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  1. Excellent format, but how do I print it out so that the page breaks are clean (and sections don't overlap each other)?
  2. Monday's Monster Hunter International game - After cleaning out an old "haunted" building, the Hunters return to their base of operations in Hudson City to get a frantic call from the Monster Control Bureau. Apparently someone has compromised their containment facility outside of town and the MCB needs help. Laughing all the way there, thinking of the irony of MHI helping MCB (and, of course, the PUFF bounty) the hunters arrive at the compound. They stop at the top of a low ridge to get an idea of what's going on. They see that there are a group of MCB agents in a defensible position holding off an assault from some dark leaping things and there are gunshots inside the large warehouse building. Just as they are about to dive in, a Shoggoth appears behind them and managed to lacerate the roof of their hummer. The first two hunters scurry for cover and take potshots and the monster. The third pulls a molotov cocktail out of his Bag of Tricks (™) and lobs it at the monster. He hits. He rolls max damage. The Shoggoth has vulnerability to fire; taking 2x damage from it. The Shoggoth... 20' tall nightmare creature from beyond... goes up like flash paper. And, we're done for the evening. The RPG session ends about 90 minutes early. Woof! Next up, the hunters have to baby sit a group of Orcs who have come to town for a heavy metal festival - headlined by Blind Guardian.... with a special appearance by Baby Metal!
  3. In Saturday's MHI game (session 3 of a 3-session adventure based on "Live and Let Die") The hunters are zip tied in front of Kananga, who after soliloquizing for a bit, sends his Zombie Guards to attack them. While two of the hunters try to cut their bonds, Doc starts kicking the nearest Zombie. He misses, but the zombie returns the favor and, rolling well on the hit location, kicks Doc in the "vitals". As he slumps to the ground, Doc says "I hate Crotch Zombies." And we had to suspend the game for about ½ hour for everyone to stop laughing.
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