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  1. Returning after a long time. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name) During college I had a job which included coming in on weekends and running Virex and pulling all the porn off of the various work stations. There was a group who came in for LAN parties gaming Lucasarts X-Wing combat flight sim. We all had call signs based on our squadron,: Red Leader, Red 2, etc. Since I was in every weekend I got good and after I got lucky and took out a particularly tough Imperial Ace one of the guys gave me the nickname. Also I'm a redhead. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? D&D 2nd edition. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? The same guy who introduced me to D&D had a homebrewed superhero game based on D&D mechanics. I took it over to give him a break. What are you currently playing/GMing? Playing: Trail of Cthulhu Running: Prepping for a 6th ed, Champions campaign based around a super team working for UNTIL.
  2. Re: Depression-era and WW-II settings from a Not-American perspective Is that a comic or an animated series?
  3. Re: Depression-era and WW-II settings from a Not-American perspective There were a few sourcebooks written for West End Game's Indiana Jones rpg that covered some interesting pre WW2 locations. The one I'd reccomend is "Indiana Jones and the Land of the Rising Sun." It had a good overview of 1930s Japan's politics, religion, police forces and the supernatural. The descriptions gave a great feeling for the Cold War-East Germany like paranoia of the pre war period. It is also written from the pov of a game master and covers details about what it is like for caucasian adventurers in a more racially homogenous asian state. There is a Call of Cthulhu supplement called "Pulp CThulhu" that is rumored to be on the verge of coming out from time to time. Chaosium had the last word of destination books set in the 1920s and much of it is still useful for the pre war/ pre american involvement period.
  4. Re: Russian Champions Universe At one time Durak from Eurostar From Golden Age of Champions: Capt. Comintern The Bolshevik Boys The Battlesuit Potempkin (sp?) I think European Enemies had an East German and possibly other Warsaw Pact affiliate chr.s. They weren't in the offical CU but the scenario "Fourth for Bridge?" in Chaosium's Trouble for HAVOC had champs stats for General Winter,Sensor,Sympath and Megawatt.
  5. Re: Page one of the V&V Conversions is up! The PDFs should be yours now. I sent them to your proditor@comcast.net address. Let me know if there is a problem.
  6. Re: Page one of the V&V Conversions is up! I'll look in my V&V archives. I think I saw Proditor Capela recently and Force I'm sure I have. Very nice translations by the way. I particularly like the more militaristic write ups, F.I.S.T., Enforcer,the Mercury Mercenary. Are you approaching these as experienced 250 pt campaign characters?
  7. Redmenace


    Re: DinoMite 1.) To create a disturbance so violent that the authorities have to respond thus getting them out of the way while his agents comb the pc's base for superhuman dna. 2.) Vulnerability to modern chemicals when ingested, revert to animal int when overly stimulated or limited resistance to current disease or pollutants. 3.) Dinomite wants to warn authorities, if intelligent enough to do so, and positioned himself to be captured as a living fossil and wil+l suddenly begin talking when the time is right. The pcs, or someone, run into Telleios' recovery team shortly after dinomite's capture. The Dino is sick due to the aformentioned genetic flaw, thus sick and unable to speak until its useful for the gm to have it do so, and is discovered-braught to a university medical center or the pc.
  8. Re: Project Genesis website It is definetly that, the netbook alone is expansive. Considering your bredth of exposure to super rpgs, how are you finding M&M?
  9. Re: "Anopheles" (Horror World) text online Thanks for the consideration. I'm looking forward to running it again. PS I don't know if you've ever checked out SJG's Pyramid magazine, if you do to a search for an article using the terms Supers and Mythos. There is a really interesting piece that could give a gm some really interesting ideas for what some of the native supes might be like.
  10. Re: Does Sapphire bug anyone else? Perhaps I'm making too much out of this but did anyone else notice that Defender's most prominent ancestor in the Terran Empire era is named Safira Harmon?
  11. Re: Superhero Images I could go either way, no major preference. Proditor had a wicked Knighthawk he modded, maybe it could be linked to the new thread. Heres a link to his site, showing his Grond in production http://mywebpages.comcast.net/proditor/workbench.htm
  12. Re: Superhero Images here is a short article about a shareware image processing program that is supposed to be a cheap and very good alternative to Adobe photoshop. I have P-shop so I haven't bothered to look at it. Anyone who wants to do the sort of computer coloring or image manipulatio that you see on this board but doesn't want to spend the $500.00 might take a look. This comes from John Four"s gming newsletter. In issue #216, Jared Dyche submitted a tip for using Photoshop for game maps. I wanted to let him (and your readers) know about the "GIMP" (Gnu Image Manipulation Program). The GIMP is an open source image editor that supports most common image formats (including Photoshop psd files), utilizes layers, filters, and many of the other tools that make Photoshop so great. The GIMP runs on most linuxes/bsd/unixes, Windows, and Mac OS X (Yeah, I know it's just another BSD!) The official website provides more complete information than I can, so here are a couple links: * http://www.gimp.org * Official GIMP homepage -- includes project information and * download/installation instructions * http://www2.arnes.si/~sopjsimo/gimp/stable.html * WinGimp homepage (Windows Installer available here) While not a complete Photoshop replacement for the hardcore graphic designer, the GIMP shines as a free alternative to Adobe's $500 image editor. [Johnn: thanks also to Elena of Valhalla, Robert Uhl, Juanjo Aparicio, Bartlett, and Paul A who wrote in with the same great advice!]
  13. Re: Superhero Images Chain and John Henry are my favorite here, though there is a lot og good to choose from. I think the ink work works well with the characters, the roughness. Nice stuff DT.
  14. Re: Superhero Images Thanks, she came to mind while I was working the other day and I thought I'd post.
  15. Re: Superhero Images Sabre, a Viperforce 1 operative.
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