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  1. They're not a state and are worth 0 electorial votes. I have no problem believing he would have preferred to pretend it was Over There and focus on the two states that ARE useful to him somewhere down the line. For all his protests about the fake news lying main stream media he's easily manipulated or goaded into action by them. Possibly these two things are related.
  2. I believed him when he said he'd 'prefer not to' - because that's him flat out admitting (as if his actions already hadn't) that he would if anyone threatened his reign. And he doesn't strike me as being hard to threaten especially since he's already fallen face first into the self-fulfilling prophecy trap.
  3. China is an economic and political superpower with a permanent seat on the security council (and terrible human rights record). They have aspirations of expanding their territory but are really, really unlikely to ever try and do so with military force (at least to anything they don't already claim, rightly or wrongly, to own) - it would be too damaging to their economy and global interests. With all that in mind frankly I'm of the opinion that if they ever wanted North Korea they can have it. A base on each side of the new border and back to business as usual.
  4. This is my greatest sense of unease as well - though I have my concerns that *North Korea* could secure them well enough. I've never really been concerned that they'll nuke Seoul or Guam pre-emptively - though honestly I am not sure these days if we'd be 'allowed' to retaliate with military force (to disarm and disable, not invade) even if they did. And once he's making multiple nukes per year (seriously, won't stop at one) selling a few might look appealing. As for the 'false flag' suitcase nuke? In addition to what Ranxerox said don't every countries (or even places within a country) radioactive materials (enriched uranium) have their own unique signature because nobody shares the exact details of their enrichment process? edit: Thank you, professor Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_forensics Somebody would talk. We live in a society where people who blow the lid off of government schemes or practices in any way shape or form get movies made about them. To be the person who 'saved the world'? People recruited for this scheme would be climbing over each other to get to the media.
  5. Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult The version from Imaginos is my favorite - the 'Edge of 17' like drive in the background adds something to the original.
  6. The world could recognise North Korea's legitimacy. The US could unconditionally withdraw all troops from South Asia and swear they'll never return. Russia and China could sign formal unconditional mutual defense pacts with Kim, including intervention in civil matters if needed should a rebellion rise up. It wouldn't matter. He's still going to build that bomb. To prove he can and because it sets him apart - elevates him, in his own mind - from every other country with a chip on it's shoulder. And he's not going to stop at one.
  7. Finished S1 Stranger Things. Despite it being outside my wheelhouse I liked it overall - but thought the resolution to the government plot was the weakest point.
  8. I was. To these people, as well as many others I'm sure, 7.1 is less than 8.2 therefore 7.1 is not as bad. This is only one factor of an earthquakes effects, but it's the one that pop culture has ingrained as being the most significant so its the one that people just reading headlines assign the most value to. I just like people to try and look beyond the buzzwords before speaking (as difficult as it is in today's buzzword driven society): a fishing shack fire isn't as bad as a forest fire but you'd be hard pressed to convince the people trapped in the fishing shack of that. Or in other words...
  9. There's so much more to an earthquake than the magnitude number. I overheard people talking on the bus about it not being as bad as the one they just had. It's an earthquake. They're all serious.
  10. The characterisation they went with for Drax helps cover any gaps... but yeah, the next Dwayne Johnson he's not (who is probably the best of the lot - and his acting is also only adequate. He's just so damned charming that he can sell any performance.
  11. Mike Oldfield - 5 Miles Out I have introduced my wife to a lot of progressive, new wave, and true alternative rock over the years but when it comes to Mike Oldfield... like much of the world if it's not Moonlight Shadow or Man in the Rain she just doesn't get the appeal. Which is fine. Even for me the first listen through much of his stuff was often 'What did I just listen to?' ... but two or three listens in it usually flipped to '... I still don't know, but I like it!'
  12. It's definitely easier to get a decent actor in shape than teach a decent bodybuilder to act.
  13. Pretty much. It's not like Linda Carter was 6'4 either. If you want a true to comics movie representation her solo animated film isn't bad to watch and she was in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.
  14. Two more episodes in... Ok, I'm finishing it. Despite one of my pet peeves (ebil gubber-ment) ... hoping for a trope subversion on that.
  15. If certain fringe climatologists are to be believed they'll have to settle for encores. (Full disclosure: I do believe we've had an impact on the climate: Only a fool or a politician wouldn't. I don't believe that we've reached the tipping point where this season heralds the new normal for hurricane seasons to come. Maybe I'm an optimist after all.)
  16. Two episodes of Stranger Things season 1. Not totally sold on it... but since my instinct after episode one was to check the time and say 'yeah, I've got time for another episode' I'll give it another one or two to catch me. (It's well written and acted, so far, but just might not be my cup of tea.)
  17. And just in case anyone has done something sensible and blocked every news channel.. North Korea fires another rocket over Japan http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-41281050 And someone tried to blow up the subways in London yet again http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41278545
  18. Fun scene aside... Shepard Book has some reading to do (heh). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Rule It's not fuzzy about kneecaps in the slightest.
  19. "I'm going dowwwwwwwwn in a blaze of glory...."
  20. I demand that for the last minute of the decent the ground crew belts out the chorus of Jon Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory" as hard as they can and posts the results.
  21. Which nobody in the business world seriously believes. If they haven't skipped town already they may want to.
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