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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... 23 weeks of quotes of the week for our VTM Campaign and I now notice Our team is Waaaay behind on quotes. I gotta doa better job of writing them down! Our Team is composed of -Rani Arjunhati played by Suzanne, she is a member of the Indonesian branch of the Ravanos clan with two retainers (Suzanne) -Captain Richard Stew, combatant -Katherine “Katie” Ashford, Computer expert -Samuel Constantine is a Tremere (Jeff) -Iosef Petrescu is a Ventrue (Mike) -just acquired a stripper Ghoul (@40 xp so her count begins @ -40) -Steven is my name, a nosferatu I have retainers too. (Skip) -Fing, Rat cam expert and combatant -Foom, Rat cam expert and combatant -Ripley, new Rat recruit in training with Fing And Foom (-15xp) -Mindy Buttons is a gangriel (Molly) -Luke: Malkavian New primary character for (Adam) -Robert Sereth: Setite, tolerated but potentially useful “New Orleans Pimp” (Adam) ( I call him Trebor) -Leopold Groer: primogen for Tremere (Ben) -Ossario: social Brujah (Darryl) -He has a new retainer some sort of manservant New Vampire campaign begins on Oct 31st 2009. I am calling it Las Vegas Vampires II since we had a previous V: TM campaign also set in Las Vegas. As a bit of a background the last campaign dealt with a Sabbat infestation and takeover attempt of the Vegas Strip. This was foiled well by the actions of the previous players in a previous campaign. -----------------------------Week one “a Gathering of Strangers”---------------------------- Quote of the Week- “There are no items in Tony’s lingerie drawers.” ------------------Week two- “and the Malkavians play on”----------------------------- Quote of the Week Goes to Ioseph for “He’s dressed as a lizard you are dressed as a cop they both are pretending.” _______________________________Week 5________________________________ QOTW: “there are just rats and vampires in the vegas tunnels which one are u?” -Rahni GM-“He’s stupid but fast in reaction? Steven-“That’s a paparazzi to me!” _______________________________Week 6______________________________ QOTW: -Darylle “they may have ringworms or is afraid of heights”. _______________________________Week 6______________________________ Quotes of the Week: “I have Rats and can Fight, of course I have redeeming features”-Skip “I can dress for this occasion, Black Silk” –Adam “We now have touchdown lizard”- Gm “it sounded like a dog, smelled like a dead lizard and looked like empty space”-Adam Sig other Steven starts writing the script for “Rabid Zombie Whorehouse in 3D” Plot twist: caused by vampire owner. _______________________________Week 8______________________________ Leopold-“I’m gonna see if I can find a hooker with a pulse.” Leopold- “I’m sure it doesn’t take a craft skill to wrap a Barbie doll in a black cord.” Gm “That sounds like the conversation between you two has taken a wrong turn.” Leopold-“He’s helping me with my back up plan.” _______________________________Week 9______________________________ “They will be able to say ‘hey Ugly’, not run screaming in terror”- Steven “The best we have is Circus Circus…”- Leopold “If you didn’t eat the white board markers you might be the primogen.” -Gm “I have a binary appearance!!!” - Steven _______________________________Week 10______________________________ “I want to try to pass myself off as a ….”-Leopold “Transvestite Hooker?” –Luke “Someone Has to Lick that”- Mindy “you may need your car getting repaired…” -Mindy “After running me over” - Steven “It was the only game wherein the Missippi could de-pants you.” -GM _____________________________ Week 15_________________________________ Mugging your way to a Lyger? -GM _______________________________Week 18______________________________ Steven to Prince: “So what does a Ninja, two guys in a parked car the Channel 7 news van and a Rattlegoose (Rattlesnake/Mongoose sown together with demonic magic) have in common?” Prince: “I don’t know, what?” Steven-“All these are waiting around a place you sent me.” _______________________________Week 19______________________________ “Runs Great, Smells like Mollusk….”-GM My character having identified himself to his opponent as ‘Wang’ pushes his opponent down the stairs where upon the enemy vampires head collides with the metal safety railing ending his flight. After this nasty fight I feel cheated because now he is “Whangggg!” (the sound his head made striking the railing.)
  2. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Got an Idea there old man since you finished off the team (I believe)?
  3. Re: "Neat" Pictures Herogames should sell these as "the only way to carry all the books written by Steve Long...."
  4. Re: "Neat" Pictures Do not show this to my gaming group as I am the one with the Flaming badger story......
  5. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Uhh I just HAD to get the Steampunk pic for a character I have, "Automatic Abe" Yeah the group I play with has to see this one....
  6. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares 1602 man read 1602
  7. Re: Basic Templates Rocker, magician, Hmmm there has to be more......
  8. Re: How do you build a vampire template in 6E? Actually I agree with this, after all a human has the ability of procreation that he did not pay points for. So why should any other character be required to pay points for procreation?
  9. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Uh i think i actually have this one.
  10. Re: Pranking Speedster with Seizures Depending upon how many points you wish to put into it.... Change Environment: 8" area, -8 to Dex rolls or failing character falls down, OIF (Objects of opportunity, -1/2), RSR (Mechanics, -1/2), if you put it in to a multipower with Speed that costs end.... Options Would be IPE (moves so fast cannot be seen performing actions) a Linked Drain Pre, Humiliation: 3d6 Drain, 1 Hex (+1/4), Selective (+1/4), Ranged (+1/2) OIF (People of opportunity, -1/2) Linked (-1/2)
  11. Re: She's no Salt & Pepper! Mini quibble: I'd change Small/Taste sense group to Smell/Taste.
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... OK about two weeks before the campaign begun the Gm told us "hey i'm gonna run Paranoia." Being the smart little cookie I am and having heard a bunch of rumors I prepare three character sheets. Well we were at a college and the local gaming club met every day usually for Spades/hearts whatever. I can be pretty annoying (even on accident, imagine that!) so deciding to strut his GM stuff he would kill a character of mine every time he felt like it. So the day of the game we sit down and start playing. Finally about half way through the game he looks at me and goes GM-"how many times did i kill you?" Me-"Eight" GM-" OK, so you shouldn't be playing, you only have five clones at most." Me-*Pulls out first character sheet and hands it over to the GM* "I'm on my second character Clone 3 of 6, I can do math you know." GM-*Groans*
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