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  1. So I lost my previous CD of Designer. So I repurchased it today... Am I in a holding period until the Snail Mail gets it delivered as a CD again? Is there a downloadable option? I was hoping to run a game at a Con coming up. Anyone have insight on this?
  2. Re: Favorite HERO mechanics There is probably too many great things about the HERO system that I can't mention them all (I sound lke I'm accepting a reward). But here are a few. HIT LOCATION TABLE -OCV/DCV (Want a Defense Specialist or a Brawler) -DCV/DAMAGE (I Love the hard to hit vs. hard to penetrate) -Complete customization (I'd like a guy whose fast, has a magical ranged attack, loves using axes, and has knowledge familiarity with almost everything) -Speed Table -Stun/Body -Endurance/Recovery All in all, once you try the system, you'll never want to go back.
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