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  1. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! He's cold. He's arrogant. He's an egotistical megalomaniac with a penchant for crime, rhymes, and some very distinctive pants. Able to become frictionless at will and possessed of a flow that lets him spit lyrics like no one else on the planet . . . let's face it: He's untouchable. Yes, Unus Burrell goes by Unus the Untouchable. He is widely believed to have been the masked man who walked into offices belonging to Marvel Comics and stolen original drawings of his namesake in X-Men vol.1 #8. His cover of Hammer's U Can't Touch This included music that appears to be have been copied from the original. But his well-paid legion of lawyers have made it clear that Unus is innocent of all wrong doing. And he's frankly Too Legit To Quit. That's only half-right. Unus has no intention of quitting, but he sure as heck ain't legit. He just loves to commit crimes.
  2. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Shinji liked to be alone for a few minutes before entering the beast. The beast. Shinji never used that word in front of others; never said it aloud. Kept it inside. But the beast knew how Shinji felt. Shinji was sure of that. And the beast didn't care. Or hadn't yet. It would some day. Of course it would. One day, Shinji would slide inside and feel the beast's embrace and something would be different. Shinji would go out to do his duty and the beast would seem to respond as it always had. It would take him into the heart of battle. It would allow Shinji to scatter crowds and explode buildings. And then it would silently snarl and inwardly sneer and it would fail to protect Shinji. That fragile little bundle of bones and gristle and blood everyone assumed to be in charge. And Shinji would die. And the beast would be repaired and handed off to the next guy. Shinji knew. He had been "the next guy" once. And what could he do? He could stick to his diet and his workout and his prayers. He could continue to do secret good deeds. Working hard to make sure no one even suspected Shinji of having done them a favor. He could stroke the beast and maintain it and seem -- oh seem! -- to have tamed it. This he could do. Breathe in for four counts. Hold for six. Let it out for eight. Do it again. Again. Find that center. The stillness. Open the seal. Step inside. Allow the embrace. Wait for everything to blink green. Check the legs. Each of the four arms. Disconnect the umbilical. Pick up today's weapons: INF17, an infrasound emitter keyed to 17 Hz capable of instilling awe, fear, anxiety, uneasiness, sorrow, and/or revulsion -- though one could never tell what any given target's reaction might be; PEP, a pulsed energy projectile which isn't a projectile but rather an invisible laser that generates plasma where it hits and hurts like hell (or, with the power turned way up, kills); and the SMAW-NE, the little missile with the big thermobaric warhead -- for when a wall really pisses you off and you figure an extended, powerful overpressure wave needs to be introduced to the equation. Pretty standard. Shinji turned to look at the mirror and saw the beast. Just what he had expected. Just . . . what he deserved. The techs came in -- relieved that Shinji had gotten into his battle armor so quickly -- and did their final checks. "You're all set. Go get 'em Thanator!" Shinji grunted something non-committal. And went. And got 'em.
  3. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Flipping through her pocketbook you'd come up with the name Diana Sorr. You'd have to be a telepath to know the name she calls herself: Supremum. "Modeler? Are you in?" Diana called from the front door -- shifting bags of groceries and dropping her keys in the little ceramic piggy. A silly question. The TV volume was high enough that Diana identified the 'House of Blue Leaves' segment from Kill Bill volume 1 while still in the hall. She shook her head and padded into the kitchen. Looking over the counter she saw Modeler doing her thing. Taking in every move on the screen. Studying. Analyzing. Trying to up the number of variables she can effectively juggle. Probably going out on another 'job' tonight. Bank? Armored car? Superhero statue dedication ceremony? Diana started putting things away. No use talking to her roommate until the supervillain was through with the scene. Ah, supervillainy. Just the thought of it made Diana all sparkly inside. Modeler was a heck of a supervillain. The way she took people apart -- or directed her teammates to take them apart -- it was poetry. Just poetry. And Diana was Modeler's muse. The scene ended. "Diana? Hey! When did you..?" Modeler shook her head. "I'm telling you I'll never get used to it. Never." She leaned over the counter for a quick kiss. Snagged a box of cookies. "Need my energy." "I thought we might go dancing tonight," Diana pretended to pout. "I'm sorry, Di, but I gotta fly." Their private little twee little rhyme. Somehow Diana didn't lose her lunch. She snorted instead. "Gonna bring me something pretty?" "I'll come back. I'm something pretty." "You sure are. But are you going to bring me something else pretty?" "What did you have in mind?" "You tell me." Modeler threw a cookie at Diana. Diana caught it in her mouth. "Good catch. You know I can't read you. Too many variables. You could be anything over... A lot." "You must be this tall to ride the Modeler..?" Another cookie. Missed this time. "Ouch." "Serves you right. No. Nothing pretty unless you count bearer bonds as pretty." "Yuck. Pick me up something, OK?" "Like what?" "You know that jewelry shop on 5th?" "The necklace?" "See! You do know me!" Modeler beamed. Not 100% beamed. But beamed. "Yeah. Maybe. Maybe I am starting to..." But of course she wasn't, Diana was thrilled to note. Nope. Modeler still didn't get it. Couldn't take the true measure of Diana. No one could. It's what made Supremum so effective. No man, woman, child, animal, or device was ever able to fully 'get' Diana. She was an unidentifiable variable. That (and a nice pair of legs) made Diana irresistible to Modeler. To Modeler and a dozen others. Supervillains. Superheroes. Politicians. Captains of industry... Moving through all their lives without anyone really able to get a handle on her. Just the way she wanted to be.
