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    I'm an urban hermit, a hiker, a rationalist, a skeptic, a freethinker, an empiricist, a materialist, a naturalist, a scientist, a bibliophile, an INTJ, a white hat hacker, a secular humanist, a teetotaler, a social-liberal civil-libertarian monarchist, a furry fan, a playtester, a licensed amateur radio operator, an ordained minister of the First Church of Atheism, a card-carrying pirate, the Star Lord, a Lord of the Rose, and a proud member of the Bayesian Conspiracy.

    I try to operate by Crocker's Rules.
  1. Re: Alternate Earth Characters #11 Mike the Demoness: Heaven and Hell are still as present as ever, so his succubus would still be able to find him and mind-swap with him... and so, Mike, not worried so much about the nature of the supernatural as how he/she can use it, would find any number of uses as an immortal being who can assume any number of mortal shapes and call up fire. Of course, with Hell on Earth being so literal (Armageddon already having /happened/), there are probably a lot of other demons running around, who Mike's going to /need/ all those abilities to defend his home to
  2. Re: Alternate Earth Characters #10 Mike the Robo-Demon: Even robots have 'robot hell' and the 'robot devil' (just watch Futurama). Mike, a bog-standard bot who doesn't compute in such things, one day finds his processor swapped into a robo-hell battlebot's chassis... Rubber Mousie: Abducted by aliens, but instead of the process leaving her mostly dead, it leaves her all the way dead, so they take the patterns of her brain and add them to a mixture of strange substances, using it as the baseline to program their nano-morph, a sort of T-1000 sent back to learn about Earth.
  3. Re: Alternate Earth #9 Mike the Demoness: Without a renaissance having taken place to undermine the Church and introduce the scientific method, it's doubtful Mike would have been an atheist before meeting the succubus who mind-swapped with him. Upon discovering his/her new demonic state, and truly believing in the divine, she'd have immediately prayed for forgiveness and redemption... and is now 'Mike the Angel', doing whatever good works she can think of. Rubber Mousie: Her origin includes being abducted by aliens, among other events, so she'd probably still be pretty much herself.
  4. Re: Alternate Earth Characters: Heinlein-verse Mike the Demoness: There are a /lot/ of hells that have been written about... and in most of them, infinite torture for finite sins is, in her mind, very, very injust. The various heavens are about to get an influx of large numbers of damned souls who've just rebelled against their demons... Rubber Mousie: "Okay, so if we're all fictional characters in somebody's book or movie or comic or whatever... can I meet whoever's writing me? Hello, Authour? You listening up there? Any chance I can give you some input on what you should write abou
  5. Re: Alternate Earth Characters #5 Mike the Demoness: Instead of being a rationalist-and-thus-atheist who got body-swapped with a magical creature of evil, he'd be a rationalist-and-thus-atechnologist who got body-swapped with, say, an android, a creature that's only supposed to exist in stories. Rubber Mousie: "Let me give you one piece of advice. If you ever find a bottle, about four feet high, that looks empty - never, ever open it, unless you want to get sucked inside and turned into Genie Cola. Those genies get /mad/ after being bottled up for a few millenia, and once they're fre
  6. Re: Alternate Earth Characters #14 Mike the Demoness: Subjected to a 'soul-ripper' software, his mind has beep uploaded into the Net against his will, while someone downloaded themselves into his original body. Taking the online avatar of a flaming demoness (to express his rage, not to mention swapping genders to throw off anyone hunting him), he searches for the software required to return him to meatspace, and his original body to return to, and happens to right a few wrongs as she hops from website to website... Rubber Mousie: I'll probably go with the 'clueless civilian abducted
  7. Re: Alternate Earth #22—World of your Dreams Mike the Demoness wakes up, an ordinary human. "Huh. I had the weirdest dream, where I was some sort of demoness..." He separates amicably from his one-night stand, and returns to ordinary, mortal life, understandable rationally, with nothing supernatural going on at all. The biggest discrepancy not created by outside influence, now he owns a dog. His teammates probably manage to have the supernatural start bubbling up. Rubber Mousie: Just like her real, superheroing life, only now she gets to do some of it /in space/!
