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  1. I've always thought that Alfred and Bullock are the best two things about the show.
  2. I wish we'd stuck with 'pollution bad' instead of switching to 'climate change.'.. it *worked*. We stopped using CFC and the ozone layer has mostly healed itself! That's pretty cool. 'Pollution bad' shares the same solutions but hasn't been turned into an 'us vs them' buzz topic - because it's more 'tangible'. Far fewer people, no matter how 'fact resistant' humanity has become, can seriously look out their windows on the smoggiest day or look at trash floating in a harbour and say 'this is fine'. Sigh.
  3. The flooding in Asia is covered in more detail by international news - local bias is local bias. Also - sensationalism. The death counts in Asian natural disasters are always high (especially in 2nd World countries with high populations, poor rural infrastructure, and limited viable living space). Familiarity breeds complacency. It's the same way with terrorist attacks - the death count in the middle east due to suicide bombers is obscene but since it's 'always' been that way it takes something truly out of the ordinary to stand out. Emotional bandwidth. 7 people is a tragedy because you can readily envision 7 people. 7000 people is a statistic.
  4. That will work nicely, despite the snow on the ground: black people, wet roads, emergency crews, headline -- good enough. Time to get some clickbait revenue. I wish debunking headlines travelled as far as the lies they are forced to debunk... but that's human nature.
  5. Nice. Back in the early 80s Joan Jett made me rethink the whole 'girls have cooties' thing *and* I love her music to boot. Pretty envious. Currently on Spotify: Crazy on You - Heart. But I'm switching to artist radio Joan Jett when it's done.
  6. I did see the original and I'm fine with the changes made (since the story was condensed from 700 minutes to 100): It got the point across. I liked the "Xanatos Speed Chess" trope being used to full effect in act 3: it was very much in line with the anime.
  7. President Trump needs to realise that the world is watching both his 'I'm on the campaign trail' rally persona and his 'I'm trying to be a unifying president' persona. He might see it as 'showmanship' - verbally give the people what they want - but it doesn't come across that way to his critics and when he keeps slipping and using the wrong persona at the wrong time it causes more and more harm to his credibility. Like Arnold as Mr Freeze I think President Trump could do a better job if he understood the source material of the role he was assigned to play better, had a better scriptwriter, and ad-libbed less.
  8. I think It's the choreography combined with the fact that the actor himself has said that he fairly frequently didn't feel he was given enough time / takes to get it down. It's probably why he's a 'better' fighter in the Defenders - practice and a much higher demand on the choreography all around. Problem with that is since it's the same choreography team and the actors are not martial artists outside of the show that he and Daredevil's fighting styles look the same and are performed at about the same level of competence - so there's not much to separate them besides brawler with a glowing fist and brawler with super hearing. I did like that Jessica basically sucked in every fight - contributing mostly with strategic sucker punches or making people who grabbed her have a very bad day (both very much in show-character) - she's an actual untrained brawler with not much more than normal human durability in the show - so the 'Am I the only one left in the city who doesn't know Karate?' line held true. Maybe Matt or Danny will give her a few pointers before Jessica Jones season 2 / Defenders season 2.
  9. Yes, he does Rallies do nothing besides fuel his disbelief in his popularity numbers. After all, could he really have such a rating if 'thousands' come to his rallies every time? Of course not. Clearly, the polls are 'Fake news'.
  10. So...President Trump has now said he'll 'probably' terminate NAFTA at some point and will 'close government' if that's what's needed to build his wall. At yet another rally. That he shouldn't attend because IMO he should be too busy being president. Shine on, you crazy diamond.
  11. Well, their budget isn't astronomical - it's probably easier to train people to look like they're doing a decent job in a fight than to wire-fu or CGI them into doing things that are only really possible for 'normal' humans in comic book: Brawler who does Parkour will have to do. I don't mind the minimalist approach to their super hero shows as long as the writing and acting is ok - to me it just keeps them closer to 'street level'. (It's why I appreciated Purple Man as Jessica Jones' adversary - not only is it a classical mental villain vs physical hero but it's CHEAP. No fancy special effects on the mind controls and with mostly normal humans for the fight scenes Jessica didn't need to display super strength at comic levels - less lifting cars over your head and throwing them, more seeing tires squeal as the car fails to move.)
