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  1. Jessica Jones season two. It was solid enough but I felt it took a long time to get going and then, funnily enough, too long to resolve. I'd have liked to see 8 tighter episodes instead ... but a lot of people say that about a lot of the Marvel Netflix shows. Jessica commits way, WAY too many crimes in this season for my tastes, though - both in present day and flashback. Giving the odd break and entry and assault pass because of genre convention is one thing - nobody invites Batman in to snoop around their warehouse and knock their guards out, after all - but some of the things done this season would be justified with actual serious jail time. I know it was a thematic point - she said herself the line kept moving and she kept stepping over it - but it still bothered me a bit.
  2. It was all over the moment a popular host basically said (paraphrased) "Ok, so that wasn't true... but it FELT like it could be true, and that's the real problem with <target of news> " before resuming the attack. "Feeling" it "could" be true about a broad demographic of people has led to some of the greatest atrocities in human history. Knock it off.
  3. Alright, let's see how they wrap this up. Liked the season so far, overall, but there are aspects of the closed loop that bother me. So... time for them to break into cyberdyne systems to get the arm and processor chip and throw them into a vat of molten iron.
  4. For a long time there was the notion that a population in Southern Africa (sub Saharan) didn't have any DNA markers from other homo species that failed to make the cut. It's still true for neanderthal in their bloodline but evidence was found of non-neanderthral markers in this population more recently, though. In any case - migration from Eurasia back to Africa was wide spread and continuous. Wander out, interbreed with other things that looked compatible for a few thousand years, wander back. Eventually adapt enough that the place you wander back to in generational wandering isn't as far away. That basically sums up human pre-history (and modern, really) in a nutshell.
  5. I've ended campaigns (from both sides of the screen) by throwing a (what's known in the SRD) Mage's Disjunction spell. Another TPK I was victim to involved a vampire mage (in a Ravenloft game) casting Anti-Magic shell... like the Black Dragon V fought only much worse. In D&D you can plan all you want but it ultimately usually comes down to: 'You've had all night to plan. What do you do?" "Kick in the door and react accordingly!"
  6. I expected nothing less from the Democrats - it's still a move more suited for a playground than the White House and yet another thing which erodes the dignity of the office, the executive branch, and even the party associated with them. Just like President Trump himself doing an end zone touchdown dance on twitter afterwards. I would suspect, though, that if these 'assurances' aren't in motion by the next deadline and the Republican party can't get its affairs in order to get a unanimous vote that the Democrats might shut things down for a little longer. Maybe. I wonder how things are going over in the alternate world where Kasich won the nomination and election?
  7. Changing the White House comment line voicemail to blame the Democrats entirely for the shutdown *despite having enough Republican seats to pass the vote without Democratic support*? Stay classy, executive branch. (And maybe try getting your own house in order) https://www.snopes.com/white-house-comment-line-trump/
  8. And now I'm done with Oreos. I guess in 76 pages something had to get me eventually.
  9. The new animated Godzilla film on Netflix. Art was good and the G-Man himself was treated as the unstoppable force of nature fans beg for - but it definitely suffers a pacing problem and entire scenes are filled with literally made up words that are being strung together in a way that would make technobabble masters from any Trek series get crossed eyes. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing indeed. First 15 minutes and then once they get back to earth - if I watched it again that's what I'd do and I feel like I would lose nothing.
  10. Sure, but their opinion between voting days means absolutely nothing. Like him, hate him, be indifferent to him - Trump will be gone in no more than 8 years and America will move on. Kim has the sword of Damocles over his head where if he stops demonizing the world his people could realize how badly they have it and turn on him. Kim has to keep this rhetoric up for the rest of his life and then whoever he appoints heir will as well, and so on and so forth.
  11. The yellow could serve to be a shade or three lighter but I don't mind the design overall.
  12. Doctors have a medical term for people who rely on the natural cycles method: Parents.
  13. Not saying to unilaterally disarm - just to keep things conventional: North Korea has a large enough standing army and enough hardware to decimate the peninsula as is and nobody seriously wants to inherit the mess that is North Korea through annexation or conquest, regardless: Their paranoia has been unjustified for decades now. Pushing the nuclear ambition agenda serves no other point than to keep the attention and condemnation of the world upon them so they can play the part of martyr-hero and tell their people 'see? We're so awesome that the world fears and respects us' to remain in power.
  14. Sure they do: knock it off. If they'd knocked it off 10 or 20 years ago nobody would care about them in the slightest any longer. They'd be just another 2nd or 3rd world country that gets ignored by policy unless it draws attention to itself. Trump would be railing against someone else, if he were even president in a different climate. Being ignored, though, would lead to its people getting a chance to stop and think about just how badly they're treated. Kim, like his father, must rattle his saber or risks losing his head.
  15. True enough. My family used drive a fair distance to fill 4 litre bottles from a spring near Altes Schloss. It was definitely nice tasting water and nobody ever got sick from it.
  16. A very large amount of the world's population drinks 'raw water'. Many die. "Our water is too clean - it weakens our immune system!" is about as first world a problem as I've ever heard.
  17. I would consider it more of a buffet, these days - there's a lot of superheroic content on tv, streaming services, and in theathers these days. The plate I bring to it is my free time. It's not as large a plate as I'd like. I'd like to sample everything in the buffet but my plate only holds so much per trip up - so my first trip up I fill it with everything I know I will probably love. Tastes I'll probably *like* have to wait for future trips up to the buffet, and tastes I've never experienced before might get sampled eventually (as long as by the time I get to go up to the buffet with the plate they haven't restocked anything I would consider first or second trip worthy to grab instead ... and these days they often do).
  18. It was one season but it wasn't a bad season, really. Unlike many of Fox's other victims at least the nasty cliffhanger had a chance to be addressed and resolved in the made for tv movies afterwards (I think there were four or five?)
  19. I've watched the trailer three times now and this is honestly the first Marvel movie I find myself not remotely caring about. I didn't care much about Age of Ultron, either, but I liked what I saw in the 'no strings on me' trailer. This one, though - pure neutral on the anticipation. I can't put my finger on why.
  20. The Last Jedi and Bright TLJ was decent. Acting and dialogue were strong (for a Star Wars movie) and the shots were amazing. I really liked how badly the trailer 'lied' - it didn't tell the story at all. I think that's part of the backlash, though - people made their own movie based upon what they'd seen and the real thing didn't match it. Bright was decent as well - too much swearing, but it comes with the genre. I didn't really have questions going in but have a ton coming out. I'm still undecided if that's a sign of good setup or poor payoff. Time will tell.
  21. You know, I don't really have a problem with places using security guards (robot or otherwise) to clear homeless people from their property: It's a place of business, not a shelter. (I have a problem with there being so many homeless in the first place and the infrastructure/accessibility/health problems that make hanging around public spaces and private businesses instead of seeking help the status quo.)
  22. They missed an opportunity with this premise: I'm ok with it as is but I hope they're planning something trickier or less clear cut...
  23. No, definitely watch Titanic over Twilight if you 'want' tragic teen romance (you don't). It's better in every conceivable way, even on the angst-y teenage romance stuff. Though really... just do what I do and youtube the boat sinking part of the movie. It's the reason I agreed to go with my fiance at the time, after all, and worth seeing.
  24. Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour (Live in Gdansk) Comfortably Numb is just one of those already excellent songs that only gets more enjoyable when the guitar soloist is allowed to go crazy.
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