  4. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! "Listen up!" the diminutive red-head barked from the front of the room. She stood stock still. Only her flashing green eyes moved -- sweeping the room and looking for eye contact from everyone in it. When she had more or less achieved that small victory, she went on. "Today's lecture is on situational awareness." Shoulders drooped. Eyes glazed. Fingers inched toward iPhones. She nodded once. The lights went out. THWOCK! THWOCK! SPLOOSH! SLAP! Shouts and screams. The lights came back on. Two audience members were sprouting suction cup darts from their foreheads. A water balloon had exploded among a large group of the assembled. A guy in the front row rubbed his jaw. "Do I have your attention now?" Tactile is of the strong belief that the very best weapon does you no damn good whatsoever if you don't know where to point it. Which is why she's very proud of her super power. Brenna O'Sullivan can extend her sense of touch outward through any solid. Generally this starts from the soles of her feet, extends to her socks, her shoes, the floor under her, the floor of the room, the furniture in the room -- even the people in the room. It is difficult for her mind to process all that she might feel in a large area. She can get general sensations over several city blocks if she limits herself to streets, get a sense of all surfaces in a house, or have detailed knowledge about such things as a computer keyboard, a weapon, the tightening of one man's muscles, etc. Brenna can tone down some of the sensations she feels while being more sensitive to others, but she always feels some measure of all aspects of the sense of touch in her target. Those aspects are: temperature, pain (potential damage), texture, pressure, vibrations, certain chemicals. She's always been a bit disappointed that she can't act through her senses -- causing pain at a distance, for example, but is well aware that a gun or grenade (or water balloon) can fix that little limitation...
  5. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Layne Maddox is known to worlds at large as Finder but members of the Explorers know that she prefers to be called The Cartographer. Layne is good with maps. Really good. Set her in a taxi dodging in and out of traffic from the center of some city she's never been to out to the airport and she'll have a sketch of all the roads she traveled and landmarks along the way -- all produced in a few minutes on a cocktail napkin at the airport bar. Give her more time, though, and she does a better job. A much better job. Layne rarely notices really important things -- consciously anyway -- when she studies an area for later map-making. It's later that the details come out. When she's got pen to paper or her hands deep in modeling clay or a good CAD program loaded up on the PC . . . that's when she starts putting in the things she didn't notice before. The things nobody noticed before. Secret entrances and hiding places and concealed cameras and alarm systems and, well, pretty much everything. If she's had time to study, and time to make the map. But Layne is not restricted to making maps of locations. She has made maps of computer systems, alien biology, mystic ceremonies... You name it, she can map it. Given time. And materials. Once the map is made, it can be studied by Layne and by anyone else in the group. Vulnerabilities can be found. Hidden dangers. Opportunities. Layne is just a young woman. She's no great martial artist or gun bunny. But she believes in herself and her map making abilities. That's why she's willing to go toe to toe with a villain -- after she's mapped him/her/it, of course. Given enough time to prepare, Layne will probably win that fight. She'll win it by having foreseen all the dangers there are to see and preparing herself to act upon vulnerabilities. She'll make sure that she's got the protection the fight will require. The tools she'll need to take down her opponent. Once she's fully prepared, Layne has no trouble jumping into the fray. Of course, if Layne is surprised by some new danger, she's hosed. She'll scream like a little girl. She'll cry. She'll try to run. She might very well soil herself. So The Cartographer really counts on her teammates to keep her safe in first contact situations. Then the Explorers count on Layne to tell them what they're really up against and help them overcome it. Note: You might very well want to rule that Layne's maps degrade or are useless after a time. Things change. What was a hidden entrance once is a trap now. What was a villain's Achilles heel last week might be well protected this. Layne might make a good NPC (or DNPC) for PC heroes to consult on things odd or when they're really desperate for a clue.
