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  1. Though technically in an Elseworlds comic she died carrying their baby because of internal damage due to the superbaby moving / kicking. Equally as bad if somewhat more logical.
  2. Australia doesn't raise the bar - it's the name of the y variable on the graph itself.
  3. Voltron season '3' on Netflix Very short (7 episodes - with a season '4' coming in October) but the quality is still high. Good writing, great animation, interesting world setting, and excellent action.
  4. No, just infuriating. She deserved more. Much more.
  5. Justice League vs Teen Titans Despite it being set in the same setting as JL: War I enjoyed this one a lot more. The characters were more recognisable and the plot moved along with less issues. Trigon was well done and it was nice to see that they didn't embrace the very early and universally critique'd Nu 52 portrayal of Starfire.
  6. Oh, he had every choice - it's probably just the first time self-awareness has entered the picture. The message is loud and clear, though - despite controlling both House and Senate he has no real power to push forward anything of his own that even a few sensible people disagree with. Checks and balances are working - all he can really do is make the US look like fools on the international stage (Bad. Enough). Quack quack, Mr President. Quack, quack.
  7. It definitely had a few great scenes and I appreciate that Storm Troopers got to hit things for a change. It definitely also had the strongest and most structured story and most organic dialogue - I just don't know if I'd see it again and again, like I have the original trilogy. I'd slate it above any of the prequels (and I didn't mind the prequels at all) and just slightly behind Force Awakens (Rogue One was as stronger technical movie, in my opinion, but Force Awakens I found more 'fun'). That's the thing about 'inbetweenquels' (I doubt I'm the first one to make that up) - you already know how it begins and ends. I don't care much about spoilers, overall - a good film or book will stand on its own (and if the entire story can be ruined by knowing the twist you didn't have a story - you had a neat idea that you padded with thin writing in either direction) - but with Rogue One I didn't really get invested at any stage: trailers, release, or post-release - I really enjoyed it, truly, but don't care if I ever see it again and didn't really feel like I was missing anything having not. Having seen it I still don't - but it was very good film and I'm glad to have. I felt the same way about the Hobbit series - one movie should have been enough, so one movie is all I bothered watching: I knew the story, after all, so... if I see it someday, fine. If not, oh well. How It Should Have Ended called it, though ... if you've seen the film you'll know who says this in their parody and when "''Sup, noobs?"
  8. Yeah, I've given serious thought to going back and picking up a basic electronic repair diploma - system administration doesn't seem as solid as it used to (especially with credentials obsolete over a decade - *I* keep current, my certifcations... not so much). But... toddlers. Mortage. Car. Elderly parents. Injured sister with two kids under five herself.
  9. Rogue One I liked it and I'd happily see more films (or better yet a TV show) set in the Star Wars universe away from / tangent to the main story - as long as they were the *right* films. I'd watch a police procedural set on Coruscant, but don't give me the West Wing set on Naboo.
  10. JLW is probably my least favorite DCAU film. Which means I guess skipping the Nu 52 wasn't a bad decision.
  11. It's just as well that I have two toddlers and get to see maybe one movie a year (Logan was this years) - there's such a saturation right now that I doubt I could even keep up.
  12. I've always liked the 'resurrection' black costume from Death of Superman and think that looks great - so long as he doesn't wear it in future movies. Though could that poster GET any more Mesiah-ish? Back from the dead, sun illuminating him from behind to show that hope has returned, even rocking a beard.
  13. That sounds suspiciously close to something a drop bear would say to cover its tracks.
  14. I mentally add a screenshot of the comments section of a political video to the scene right before he says "Oh no" when he first comes into existence.
  15. "Automatic voter registration? They're giving votes to the robots now? That's just stupid... don't they know that robots can be hacked and ..." *Upon being informed what it means* Pre-2000: "Oh. Uh. I stand corrected." Post-2000: "Whatever. I stand by what I said. If they're not giving votes to the robots now, you know they're planning to! They took our jobs, they'll take our democracy!"
  16. But he's determined to win it - and he can't be ejected from the game for challenging every single call a ref makes so he'll keep on doing so. He only really cares about his supporters (in so much as he cares about anyone) - that's why he's still acting like he's on the campaign trail: he doesn't care about the presidency - he only cares about being (re)elected to it. This has been obvious the entire time and yet here we are.
  17. I see your 'bad thing' and raise you the Kingdom's Hearts playstation RPG series. Which was really fun (well, the first game. .. it's the only one I played - the rest looked ok, though).
  18. I can't stand most reality tv but talent shows (and Masterchef) I make exceptions for. It was a great performance and the 'bonus' she received was an automatic pass to the semi-finals (and often, but not always, preferential placement on the night of their semi-final - such as last act of the evening for a chance to leave a large impression right before the phone lines open to vote).
  19. Only in Hero would you find the inability to be Disarmed as a *limitation*. Though he's certainly been through enough to justify his player saying 'Alright already... you win... I'm paying to reduce my OAF to OIF.'
  20. All it would take to make Mr Immortal *not* a dark character is to remove his manic rages and knowledge of his ultimate fate - to be the last living thing in the universe. Yes, that removes a chunk of the appeal of the character - but allows for wacky death of the week slapstick hi-jinks like showing up to a crime scene to help and promptly getting run over by a surprise off-screen arriving SWAT van, etc.
  21. He's an actual super(anti)hero with an actual mission. He has no choice but to be. Now... watch the Inhumans take that rule and throw it out the window with our luck...
  22. Disney's Moana I found it very simple but very solid with excellent music and animation. It joins Big Hero 6 on my list of CGI Disney films I'd watch again.
  23. Burning down your garage while trying to remove bees is silly. Burning down your garage to remove spiders, however, is justifiable.
  24. It's absolutely needed. Otherwise whatever you ram through (like ACA in the first place) will just get repealed the next time the 'other guys' take office. I just wished more of these talking heads seemed to realise that... ramming things through and then changing them is not in the benefit of the people you serve. "No matter who wins, we lose" was the tagline for the Aliens vs Predator movie - it shouldn't be a tagline for modern politics.
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