrugged. “That's the reason for the discoloration. The vet gave her some antibiotics. She hung out for the better part of three weeks while she healed, subsisting on a steady diet of expensive cuts of raw steak. Then one morning I came out and she was gone.”
    “What happened with the trapper?”
    Jason watched the man poking through the undergrowth. “You look like you lost something.”
    “Just looking for one of my traps.”
    “This land it posted.”
    “I don't care about that. It's a free country.”
    “That's a pretty ballsy thing to say to the man whose conservator-ship covers this land.” The
    man pulled the pistol holstered at his hip. “You just made this a lot easier.”
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    Amorkca reacted to Derek Hiemforth in Supervillain F.I.S.T.   
    I had a villain organization called V.  It consisted of five teams of five villains each, all with names that started with V.
    I started writing a description of them for this post, but as I was doing so, I realized it's actually a pretty cool idea, IMO.  So maybe I'll write them up as a "Hall of Champions" PDF or something instead.  😃
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    Amorkca reacted to HeroGM in Supervillain F.I.S.T.   
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    Amorkca reacted to Ninja-Bear in Which Viper?   
    The would be from Ecclesiastes 1:9.
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    Amorkca reacted to Lord Liaden in What's fairy tale-style magic?   
    The Shadow Queen often hires Earthly supervillains for her schemes, particularly supernatural ones who fit her medieval/fantasy motif. For one story arc I gave her a whole cadre of "knights," her Obsidian Table, led by Black Paladin and including Hell Rider, Morningstar, Lightning Man, Matachin, Shadowdragon (from a different culture, but his code-name pleased her), and Harpy (Brangomar's jealousy normally precludes women, but she saw Harpy's bird-form as ugly and therefore non-threatening).
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    Amorkca reacted to Steve in What's fairy tale-style magic?   
    The Shadow Queen was one of the major villains in my last Champions campaign. It worked quite well to have Black Paladin as her lieutenant.
    Because of the faerie tale nature of her realm, I used Disney-esque elements in the encounters with the villains and describing her kingdom. Because it amused the Shadow Queen, one of the heroes became involved in a singing contest with Black Paladin, which the fallen knight wasn’t going to do until she spelled him into it. It later became known in that campaign that Black Paladin has “a marvelous singing voice.”
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    Amorkca reacted to tkdguy in "Old School" Superhero RPG Experiences...Guardians....Villains & Vigilantes/Mighty Protectors?   
    Aside from Champions the only superhero rpg I played was the Batman rpg, which was derived from DC Heroes. I ran it a few times.
    There was an mini rpg called Crimefighters, which IIRC originally appeared in an issue of Dragon magazine. One of my friends made a lot of modifications, so we played that a lot. Despite me playing a Batman-type character, the OCs were closer to powerful heroes than low-powered superheroes in the power scale. Still, the game played like a Dark Champions campaign.
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    Amorkca reacted to Mr. R in My conversions (formerly Builds of 2018)   
    YES!  YES!  YES!
    OH and my given name is...... Jerome!
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    Amorkca got a reaction from Mr. R in My conversions (formerly Builds of 2018)   
    And I'll call Rusty
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    Amorkca got a reaction from Duke Bushido in I've Got My Zed-Suit, I Have My Omni-Gauntlets...   
    Does he have an accent when talking?
    "Ve have many dangerouz tingz in my laboratory! Ze- robots are a necessary zafety zyztem to enzure all happenz az I dictate!"
    then we have:
    Transform attack - Zombifier...
    He should have independent Force Wallz to defend him from attacks
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    Amorkca got a reaction from Grailknight in Dark Champions or regular ?   
    I'm currently playing in a dark champions style game.  Its based on The Boys Universe, so violence is a thing...
    We are students, and we started with 265 points.  We are currently at 304.  Max damage output on one of the players is 17d6 - includes a haymakered EB.
    I really like your character concept!
    So the Redefined Combat Luck raises his DCV from 5 to 9.  Presuming 5 OCV is the norm (which is low btw) he would get hit 2/3 of the time.  He does have a strong Force Field but would take 12 stun on average from a 12d6 attack.  This this means quite often he will get Stunned as he only has a 13 Con.
    Against thugs he would be very powerful; not so much vs equally powered villains.  If you Take the villains from CC and run a mock combat between each one of them vs your character; you'd have a good idea of how well he would work in a standard champions game.
    Perhaps buy your characteristics as part of your Unified limitation to give you more to work with?
    Also, at your current build, if you attack with any of your powers you have no FF available.  Perhaps remove the Difficult to dispel but keep your total MP at 94.  So you have room to reallocate points and not be skewered.
    Just my two cents worth!
    Is there supposed to be a picture? Cause that's not showing up for me.
    I presume this is a 6th Edition character because of your mentioning CC.
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    Amorkca got a reaction from BoloOfEarth in I've Got My Zed-Suit, I Have My Omni-Gauntlets...   
    Does he have an accent when talking?
    "Ve have many dangerouz tingz in my laboratory! Ze- robots are a necessary zafety zyztem to enzure all happenz az I dictate!"
    then we have:
    Transform attack - Zombifier...
    He should have independent Force Wallz to defend him from attacks
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