  8. Re: Alternate Earth #25: What's up, Doc? Mike the Demoness: Would discover she now has a home in 'cartoon hell', and can't seem to get rid of this pitchfork no matter how hard she tries. Probably chased by slobbering males much like Minerva Mink is, and gets to use her flames at full power to discourage them without worrying about doing more than turning them into a pile of black ash with blinking eyeballs. Rubber Mousie: Effectively, she already /is/ a cartoon character, including being able to perform Wild Takes of eyes bugging out, jaw dropping, etc.
  9. Re: Alternate Earth #25 National Capes Mike the Demoness: Although it would seem to be a natural fit, she's going to strictly avoid joining up with any 'Hells on Earth'. She doesn't need to eat, doesn't age, and is otherwise generally quite independent from needing anyone else; she just might declare herself a Sovereign individual, a nation of one. With complications starting to come in when other people start asking to immigrate to and join her country... Rubber Mousie: Champion of Niagara Falls, which was transformed first by Nikola Tesla's massive AC generators, and then the rest
  10. Re: Alternate Earth #23(?): Living In The Wild, Wild West Mike the Demoness: The War Between Heaven And Hell has changed surprisingly little between the 19th and 21st centuries, so she'd be virtually unchanged - a freethinker who didn't believe in gods or demons who got suckered by a succubus into swapping bodies with her. Probably ends up with a Manhunter sort of schtick - pick a new mortal shape, enter the town, search town for useful supernatural people or objects, incidentally have her Protective of Innocents called on to save a schoolmarm or the like, go full demoness for the showdow
  11. Re: what would your character do #38 Mike the Demoness: The campaign she's about to join has already had this happen to her teammates at least once. There are a number of possibilities for her own doppleganger, but for the sake of argument, let's say that it's the body of an unfallen angel (bird-wings instead of bat, white and blue color-scheme instead of black and red, etc), with the mind of an intolerant mortal True Believer (instead of an atheist) who 'lets God sort them out', currently enslaved by use of her True Name by the team-leader or mastermind. As currently written, she has Des
  12. Re: What would you do? what would you do? Rubber Mousie, despite any jokes about a mouse saving a cat, would calmly walk towards the psycho... and keep walking into him, flowing around him. (Clinging with Damage Shield). Gently, she'd use her Power Skill of Slight of Hand to slip the kitten through her substance to a counter or something... and then get to work with her Martial Art NNDs, doing unpleasant things to the psycho she's just engulfed until he's not a threat anymore. Probably ends up buying/adopting the kitten. Mike the Demoness: "If you harm a hair on that cat's head, I'll
  13. Re: What would Your Character Do? #57 Mike the Demoness: An Alsatian or husky. "Ha ha, very funny. I know I said I was looking for a way to be swapped into a mortal body, but this isn't what I meant, and you know it. Do you have any idea the trouble a dog in a demon's body, with a demon's powers, can do?" And off the team goes to collect the pooch-minded demoness, who's now chasing cars (and catching them), incinerating noisy vacuum cleaners, watering fire hydrants with napalm, and doing unmentionable things to cats and/or dogs. Rubber Mousie: A black lab. "/Man/, it's hard getting u
  14. Re: What would your character do #56? Mike the Demoness is already able to assume the forms of mortals of both genders, and has yet to gain complete mastery over that ability... so this is something that happens to her fairly regularly. Rubber Mousie: It's hard to tell if gender even really /applies/ to her anymore, as she's made of a piece of sentient latex (goo or rubber, take your pick) that she can reform at will to have bumps or concavities in any given spot. She'd probably just jump in the jacuzzi, let the bubbles froth her around for a while, and pick whatever sort of shape or
  15. Simplifying a few details for discussion purposes... Taking a bit of inspiration from the "Transhuman Space" setting, I've recently proposed to my HERO GM a PC who's actually a bit of software, which can run on any one of the (rare/obsolete) computers that his OS has been written for. In other words, he can keep a backup of himself on hyper-floppy, update it whenever he has a few spare minutes, and, when his easily squished body gets squished, somebody back at the Lab/HQ can dig out the backup chip, load him up into it, and he'll be as good as new (or, at least, as good as when the backup
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