  6. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Her real name is Melody Lear, but she's much better known for her presence online: Rumor Mel. Seventeen years old, a junior in high school, pretty (in a severe sort of way), smart enough, and possessed of the sharpest ears and tongue you can imagine. Melody cuts a fine figure at school but only feels really good about herself when she's tearing someone else down. She'll happily do that to their face, but her favorite thing to do is to take the fight onto the Internet. On the Internet Rumor Mel is a master of social media. Her victims are torn down and humiliated before millions of loyal visitors to Melody's site. Videos are uploaded. Discussion boards are monitored to ensure only the most vicious sort of personal flaying goes on. She's pushed more than one person to suicide. And now there's all that pressure from her parents to fill in applications and go to a good university so she can get a great job in the future and yadda yadda yadda. No thank you. Melody knows what she wants to do. She wants to take Rumor Mel to the next level. Yeah. It's time to take on the capes. Melody loves to tear people down. The higher they fly, the more satisfying the thunk when they come crashing into the gutter. Aside from publishing lots of baseless personal rumors and taunts; unflattering pictures with caption contests; mocking cartoons; doctored video clips; and all that good stuff . . . aside from all that, Melody's willing to devote tremendous amounts of time, energy, and resources into learning a superheroes secrets. And then she'll publish them for all the world to see. Won't that be fun?
  7. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Let's refer to it as Tome. Why not? It is, after all, a big book. Not "nothing but a big book", mind you. More "something and a big book" if you catch my meaning. Is the book the product of magic or technology? Yes. Is the book sentient? Well . . . sort of. Sentient like you and me? No. It's more like a robot. Or a weapon. With a sense of humor. Dark humor. How does it work? Simple. Open the book. It's a picture book. Lots of pictures. The book opens and opens and then it is the picture. And after a while it closes and closes and it is the book again. Can the book open itself? Never has before... Can you pick which picture you open to? You can try. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the pictures have changed. Or moved to different pages. And once you've got the book open . . . well, it's not a book anymore, is it? What sort of pictures are in the Tome? All sorts. Big beasts. Landscapes. Buildings. Guns. Things that cannot be named. You know, the usual. Tome is lots and lots of Multiform. Some forms are built on the standard template, some are automatons, some are bases, some are vehicles...
  8. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Vins Larsen had all the brains required to enter a top university. He was fit enough to try out for most any sport he put his mind to. But Vins lacked the ambition to follow through. He earned average grades and made every effort not to distinguish himself athletically. He didn't much like school. Or his fellow students. He didn't much like to study or work hard. He was a great VIPER recruit. Vins got along well with his fellow misfits. The work wasn't really all that hard. They got cool gear. They busted stuff up. They blew it all on fun. Beat the heck out of school. Or working for a living. And then Vins got picked as a member of a backup team working an assault. He was really glad to be out of the line of fire. And in the air-conditioned van. Until everything went bumpy-bits up. Explosions. Capes. Engine wouldn't start. Firefight. Vins' team leader led them through an escape route that looked fine on the map. It looked an awful lot like an orphanage in reality. Because it was. There was an awful lot of shooting. Some hostage-taking. Dead kids. Dead nuns. Vins and three others made it back to the nest. Nest leader was pissed that the operation failed but didn't give two squirts about the collateral damage. Vins went home that day. Never went back. His experience with VIPER certainly wasn't wasted, though. He learned a lot of important weapon skills. Learned how the bad guys think. More than anything, though, he gained ambition. A driven defender of the defenseless, Vins goes by Fangs these days. The fangs in question being the business end of whatever weapon he's using at the moment. He does all right with standard arms and body armor, but really functions best -- and most aggressively -- with the arms and armor of a VIPER agent.
  9. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! She's a mousy little thing, so it's no surprise that she goes by Squeak. Being small and of very average appearance, Squeak is overlooked by most people. She's awkward and uncomfortable in any situation where she has to speak up or show any lady-like behavior. Ah, but get her into a garage and she's in her element. Squeak can fix just about any vehicle ever made. Give her a new one and she'll have it stripped, pondered over, and reversed engineered before you can say . . . well, I guess you could say an awful lot. It takes her at least a week to reverse engineer really wild (new or alien) technology. But, heck, it's impressive anyway, right? Squeak's main contribution to Shinsengumi is to create new wild vehicles and mecha. Give her an idea -- "Hey, Squeak, have you ever thought about making a manta ray mecha?" -- and she's off and inventing. Squeak sometimes pilots her creations, sometimes makes them for others to pilot, and occasionally creates simple-minded automatons.
