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  1. See also The Casual Vacancy, and the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling).
  2. I went on a foraging trip to my local Walmart yesterday, and found this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Light-Sound-Walking-Robby-the-Robot/495964718 He is currently hanging out at home next to my Lego Wall-E on a display shelf.
  3. I you waggle a few fingers and wave an arm, then it's a normal gesture. If you have to do the Hokey Pokey or equivalent, it's complex gestures.
  4. A Kind of Magic by Queen. It's one of the albums that I tend to play loud.
  5. Thankfully, my Mom wasn't a Fox News viewer. She skewed liberal, and would reach out to her congressman whenever she felt that it was an important topic. Her congressman's staff gave her a direct line to their office, and would even sometimes call her to see what her feelings were on legislation that he was going to vote on. Interestingly, she was registered as a Republican, and they frequently made the mistake of assuming that she would somehow accept their shenanigans. Her congressman ran for governor (of Maine), and she received a push-poll from a group for the Republican candidate that asked her what her feelings would be if it was revealed that her congressman was gay. Her response was, "Honey, I want to elect him. I don't want to date him."
  6. I hear that they used the work of the noted Cambridge physicist, Dr. Parsons.
  7. Many years back, there was a postcard book that had intricate, humorous illustrations based on a phrase or sentence with one missing letter. Most of them were easy to work out, but I puzzled over one about 2/3 of the way through, which had the sentence, "Andrew Lloyd Weber writes another hit musical." The composer was in front of a piano, and had apparently crossed out the title to another work, and written "Aspects of Love" over it. It took me a while to realize that the missing letter was an "s".
  8. Laptop fan died today, but it's under both HP warranty and Best Buy warranty. Best Buy chat sent me to a link to make a drop off appointment, but the next one's available June 5. Add 7 to 10 business days to fix, and then another appointment to pick up, barring a lifting of restrictions. Contacted HP chat, who suggested that I could take it into Best Buy and have them send it, and then I told her that the closest drop off appointment was June 5. There was a slight pause, and she sent back, "June?" I confirmed, and she's sending me out a prepaid shipping box to send it in. I should get it in the next 2-3 business days (probably Wednesday, is my guess).
  9. I'm now picturing Superman's mustache being stop-motion animated by Ray Harryhausen.
  10. Trump's threatening to cut off funds for my state for setting up the next primary election in June as mail-in only. I'm thinking of several thoughts about what he can do with that, but it would violate the rules for swearing if I posted them. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/trump-blasts-mass-absentee-ballot-efforts-michigan-nevada-n1211106
  11. Jane can get a license for the WWII era machine gun, if it interests her enough.
  12. I have a little less than half of the soundtracks for James Bond films, and I'm currently missing two John Barry-composed scores, From Russia with Love and Dr. No. I have the theme for the former on the album, The Best of Bond...James Bond, however.
  13. Batman Begins: Excellent take on a familiar superhero, with an amazing supporting cast. (Hulu)
  14. The Living Daylights soundtrack. It's Ragitsu's fault that I had to buy the album.
  15. That's simple. You just use the electrical output from the jet engines. 😁
  16. For who knows what magic takes place in his world So he just thanks her kindly preparing to go on his way "Come with me I need you I fear the dark and I live all alone I'll give you wine and food too And something special after if you like Come to my garden Taste the fruits and the spices of love You can't resist me I'm the kind that your dreams tell you of So glad you could make it We had everything arranged So glad you saw fit to pay a call" Some men never listen And others never learn But why this man did as he did Only he will ever know He knew he was walking Into a waiting trap Neatly set up for him With a bait so richly wrapped So he went inside there to take on what he found But he never escaped them, for who can escape what he desires
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