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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Me and my R-C! Me and my R-C! 'Cause what's good enough for other folks, Ain't good enough for me and my R-C! Me and my R-C!... Matt "Royal Crown Cola really rocked when it was made with real cane sugar instead of Fructose -- and was bottled in glass instead of plastic" Frisbee P.S. Yeah, hopelessly retro taste buds.
  2. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? SUNSHINE -- An interesting though highly unlikely scenario about trying to refire the core of our fading sun with a nuclear weapon the size of Manhattan. The first three-quarters of this movie was intriguing, but I guess they just had to have an antagonist to distract us from the fact that everyone dies in the end. Still, it's worth a rent if you happen to see it on the shelf somewhere. BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY (TV series) -- Yeah, this is some serious Glen Larson cheese, but seeing Erin Gray (and several other actresses at the beginning of their careers) caper around in revealing and/or form-hugging polyester and spandex costumes does keep me interested when things get too schmaltzy. (I bought this one partially to see the look of disgust on the face of one of my friends when I suggested we watch an episode.) Seriously, though, if Glen hadn't introduced the whole Seeker thing in season two, it would have been a (barely) tolerable action/adventure series. Matt "You-asked-me" Frisbee
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Fortunately, the person I shot this one at is a very good friend of mine, so we (and everyone else at the table) got a chuckle out of this one. The game is Twilight: 2000, which occasionally breeds very desperate actions... "Let me get this straight -- your character is charging a T-72 tank and he's only armed with a shotgun? Dude, not only did you sample all 31 flavors of stupid at the ice cream store, you dumped them all in a blender and made yourself the world's biggest moron shake!" Matt "I-do-stupid-things-too" Frisbee
  4. Re: Weekend Warriors -- Campaign Log Add my vote for a reunion -- I've missed this thread a lot.
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From Input.Jack... [Captain Lightning pulls a hi-G maneuver that most pilots couldnt even dream of] Mystarra *on the radio*: Crime Smasher, are you all right? Crime Smasher: ...gluuuurgh... Mystarra: Oooog. Black Bat *piloting*: Never ask a question that you cant handle the answer to Now THAT'S comedy. Thanks for the chuckle.
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From a Space Opera campaign many moons ago... Dr. Yagairith: (coming to the end of a minute-long monologue on the possible problems of trying to capture a hostile alien animal) ...all of which means whoever is doing this must be very careful and remain in contact with the rest of the team at all times! Ensign Belkiana: Have you decided who the unlucky stiff is going to be yet, Captain? Captain Kelvin: Originally, I was going to ask for volunteers, but since the good doctor is quite clearly the expert on the subject -- Dr. Yagairith (OOC): Hey! Beliana (OOC): Serves you right for hogging the spotlight, you ham! Matt "Fond-memories-of-that-ungainly-rules-system" Frisbee
  7. Re: Order of the Stick Originally Posted by OddHat: I'm guessing the "Kill the cleric in one blow" thing was the Improved Critical feat, or some sort of Great Improved Critical. Reply from Inu: Or the epic feat, 'devastating critical' -- if you crit, target rolls a fort save or dies. Comment from Matt Frisbee: And people wonder why I call d20 the perfect munchkin system. *sigh* Matt "THAT'S-IT!-We're-playing-Bunnies-and-Burrows-from-now-on!-You're-playing-a-bunch-of-freaking-RABBITS!" Frisbee
  8. Re: Order of the Stick I can see Lord Mhoram's point concerning Belkar. I hated a certain person a lot while I was in the Army. This certain person loved Led Zepplin and played it (and sang along with it badly) constantly. When I got out of the Army and got back home to my collection of vinyl, I poured lighter fluid over all of my Led Zepplin albums and mentally burned the guy in effigy as the flames claimed what had been some of my favorites. It was about five years before I could stand listening to Page and company again, even on the radio. These days, I'm over it, but back then it wasn't open for discussion. Matt "Working-through-the-old-issues" Frisbee
  9. Re: Order of the Stick This strip just keeps getting better -- it is so AD&D crunchy and yet has such a great plot going as well! Excuse me while I gush -- THIS STUFF IS JUST SO FREAKING AWESOME! Matt "I'm-over-it-now-but-OotS-RAWKS!" Frisbee
