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  1. Oingo Boingo - Insanity Normally I don't post the video caps but I love the energy Elfman puts into his performances and just the energy overall.
  2. No joke - Eve of the War, Thunder Child, and Forever Autumn are on my daily playlist. Brilliant album and great use of the lyric.
  3. He's going to 1800 feet. 1800 feet. Any money on him coming back and saying 'Yep, earth sure looks flat from here. Flat earth confirmed!' Which will be publicity for his campaign. Also his statement that rocketry is just 'formulas and stuff', not 'science' is amazing.
  4. First few episodes of the Punisher. Despite personally being lukewarm to the source material at best I am enjoying it.
  5. I am currently uncertain which is worse: That supporters of both factions (yeah, they're factions these days) are trying to weaponize the 'silent no more' movement that's sweeping through the country (a long overdue movement that I support so long as the allegations are just). Or that representatives of both factions have done things to make themselves viable targets for it. Oh, what the heck - there's no need to assign magnitude to every point of disgust. I'll dislike both equally.
  6. Definitely. My statement goes both ways - they stay in power because people fear the alternative, but at the same time history has shown them that they often have reason to. So, it's a good thing ... but as you say watch out for what fills the vacuum.
  7. Yeah, 'the devil you know' is one of the factors that keep these despots in power for so long.
  8. Funnily enough Steppenwolf was used in an episode of Justice League Action - in the first episode I'd ever let my 4 year old son watch. He teleported Superman to a red sun planet and started beating him up. My son was watching between fingers: He asked 'is he going to die' at which point I said I was turning the channel - he's still too young and it was ok to be scared - to which he protested that he wasn't scared and took his hands down (for all of 10 seconds). Afterwards he walked around the house doing a 'superhero' voice for an hour (and it was cute/hilarious listening to him speaking as deep and gruffly as he could (Batman was also in the episode)). That's... basically my only knowledge of the character. But due to context I probably won't forget him now.
  9. Little quibble here but it's unlikely any woman in your gym is at 5% or less (at least not if Serena Williams is the benchmark for 5%). Or men - it is *incredibly* difficult to get to and maintain healthily (since it's close to the magic 3% number). The women in those new costume photos, for example, are closer to 12%. Which is as a percent or two lower than I was ever able to get 'naturally' (I was power-lifting, not bodybuilding, so it wasn't my main goal - dropping fat is just the easiest way to inflate your lift to body weight ego/boasting metric) On the costumes themselves - yeah, Mad Max / Xena all the way. It doesn't look blockbuster - it looks 90s TV,
  10. Needs more head mounted laser.
  11. That quote basically sums up everything that's wrong in the world. It's always been that way, of course, but social media, etc has done a *lot* to 'justify' peoples opinions by allowing them to find others who think just like they do.
  12. She absolutely was. Literally just a vessel for character interaction with hazy and vague powers (she can animate statues, fine - but she does it without even being able to see them? Does she have a Detect with penetrative on it or something?) Also super-enhanced-faster-than-ever Barry still can't dodge a punch from something ridiculously slow (a statue, a dinosaur skeleton). Maybe it's like a housefly - you have a better chance of swatting one the slower you go because they perceive things hundreds of times faster than we do: A swat with your hand comes in slow motion, but a slow sneaking up on them is indistinguishable from a wall. Hopefully she gets a second chance at being something when the Thinker breaks them all out to form his city conquering super gang. And if Joe and Barry instantly dismiss this "DeVoe" because he's in a wheelchair I won't be pleased. Thrawne in season one, anyone? I'm liking Ralph but not as much as I might normally... I'm just getting weird Ace Ventura vibes from his performance, and I find it distracting.
  13. I have to agree with that. Almost any piece of sporting equipment can be dangerous when used out of context: bowling balls, darts, ice skates, baseball bats - three of those things could kill in a single well placed hit and the other would still suck to be attacked with. Shooting a gun well takes no less skill than any other sport or recreational activity and deserves such recognition. Yes, it's also much more commonly used as a weapon than the above examples and that is why it is, and must be, more tightly regulated - but this always has and always will boil down to one thing: Intent. As gun laws tighten I believe we will see more and more alternative weapons used - like the upswing in vehicular use. Not everyone can get a gun without a background check (if the system worked properly - we all know it's not perfect) but everyone can get a car. We're lucky one hasn't been used in the perfect context yet - I'm not looking forward to a day when someone plows a rig into an air show crowd or something.
  14. I really like the superhero theme of 'Is there a man under the mask - and if so, which is the man, which is the mask?' - it's one I commonly use in my characters - and I'm glad to see you take it on, whether you expected to or not. (A disproportionate number of aforementioned characters are basically super powered bums due to how they've answered the question. It's a trap, Eel!) If I had one reservation about its implementation here it's that I would have preferred that the 'mean girl of justice' mainly started the conversation 'She's falling for you and she's worried because - unless you sell out like that Hollywood tool - being the Eel isn't a career, idiot.' and got him really thinking about it on his own from there with most of her points afterwards being self-awareness. I'm sure that he will be thinking about it ... but I feel that he dug in his heels against the very notion and was preached to a touch too heavily in this update. He's defiant, often to the point of stubbornness - it's one of his dominant traits in my opinion - but he hasn't often been truly boneheaded.
  15. Let's hope the message is sent loud and clear to my party of choice: Trump only happened because he was facing a wildly unpopular candidate representing a two term government. It wasn't anything he said, it wasn't anything he did. Knock it off before you lose us the midterms (provided the President hasn't already done so).
  16. Those arguments never cease to annoy me: In a true firefight even a regular person who goes to the range once or twice a week is more likely to panic and shoot their own foot (if they're lucky) than do anything useful. The first time we get an 'everyone is armed' example of one of these shootings (someone shoots up a gun show or something) I think you'd see twice the fatalities and causalities - only a third of which could be attributed to the attacker's weapon.
  17. Fans are fun. That's the first trailer I've seen for the movie that I liked.
  18. Nope. That basically also sums up the mutant extinction crisis from a few years ago.
  19. With the charges out there in the ether and soon to hit the news cycles in full force the optics on that would be terrible for the Republican party. Truly - perhaps fatally for the moderates among their voter base - terrible. All this time and effort in a probe only to have their highest executive representative say 'nothing to see here'? It would prove every corruption accusing pundit right. They'd have no choice but to act in some way. If the roles were reversed 'concerned citizen' Trump would be leading the charge to tear down whatever Democratic president even thought about doing so. He should expect nothing less if he chooses to go down that route - and I think even he would learn (the hard way) that just because you're the one doing it doesn't make it OK.
  20. Frankly I wouldn't shed a tear if they found something in the investigation that indites her or the Democratic party leadership as well. Investigate away. Be thorough and let justice reign without partisanship bias if justice is needed to be meted out.
  21. Yeah, but he only killed half because if he killed everyone nobody would be left to die for his beloved Death. So basically he killed half the life in the universe instead of buying her chocolates. The glass half full would be 'think of how much calmer the commute will be'?
  22. "Fear the furious fumes of Foxbat's flaming - fingfong falls? Dammit, I almost pulled off a V for Vendetta there! Wait here, I'll be back after I check my villain thesaurus app...."
  23. I wouldn't have minded the Monitor either but pulling an obscure member of Flash's wild and crazy rogue gallery and doing something cool with it IS more in line with how they operate. I'm just hoping that either a) not everyone who got powers on the bus turns into a supervillain. That's just silly. or b ) If they do it's because the big bad set it up that way somehow
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