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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... 23 weeks of quotes of the week for our VTM Campaign and I now notice Our team is Waaaay behind on quotes. I gotta doa better job of writing them down! Our Team is composed of -Rani Arjunhati played by Suzanne, she is a member of the Indonesian branch of the Ravanos clan with two retainers (Suzanne) -Captain Richard Stew, combatant -Katherine “Katie” Ashford, Computer expert -Samuel Constantine is a Tremere (Jeff) -Iosef Petrescu is a Ventrue (Mike) -just acquired a stripper Ghoul (@40 xp so her count begins @ -40) -S
  2. Re: Heroes for pay Jarvis aint no slouch in the kitchen!
  3. Re: Heroes for pay Zip Boy from The Specials movie had just this sort of a job. He was looking to get the main character into plastics work using his laser powers....
  4. Re: The Inventor Skill theoretically you can "reinvent the wheel" its just that it is generally easier to have someone else do the work, then stand on the shoulders of "giants that came before". Probably the way it is written Inventing isn't nealy as universal as the character seems to think. Realistically Inventor is an add on skill to possibly a whole slew of skills (probably Mechanic, Ps: Flight technician, Ks: Flight Technology for "inventing" an improvement on a plane) Inventing should probably double the time and resources a project calls for at a minimum, though with program
  5. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Got an Idea there old man since you finished off the team (I believe)?
  6. Re: Would you marry a near-human alien? But there is a link between immuno-systems and attractions.... just nothing a perfume can reproduce.
  7. Re: Would you marry a near-human alien? Sorry, I don't know of what land of pygmies you are from but I dont think of that as larger than my typical modern woman.
  8. Re: STAR HERO Reading List OK a real Book The City Who Fought (Anne Mccaffrey's recent coauthored Contribution to her series Forget Who though) Millitary Sci Fi And brainships! have another but must look it up.
  9. Re: STAR HERO Reading List *warning pet Peeve* Home Owners Insurance. The Original Star Hero Stated Hovercraft do not exist. My Home Owners Insurance specifically states it Will Not Cover Hovercraft. If Allstate Insurance thinks Hovercraft exist to the point where they wont cover it in case of damage to a home then yes, Hovercraft really do exist.
  10. Re: How many character sheets is to many? Sheer mechanics? no background bs? Ill top everyone else so far. 1 150 point hero a mercenary unit captain/leader 3 50 point followers a 'priest' and his acolyte, plus a Mage (25 points cost to the main character) 1 DNPC follower for the mage (no cost to the main character) 4 30 point 'leaders' (16 points off of main character) 32 25 point followers (the rest of the unit) (35 points cost to the main character) and because it was fantasy the other characters sheets were "only money" 1 Base 36 light warhorses 5 Wagons (1
  11. Re: How to portray alcoholism... Versus Venus Flytrap, who followed the standard progression expected. Gotta love Tim Reid!
  12. Re: Is Defender the new Seeker? uhm epic fail when your gritty hero has any part of his equipment called 'cute'.
  13. Re: What would superheroes Twitter about?
  14. Re: Creature: Grandfather-of-all-the-Reptiles uhm one Fantasy world I was in had an Elephant/troll crossbreed due to some very F'ed up magic. good thing the GM didn't run them like you suggest.....
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