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  1. Since there appears to be no limitation in 6th Ed about Entangles not being able to be used as Barrier and there's no description on how that power trick would work in the 6th Edition rules, is this an option for entangle that got eliminated in the conversion?
  2. Part #1: Random Military/Police Patrol : Stumble upon Chinese supervillian base/US Listening Post : Mysterious Dead Body Part #2: Have ARGENT (or equivalent) send tactical team to do the same thing as the PC group. They could even turn into more Zombies. If you can set it up right, have a cascade failure that can cause the whole station to explode if the PCs can't figure out how to neutralize it. Part #3: Just have "Z-Particle" Radiation screw up Teleporter's abilities until minimum safe distance. It's a power, not a get out of any problem free card! Part#4: Rather than zombies, have the Casualty summon ectoplasmic ghosts of US dead that he "pulls" along with him. They could have DR/Desolid defenses and need mystical help to dispel. (Village would have local witch or holy man to aid). Hope this helps.
  3. Steve, This may be simply a "What the GM permits" thing, but I'm designing a character with some AOE attacks; the classic No Range Cone and Line. Since the AP limit in our campaign is the typical 60 pts, that leaves me with 6d6 attacks. Then I realized that I could add the established Ranged MAs and get 8-10d6 attacks with them. Is that legal under the rules as defined (as opposed to House Rules)?
  4. Re: Google Earth I also used Google Maps for my Gamma Flight Campaign. I decided to set it in Winnipeg and it was invaluable in giving me information on how the city worked and flowed together. I looked everywhere for a map to the city and had no luck.
  5. Re: Help me Flesh Out Shutterbug While one wouldn't guess from my art posts, Jeff Dee was a serious inspiration for me. Being an old fashioned power gamer, I would be concerned that your base-line attack is 9d6 in a 80 pt. Max game. That's barely more than half. And your dex is a bit low (even at 27) if 19 PD/ED isn't close to Standard and your main defense is not being hit. The many senses can be very cool in a "getting from one plot point to another" way and can allow a GM to move a story along well and make the players feel more involved. Disad-wise I'd going with either a Vulnerability or Susceptibility to Chemicals (pesticides) and maybe a Watched by the Military.
  6. Re: A 5th Edition Starburst It does indeed. And I always thought it was a nifty application, too.
  7. Re: A 5th Edition Starburst According to an earlier thread, he did originally appear in the 1st edition. Oddly, no one was sure who'd created him. In point of fact, the Life support was the most hinky thing in the MP. It'd be the first thing I'd give up in a negotiation with a GM. I would agree with you, Hyperman, if there were two primary powers rather than three. If you look at the "Campaign Use" you see that I could have basically done a basic blaster for the hundred points, but for a few extra I can "push up" one or another power as needed. My problem with the original Starburst build is that the max points in the MP was the same as the max of each power and when you put any points into flight or FF, your EB went well below competitive levels for even a 250 pt. campaign. But as always, it's mostly a matter of taste. Admittedly, in most of my own builds, I've never used a multi slot, using MPs as weapon or power slots. I'll post my best example of it shortly with my Mass-ter character.
