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  1. Jessica Jones season two. It was solid enough but I felt it took a long time to get going and then, funnily enough, too long to resolve. I'd have liked to see 8 tighter episodes instead ... but a lot of people say that about a lot of the Marvel Netflix shows. Jessica commits way, WAY too many crimes in this season for my tastes, though - both in present day and flashback. Giving the odd break and entry and assault pass because of genre convention is one thing - nobody invites Batman in to snoop around their warehouse and knock their guards out, after all - but some of the things done this season would be justified with actual serious jail time. I know it was a thematic point - she said herself the line kept moving and she kept stepping over it - but it still bothered me a bit.
  2. Hopefully they're not going to rely too heavily on The Haitian's power negation power overcoming a fully powered Sylar. Er.... sub in Team Flash, Nega-Nurse, and Thinker as needed.
  3. Exactly. Rightly or wrongly (wrongly in my opinion) people will judge the movie not on its merits but by the virtue that it doesn't star Harrison Ford. Even a digitally de-aged Harrison Ford. Star Wars is at its best when it's used as a vehicle for new stories, in my opinion: Rogue One. The Old Republic series of computer games. I'm looking forward to the possibility of a new trilogy - the less it draws on the existing three the better.
  4. It's because it had the least boxes to check (as in.... one box: get plans to rebellion by end of movie.) That granted the writers a lot of freedom. Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi's solo movies will have a lot more baggage than Rogue One.
  5. It was all over the moment a popular host basically said (paraphrased) "Ok, so that wasn't true... but it FELT like it could be true, and that's the real problem with <target of news> " before resuming the attack. "Feeling" it "could" be true about a broad demographic of people has led to some of the greatest atrocities in human history. Knock it off.
  6. Really, the fact that his 'widow' - who was largely responsible for the incarceration in the first place due to her tearful performance about how dangerous Barry was - didn't instantly break down in relief (or at least call out his name happily and rush to him) - wasn't suspicious? And will Ralph compound things by actually 'co-operating' with the police to try and piece together his 'absence'? Or will it be the case that after Barry walked his victim - mysteriously back from the dead - was suddenly just as mysteriously never seen again? If this is all they need to do from the beginning they could have used HR's image device from last season at any point (or did they bury it with him out of respect? That would be a little shortsighted. More likely in a case like the Flash's helmet.) It's not a legal drama. I get that. Still.... I don't think it's unreasonable to 'try' and put together a plausible conviction and a plausible release if you decide to make that a chunk of your season. I liked the breakout, though (until the end). Most of the convicts managed to be more interesting crammed into half an episode than when they were the focus of one.
  7. This season's silliness has gone plaid. I was excited for the Thinker, in a way - with hopes of him maybe forming a kind of reverse Team Flash with himself in Wells role. Nope. Let's see how this all plays out but...
  8. Alright, let's see how they wrap this up. Liked the season so far, overall, but there are aspects of the closed loop that bother me. So... time for them to break into cyberdyne systems to get the arm and processor chip and throw them into a vat of molten iron.
  9. Congratulations, Barry. By breaking someone out of prison on camera you've earned a legitimate 2-10 year sentence. (Mind you I guess that pales in comparison to all the breaking an entering, assault, destruction of private and public property, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment charges Team Flash should have accumulated over the years ...but it still feels different than the standard 'Batman should have a rap sheet longer than some of his rogues' legal suspension of disbelief you need to enjoy superhero comics, shows, and movies at all) Well, if the Thinker's plan was to frame Barry for a crime he didn't commit knowing that eventually he'd actually commit a crime in jail.... mission accomplished?
  10. As an aside I remember during BSG's new run how the use of 'frak' in the show was so obviously meant to be a replacement for the big F and used so heavily, often in a clearly sexual manner, that some censors started getting concerned about it. If everyone knows what you meant what defines the vulgarity of a curse? Time its used by a culture? Is the F-Bomb taboo where Frak isn't because of depth of cultural linguistic penetration? Could one day with enough adoption could frak be as censored as its predecessor? ... in any case, no using the f word. Easy rule to follow and appreciated - I'm one of those people who keep the censors on in an MMO. Not because I'm offended, per se - I just prefer that expletives be saved for times which deserve their emphasis (you know, like the cancer exception. Or falling off a cliff.)
  11. For a long time there was the notion that a population in Southern Africa (sub Saharan) didn't have any DNA markers from other homo species that failed to make the cut. It's still true for neanderthal in their bloodline but evidence was found of non-neanderthral markers in this population more recently, though. In any case - migration from Eurasia back to Africa was wide spread and continuous. Wander out, interbreed with other things that looked compatible for a few thousand years, wander back. Eventually adapt enough that the place you wander back to in generational wandering isn't as far away. That basically sums up human pre-history (and modern, really) in a nutshell.