  10. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! I was writing while BoE was so I'm rather surprised to be picking the next team. Let's try something a little different... Team Name: The Margin Theme: What do you do when you're a little bit different? Not different enough to strike fear or inspire awe in most folks. Just different enough to make you feel like a freak. If you're one of these people, you band together to form The Margin. You feel marginalized. You're on the margin between human and truly superhuman. And now you figure it's time to cash in a little by committing crimes on the margin. Do a little damage, make a little money, and never make the front page. All members of The Margin are normal human villains with a single (that's one, folks) metahuman Characteristic, Skill, Perk, Talent, or Power that is most clearly and definitely not normal. The "edge" each member possesses makes them quite dangerous to normal human police officers, but isn't enough to let them go toe-to-toe with a superhero. Number: 6
  11. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Ask Scalar about space-time translations or Tesla's scalar weapons. Go ahead. First she'll adjust her glasses. Next she'll explain that scalar is a term used in mathematics as well as physics. Finally she'll reach out her long, thin fingers and take hold of the vectors that make up your body. And move them. Scalar insists that she's never turned anything into anything different from what it already was. She just engages in a little "harmless homeomorphism". Though she's certainly capable of turning someone inside out, she rarely does. It's time consuming and difficult. And people rarely sit still for it. It's really much simpler to change objects than people. One of her favorite tricks is to take a pair of Möbius strips and turn them into a single Klein bottle -- a bottle with no inside or outside. Note: Scalar can be built in many ways. It is not necessary for her to have the Transform Power. Changing the way things look might just be part of the sfx of some other Power.
  12. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! He is Shinji Ogo. He is Wa. A proud graduate of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Forces' Special Forces Group, Shinji has received extensive training in counter-terrorism -- particularly in close quarters combat. Though an exceptional martial artist, Shinji's passion is for mission success rather than perfect kicks and punches. Mission success, Shinji believes, is achieved through planning, training, and unit cohesion. It is in this last factor that Shinji really shines. So long as Shinji is able to communicate with his team members they all receive bonuses to any actions that require coordination. More than once Shinsengumi has taken on a foe or obstacle that could only be overcome by combining their powers, skills and knowledge -- by working together in harmony. Wa.
  13. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! The trick, of course, is disarming him. He's a big former roustabout on offshore oil platforms all over the world. And you know what there is to do on an oil rig when you're not on duty? Not much. You can watch videos. You can eat. You can sleep. If you're Kit Bash, you spend a whole lot of free time playing darts. After mastering that, you throw knives at the dart board. Then you make yourself a dummy and toss knives at it. Then you stab it. Then you start throwing this at it. That at it. Everything at it. And you whack at it with this and that and the other. Then you're off duty for a couple of months and you find yourself in a bar brawl and you find yourself clearing the place all by your lonesome. Just you and some chairs and bottles and glasses and (you forget how you got these) the bartenders eye-glasses. And this earns you some attention. And somebody makes you an offer. You turn it down. You go back to the rig. You come back to shore. Another brawl -- this one set up to see if you can do it again. And you can. And more offers. And some of those offers are hard to turn down for all kinds of reasons. Heck, why not? You go for it. Earn more in one job than you earned in six months of unskilled labor on a floating oil can in the middle of the friggin' ocean... So he become Rig. Anything Kit picks up, he can rig into a weapon. He's sent people to the hospital armed with nothing more than a box of tissues. Rig truly is a great example of brute force. He's never learned to make what he does look pretty. But now he's getting some new offers. Offers from people who want to turn Rig into a work of art. He's turned them all down for the moment to concentrate on getting paid with Brute Force. Sooner or later, though, he'll get an offer he can't refuse. Then Rig will either be broken or worked into something new. Maybe even more deadly.
  14. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed a Hired Gun. I love the funny villains, but I think there's some real genius out there for the serious villains. Thanks!
  15. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Ganymede appears to be a youthful man of tremendous beauty. And he always will. Ganymede is both immortal and able to regenerate. Any injury that might mar Ganymede's beauty is swiftly erased. Because of his looks, most people pay attention to Ganymede and listen to what he has to say. He is often able to diffuse tense situations simply by walking in and offering a warm, understanding smile. When talking proves impossible, Ganymede makes his attacks by way of cup. His magical cup of the gods is filled with whatever he might like it to be filled with at that moment. In the past it has been filled with water, oil, wine, blood, acid, gunpowder, diamonds, the needed hotel room card, and many other items of interest. Ganymede represents Aquarius.
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