  8. I'm hoping I'm not violating any protocols here by posting this character. While I always had problems with the 250-pt Starburst build, it's one of the few that actually uses a multipower as an actual multipower so I decided to attempt to see how it would work on 350. A couple of notes; this would be a fairly early version of Starburst rather than the 4th ed. version that was posted previously, capturing him after years of adventuring. I added a hand-to-hand power to reflect the image of him power-punching Mechanon on an Adventurer's Club cover. BTW, does anyone have any images of SB they'd be willing to share that doesn't violate forum rules and trademarks? Starburst Val Char Cost Roll Notes 15 STR 5 12- Lift 200.0kg; 3d6 [1] 26 DEX 48 14- OCV: 9/DCV: 9 30 CON 40 15- 10 BODY 0 11- 18 INT 8 13- PER Roll 13- 11 EGO 2 11- ECV: 4 15 PRE 5 12- PRE Attack: 3d6 12 COM 1 11- 10+20 PD 7 Total: 10/30 PD (0/20 rPD) 15+20 ED 9 Total: 15/35 ED (0/20 rED) 5 SPD 14 Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 20 REC 2 60 END 0 40 STUN 7 Total Characteristic Cost: 148 Movement: Running: 6"/12" Flight: 25"/50" Leaping: 3"/6" Swimming: 2"/4" Cost Powers END 6 Zap Dazzle: Sight Group Flash 2d6 (10 Active Points); Linked (Zap!; Lesser Power can only be used when character uses greater Power at full value; -¾) 1 10 Particle Absorption: +10 REC (20 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses about half of its effectiveness (Only for END; -1) 12 Can't You See That?: +8 versus Range Modifier for Sight Group 0 5 Ultraviolet Perception (Sight Group) 0 5 Percieving through the Gluons: N-Ray Perception (Sight Group) (10 Active Points); Costs Endurance (-½), Increased Endurance Cost (x2 END; -½) 2 100 Starburst Effect: Multipower, 100-point reserve 10m 1) Starburst Field: Force Field (20 PD/20 ED), Costs END Only To Activate (+¼) (50 Active Points) 4 12m 2) Ion-Powered Motion: Flight 25", Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼) (62 Active Points) 2 12m 3) Zap!: Energy Blast 12d6 (60 Active Points) 6 3u 4) Zap II: Missile Deflection (Any Ranged Attack), Adjacent Hex (+½) (30 Active Points) 0 2u 5) Particle Punch: Hand-To-Hand Attack +7d6 (35 Active Points); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-½) 3 1u 6) Instant Change: Cosmetic Transform 2d6 (into and out of Superhero costume) (10 Active Points); Limited Target ([Limited]; Clothes; -½), Extra Time (Full Phase, -½) 1 2u 7) Energy Cocoon: Life Support (Safe Environment: Zero Gravity; Safe in High Pressure; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense Heat; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained Breathing) (20 Active Points) 0 Perks 1 Hey, Look! It's Starburst!: Reputation: Heroic Do-Gooder (A medium-sized group) 11-, +1/+1d6 2 I got another scoop for you...: Contact: Super-Hero Beat Reporter (Contact limited by identity, Good relationship with Contact) 11- Skills 3 Scientist 1 1) SS: Mathematics 11- (2 Active Points) 2 2) SS: Nuclear Engineering 13- (3 Active Points) 2 3) SS: Physics 13- (3 Active Points) 3 Computer Programming 13- 3 Oratory 12- 3 Systems Operation 13- 2 Skilled with Zap!: +2 with any single attack with one specific weapon Total Powers & Skill Cost: 202 Total Cost: 350 200+ Disadvantages 20 Vulnerability: 2 x STUN HKAs (Common) 20 Vulnerability: 2 x BODY HKAs (Common) 10 Vulnerability: 2 x STUN Darkness Powers (Uncommon) 15 Psychological Limitation: Publicity Seeker (Common, Strong) 15 Psychological Limitation: Scientific Curiosity (Common, Strong) 10 Psychological Limitation: Underconfident - Insecure (Common, Moderate) 25 Susceptibility: Darkness Fields 3d6 damage per Phase (Uncommon) 10 Reputation: Publicity Hound, 11- 10 Hunted: Pulsar 8- (As Pow, Harshly Punish) 15 Social Limitation: Secret ID- Dr. Thomas Allen (Frequently, Major) Total Disadvantage Points: 350 Background/History: Dr. Thomas Allen was an unexceptional but competent partime professor at the local university who started as a lower echelon member of a fusion reactor project. He was becoming depressed when it seemed that he wouldn't become a somebody due to his efforts due to his only passable abilities. However, he redoubled his efforts to make his mark and was working late when a group, either Viper or Argent invaded the test area looking for data on the progess. He was taken hostage and put near the reactor with other hostages. A local vigilante moved in over the protest of the police and caused a breach. Everyone near the crack died, both agents and hostages except Thomas. He survived, and claimed that he dived behind something to avoid the radiation. Over the next weeks, the radiation he absorbed started to present itself and he realized that he now had superpowers. Thomas Allen might not be exceptional but the world better look out for Starburst! Starburst's career is presently maturing and he's had some good arrests and defeated Pulsar a few times. Personality/Motivation: Dr. Allen is driven by his insecurities. While he genuinely wants to do good, it's as important if not more so for him to been seen as doing good and being special. Therefore, he would be attracted to doing something bigger rather than better, such as fighting a big robot over stopping to prevent a small, invisible crime. In a perverse way, Thom gets off on being somewhat underestimated in his civilian guise, just so he can experience the adulation that people who "know" him get when they seem him as Starburst. Quote: Let me add some sparkle to your life! Powers/Tactics: Starburst is a classic flying blaster. His multipower allows him a lot of flexibility between offensive, defensive and movement powers. He has a number of smaller powers that allow him access to unusual areas and even to go into space if neccesary. Powers that will emerge may involve absorption and overdrive flight as he adjusts further to his energized form. Campaign Use: MP Power settings Balanced - 1) 10d6 EB 2)10/10 FF 3) 10" Flight Stand Your Ground - 1) 10d6 EB 2)20/20 FF Offensive - 1) 12d6 EB 2)16/16 FF or 1) 11d6 EB 2) 18/18 FF Offensive but Mobile - 1) 12d6 EB 2) 12/12 FF 3) 5" Flight Flight Mode - 1) 20/20 FF 2) 20" Flight / 1) 15/15 FF 2) 24" Flight Power Fist Mode - 1) HtH Attack 2) 15/15 FF 3) 12" Flight Appearance: Starburst has a classic superhero tights, cape and halfmask look with red and yellow theme. Out of uniform he dresses much like the college student he was only a short while ago. At best he'll wear a blazer sweater jeans.