  12. It hurts hearing Motley Crue or Guns and Roses on classic rock stations. Not because it makes me feel old but because they're just... not to me. I like both bands a lot. I don't understand the hate that GNR's music gets (anger towards individual band members, though, I mostly get). Motley Crue's Dr Feelgood was a great album for the genre and half its tracks are still on my main Spotify list. Nothing either did, though, can hold a candle to anything the true giants of rock from the 70s did. Again, that's not a knock against them - most of those giants of rock can't hold a candle to anything they did themselves in the 70s - but it's a feeling I can't shake. There are a few exceptions, of course - Rush being one - but to find that spirit of the prog rock / 'classic' rock you mostly had to wander to the edges of perception, like Oingo Boingo. It's funny, though, that that's where my tastes turned. I was born in 75 and 3/4 of the music I listen to now predates my going to kindergarten. I grew up with the 'hard rock' and hair metal of the 80s and somehow tracked my way backwards (mostly through covers, I think). And Who Made Who from AC/DC - one of the first albums I ever bought with an allowance. I 'blame' some of the tracks you have to grow into (like Ride On) for broadening my horizons.
  13. I'm glad I stuck around because I liked last night's episode much better. Despite the Barry being in jail thing.
  14. I've ended campaigns (from both sides of the screen) by throwing a (what's known in the SRD) Mage's Disjunction spell. Another TPK I was victim to involved a vampire mage (in a Ravenloft game) casting Anti-Magic shell... like the Black Dragon V fought only much worse. In D&D you can plan all you want but it ultimately usually comes down to: 'You've had all night to plan. What do you do?" "Kick in the door and react accordingly!"
  15. I expected nothing less from the Democrats - it's still a move more suited for a playground than the White House and yet another thing which erodes the dignity of the office, the executive branch, and even the party associated with them. Just like President Trump himself doing an end zone touchdown dance on twitter afterwards. I would suspect, though, that if these 'assurances' aren't in motion by the next deadline and the Republican party can't get its affairs in order to get a unanimous vote that the Democrats might shut things down for a little longer. Maybe. I wonder how things are going over in the alternate world where Kasich won the nomination and election?
  16. Changing the White House comment line voicemail to blame the Democrats entirely for the shutdown *despite having enough Republican seats to pass the vote without Democratic support*? Stay classy, executive branch. (And maybe try getting your own house in order) https://www.snopes.com/white-house-comment-line-trump/
  17. And now I'm done with Oreos. I guess in 76 pages something had to get me eventually.
  18. The new animated Godzilla film on Netflix. Art was good and the G-Man himself was treated as the unstoppable force of nature fans beg for - but it definitely suffers a pacing problem and entire scenes are filled with literally made up words that are being strung together in a way that would make technobabble masters from any Trek series get crossed eyes. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing indeed. First 15 minutes and then once they get back to earth - if I watched it again that's what I'd do and I feel like I would lose nothing.
  19. Well, as a former First Order soldier he might have deduced that like all movie villains the one in the middle is always the leader. Was there any guarantee the Walkers wouldn't shoot him down since he was moving in a straight line towards a very obvious target? Or that he wouldn't have melted from the pre-charge (like the doors themselves started to)? It was not a well thought out plan (of course). I'm glad Rose saved him from it.
  20. True, but If he really wanted to make a difference he should have rammed the Command Walker and killed Hux and Ren instead. Or they should really consider installing ejection seats in their vehicles so he could eject at the last minute and wipe the cannon out and maybe live (until a Walker stepped on him out of spite. Really, any of the board Walker gunners could have blown them apart after they crashed).
  21. Sure, but their opinion between voting days means absolutely nothing. Like him, hate him, be indifferent to him - Trump will be gone in no more than 8 years and America will move on. Kim has the sword of Damocles over his head where if he stops demonizing the world his people could realize how badly they have it and turn on him. Kim has to keep this rhetoric up for the rest of his life and then whoever he appoints heir will as well, and so on and so forth.
  22. Heroic sacrifice has cost the Resistance too much. Finn's death would only have saved the base for a limited time - I'm sure that the Walkers and bombers (to say nothing of orbital bombardment) could have eventually brought the mountain down on top of them if they couldn't get through the front door (an inherent problem with invulnerable front doors but vulnerable walls.) Basically if everyone kept killing themselves for the Resistance there would be no more Resistance... which is pretty much how it played out: They needed to regroup and learn to fight smarter instead of harder. It was a pretty major point and the closest thing Zombie Dameron got to an arc. Fun comic though.
  23. Last nights episode was the only episode in the series so far that I actively disliked to the point of considering not tuning in any longer if this is how this arc is going to play out. I found it thoroughly un-enjoyable with Ralph's speech to Joe being the exception: Even the metahuman of the week subplot felt phoned in.
  24. The yellow could serve to be a shade or three lighter but I don't mind the design overall.
  25. Doctors have a medical term for people who rely on the natural cycles method: Parents.
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