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... We didn't game over the weekend, but this one cropped up while we were playing a few card games and geeking out about comic books and superhero TV shows... Barry: Ya know the STUPIDEST transformation ever, right? Me: Any of Bill Bixby's transitions into Lou Ferrigno? Barry: (after a snort and a chuckle) No! (Stands and spins) Wonder Woman! Me: I thought the lightning and thunder was cool -- but I was 12 back then. Barry: But seriously, she'd just spin around! Me: Well, the reason they did that is Linda Carter was a dancer, so she could do it in high heels without getting dizzy. Barry: Granted -- but wasn't that stupid? Me: I got a one word argument for that... Barry: What? Me: SHAZAM! Barry: Hey, don't be digging on Captain Marvel! Me: Given the choice, Wonder Woman does look a heckuva lot better in satin than he does. Of course, she does wear considerably less of it... Barry: You're hopeless. Matt "Victim-of-70's-television" Frisbee
  11. Re: Order of the Stick This is such a righteously good storyline! *Sigh* I wish I could craft adventures this good. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep trying... Matt "All-good-GM's-go-WHERE-when-they-die?" Frisbee
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Setting: A home-brewed version of Theives' World -- and the home city is being invaded by demonic ratlings under the control of a colony of wererats. My character (Rakir) has just managed to drown one of the underlings, but has taken a token from the victim that transforms him into a wererat as well! Zolen is the party mage and is just catching up to the action... GM: Zolen turns the corner and sees a big hairy thing with a long nose wearing Rakir's armor! Zolen (OoC): Oh great, the party's fighter is now a wererat! Rakir (OoC): Wererat? **Stands and menaces Zolen's player with a snarl while assuming a Hispanic accent.** I ain't no stinkin' wererat! I'M A WERE-CAPYBARA!! GM: *Sighs while shaking head!* Okay, a rat by any other name... Matt "Dirty-rat" Frisbee
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From the past weekend's Firefly-esque Traveller game -- turns out the food packs our heroes bought at a bargain are a little past their freshness dates... Shep: Hey! Who locked the head? Nero: It's locked? That means my software patch on the security program worked! Shep (to Nero): I don't care how well you fixed the security program! Just get it to unlock the gorram head before I soil myself! **Rav fires a shotgun blast into the lock mechanism causing Shep to blow his Constitution roll.** Rav (opening the door): There you go. Problem solved. Shep: Actually, the problem solved itself when you fired that damn thing. (Turns to Nero) At least tell me the shower works? Matt "Yeah-we-went-there" Frisbee
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Enforcer84: Red Baroness? I have an image of a red leather clad, glasses wearing, raven tressed super terrorist.... I like that. ghost-angel: Obviously she works for VIPER. Yeah, all the hot babes in fetish gear work for VIPER -- that's why they never run out of recruits... Matt "Sign-me-up" Frisbee
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Setup: Our heroes in the Firefly-esque Traveller game have managed to get their wreck of a starship off the planet, despite the best efforts of local and Imperial authorities to stop them. The problem is that the crew was in such a hurry to get the ship off world, they're starting to discover a few things they missed in the repairs... Shep: Keep your vacc suits on, people. I'm reading a rapid drop in cabin pressure in the commons. Rav: I'm on it. Nero, pass me a tube of gunk. (Gunk is an emergency hull patching compound for small holes and gaps, like a tube of caulk.) Nero (OOC): My guy's on the engineering deck, so your character will have to come get it. GM: The pressure in Rav's compartment has dropped low enough to trigger the decompression alarms. The automatic hatches are sealing it off. Shep: Rav, find that stupid hole and jam something in it so I can repressurize that compartment! Nero: What's the rush? He's got a suit on. Shep: All our gorram food packs are in there and they're not rated for vacuum! Rav: Food packs? Hey there's an idea! (To GM) I'm looking in the cupboards for a really gloppy one like chicken a la king or goulash. Nero: Skip the Julia Child act, just patch the humping hole! GM: Rav finds one, and its sides are bulging out like an overinflated mylar balloon. Rav: I get near the hole in the hull and punch a small hole in the food pack. Shep (OOC): What the ---- are you doing? GM: The semi-liquid contents burst forth from the overpressured bag are being sucked into the hole -- Rav: And glopping up around the edges a bit? GM: Yes, actually. Rav: Good. I slap what's left of the pack over the hole and pull out my trusty roll of duct tape to anchor it, then layer it over to shore it up. GM: Looks like it's holding for now. Rav: Shep, is the pressure stabilized yet? *GM nods to Shep and holds up four fingers* Shep: Holding at 4 psi. Attempting to repressurize now. GM: The patch is holding. The pressure comes up enough to allow the hatches to open again and kill the depressurization alarms. However, a quick glance at the cupboard shows your effort was too late to save most of the food packs, as they have burst from the lack of pressure. Rav: Well, at least I know what's for dinner tonight. Nero & Shep (almost together): What? Rav: "Pop" luck! (A chorus of groans) Matt "Yeah-I-like-a-good-pun" Frisbee
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