  9. Re: The Young Turks Cenk Ugyer Ben Mankiewicz Jill Pike Ana Kasparian
  10. Re: Which is your least favorite archetype to play? It sounds like Mentalists are getting a bit of a beating in this thread... so let me pile on!! Seriously, I agree that it's my least favorite (though I have designed one as a PC) but more because a lot of their powers leave me feeling a bit skeevy. I don't like having my brain manipulated so it's a bit creepy designing a character that does that to others. In terms of the "all or nothing", however, there are a lot of Mental Illusions or mental commands that are more +10 results that can make a difference in a fight without having the opponent sitting in a corner drooling or dancing like a puppet on a string. There was a tremendous Adventurer's Club about it back in the day that I still have.
  11. Re: What defines Hero ID [Obviously, the Question really doen't have instachange as his clothes don't change. So he gets a -1/4 limitation to put on the mask.] Not to be a real geek but this isn't true. The Question's clothing DOES change. Specifically the color. Both his hair and his clothes are treated with a chemical that when combined with the gas, completely changes his look. Otherwise, who would he be fooling? "Hey, look, isn't that Vic Sage in a flesh mask?" "I'm not Vic Sage!" That's the same suit you were wearing two minutes ago!" "A=A!" (Sorry, had to throw in the Objectivism ref) But back to game mechanics, he would have an instant change, his powers are the very definition of them.
  12. Re: Help Make Energy Projectors Interesting In the games I've been in as characters, I've often ended up being the brick so I admit, I'd probably find being an energy projector as kinda fascinating anyway. However, you could have drains as your basic attacks, or maybe TK instead. My next character will be the closest I've come and she's a metal manipulator so (among other things) shoots ball of metal -- no comments, please ;-) -- and has a powerful transform against metals to turn them into whatever shape she'd like. The only force field she has is a big one against metal only to reflect her invulnerability against it.
  13. Re: The Classic Justice League starting members on 350 points For Wildcat, you'd also have to do some kind of regeneration for his "Nine Live's" schtick, maybe with (9) charges. And in terms of MA development, remember that he's pretty much the best human fighter in the DC universe, perhaps even more so than Batman. At least, that's how they treat him in JSA. So, boatloads of levels. I haven't read enought Infinity Inc. to know what Yolanada Montez could do.
  14. Re: What happened to ... Dr. Megaton? I KNEW I saw that name recently. Am I the only person who thought this installment was better than #2?
  15. Re: What happened to ... Dr. Megaton? [Amazing how you could put him into 350 points. Even under 4E he was a 486 points character (well, a CON of 80 and other ridiculous stuff). At SPD 3 and DEX 17 he will not be the threat he once was. At least in a mere physical conflict.] This was for a set of four 250 pt characters who were at the time (they're now a bit north of 300) averaged about 20 Dex and 4/5 speed with one SPD 3 Brick. And a Dex of 17's not as big a problem with an explosion punch. Also he was the mastermind in my scenario, with the Hand and Fusion as his front line. That's why I toned him down. If he returns, I'll put him up closer to his original level.
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