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  1. Most Heroic games that I've seen use Normal Characteristic Maxima at no points as one of the setting switches. Package Deals before 5e had a messy way of tinkering with Characteristic Maxima, but it essentially worked out to a way of pre-buying the double cost (and selling back base Characteristics), and went away in 5e.
  2. Time Bandits Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Intrada Special Collection ISC 440). I just got this in the mail today, and it's the first time that the soundtrack was released.
  3. "Manners Maketh Man" from the Kingsman Original picture score, followed by "Concerning Hobbits" from the LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack. (via Tidal auto-play after seeding it with The Hunt for Red October soundtrack).
  4. Well, that gives a whole new meaning to "Jesus phone".
  5. Lead vocals on this was provided by Arthur Brown, who is probably best known for this:
  6. So, that's what the Space Force is for. "I'm sorry, Mr President, but we didn't find anything on Neptune. Should we check Uranus?"
  7. Unfortunately, this also happened in Las Vegas: https://news3lv.com/news/local/underground-group-releases-maga-hat-wearing-pigeons-in-downtown-las-vegas
  8. It would be even more amazing if it was really carved into the stone.
  9. Definitely. I particularly loved that there was a picture of a cat in a hazmat suit pinned to the bulletin board in their break room.
  10. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon: Very enjoyable film from Aardman Animation that uses many SF tropes to great effect after an alien crash-lands near Shaun's farm. "No sheep were probed during the making of this film." (Netflix) Time After Time: Mary Steenburgen falls in love with yet another time traveler, who is chasing after Jack the Ripper. (DVD) Tron: Legacy: Sequel to the 1982 movie, the visuals have been boosted, and the music's pretty good, too. There's not really a lot of plot, however. (Disney+)* *I own the Identity Disc collectible set, but it's on a high shelf, and streaming was much easier than retrieving it.
  11. It's okay, they can digitally erase it in post.
  12. She also played the cook in Clue.
  13. "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles. The last chord holds for over 40 seconds, and inspired the Deep Note (THX). Most recent versions include the 15kHz tone and the run-out groove studio sounds.
  14. Le Cinquième Élément soundtrack by Eric Serra (Via Amazon Music HD)
  15. Many hospitals in rural areas are county-run, and take patients regardless of ability to pay. They have been squeezed between higher prices for drugs and supplies, and lower revenues, and usually operate at a deficit. Some of these hospitals have closed because of budgetary reasons, while others have had to limit services. While universal healthcare wouldn't necessarily solve these issues, it would add revenue for what is now indigent care.
  16. Planet of the Apes: Television Soundtrack disc 1, while I was jotting down notes for my FH game tonight. Now playing Sports by Huey Louis and the News.
  17. Verify that your system's time is synchronized with the time server. A clock that's widely off will cause the TLS handshake to fail.
  18. It had a nice beat, and it was easy to dance to, so I rate it an 85.
  19. Iron Man Three: Tony's back again, and suffering PTSD from the Battle of New York, as he has to deal with a terrorist plot. (Disney+) Back to the Future Trilogy: Doc Brown builds a time machine. Hilarity ensues. (Blu-ray)
  20. I'm originally from Maine, but spent elementary school years in Central Florida, before moving to Nevada several decades ago. My accent has blended into a (mostly) Western accent, though I have been mistaken as Canadian when traveling. I am very bad at reproducing accents, and rarely try.
  21. It's essentially a con. My experience is that it's either subconscious* or deliberate manipulation of the planchette by one or more participants. It's extremely easy to send the planchette exactly where you want it to go, especially if the other participants are putting more force from their fingers on it. This may seem counter-intuitive, but more force downward results in a translation of force away from that person. It's then just a matter of lightly steering the planchette to whatever area of the board you want. And if you are good at cold reading (or know the "mark" well), you can tailor your answers to reinforce certain psychological beliefs that the others hold, which makes it extremely easy to freak out people, and consequently extend the control of the planchette. *See Ideomotor phenomenon for how this works: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideomotor_phenomenon
  22. The theatrical cut was a free movie on the plane I was on a few years ago. I almost stopped it halfway through, because it was boring. I've since seen the extended cut, which explains a few things, and isn't quite as bad. There's actually a piece of a great romantic comedy/espionage thriller buried in the middle*, which would have made a much better movie. *Diana and Bruce attempt to steal computer data from NotLex during a party. One bright spot that shows just how crappy everything else was in that movie.
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