  12. The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies but I couldn't tell you why. It's just one of those things.
  13. I would suspect if anything got his goat it would be that Obama himself is more popular than he'll ever be. I wonder if there's ever been so many changes in high ranking White House positions before in so short a time? It seems like forever but it's only been 8 months.
  14. Arrival Very well done. I've found that if the presentation is confident and competent enough (like Interstellar was) then I'll happily squash the part of my brain saying 'but.... but' and enjoy.
  15. In canon it's not the light of the yellow sun - it's a specific form of *radiation* from a yellow sun (one a blue sun produces more of). This radiation penetrates solid matter (he doesn't start losing his powers at night, if deep underground, at the bottom of the ocean, on super overcast days like hanging around England during a typical spring day, etc) - his rate of absorption is just slower so he can actually run his battery down if he uses too much. Thus the now iconic bursting through the clouds or flying closer to the sun 'charge up' scenes when he's being taxed. It's all comic book magic anyways, but that's their official explanation.
  16. Though technically in an Elseworlds comic she died carrying their baby because of internal damage due to the superbaby moving / kicking. Equally as bad if somewhat more logical.
  17. Australia doesn't raise the bar - it's the name of the y variable on the graph itself.
  18. Voltron season '3' on Netflix Very short (7 episodes - with a season '4' coming in October) but the quality is still high. Good writing, great animation, interesting world setting, and excellent action.
  19. No, just infuriating. She deserved more. Much more.
  20. Justice League vs Teen Titans Despite it being set in the same setting as JL: War I enjoyed this one a lot more. The characters were more recognisable and the plot moved along with less issues. Trigon was well done and it was nice to see that they didn't embrace the very early and universally critique'd Nu 52 portrayal of Starfire.
  21. Andromeda for the slipstream (submersion in my setting) drives Robotech (Macross Saga) for the space fold (wormhole) drives - especially the first disastrous use of the SDF-1's. Battletech and EVE online for various political faction inspiration Star Wars / Firefly / Gibson's sprawl trilogy/ EVE online for the people on the ground and the feel of their tech (ships, hand weapons, cybernetics, etc).
  22. Oh, he had every choice - it's probably just the first time self-awareness has entered the picture. The message is loud and clear, though - despite controlling both House and Senate he has no real power to push forward anything of his own that even a few sensible people disagree with. Checks and balances are working - all he can really do is make the US look like fools on the international stage (Bad. Enough). Quack quack, Mr President. Quack, quack.
  23. It definitely had a few great scenes and I appreciate that Storm Troopers got to hit things for a change. It definitely also had the strongest and most structured story and most organic dialogue - I just don't know if I'd see it again and again, like I have the original trilogy. I'd slate it above any of the prequels (and I didn't mind the prequels at all) and just slightly behind Force Awakens (Rogue One was as stronger technical movie, in my opinion, but Force Awakens I found more 'fun'). That's the thing about 'inbetweenquels' (I doubt I'm the first one to make that up) - you already know how it begins and ends. I don't care much about spoilers, overall - a good film or book will stand on its own (and if the entire story can be ruined by knowing the twist you didn't have a story - you had a neat idea that you padded with thin writing in either direction) - but with Rogue One I didn't really get invested at any stage: trailers, release, or post-release - I really enjoyed it, truly, but don't care if I ever see it again and didn't really feel like I was missing anything having not. Having seen it I still don't - but it was very good film and I'm glad to have. I felt the same way about the Hobbit series - one movie should have been enough, so one movie is all I bothered watching: I knew the story, after all, so... if I see it someday, fine. If not, oh well. How It Should Have Ended called it, though ... if you've seen the film you'll know who says this in their parody and when "''Sup, noobs?"
  24. Yeah, I've given serious thought to going back and picking up a basic electronic repair diploma - system administration doesn't seem as solid as it used to (especially with credentials obsolete over a decade - *I* keep current, my certifcations... not so much). But... toddlers. Mortage. Car. Elderly parents. Injured sister with two kids under five herself.
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