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  1. I feel his suit should be powered by or made out of Zarkonium.
  2. Are you sure he is a cat? 😁 From Avi Steinberg:
  3. Turns out that blowing on pocket comb makes good music on paper
  4. If you don't like Filth and Disease, how about replacing it with a god of debauchery? The bacchanalian god that gets a little too drunk and a little too crazy. Wild parties are definitely chaotic after all.
  5. She doesn't have to take them down. She just has to hamstring them enough that Xykon wins. Which he could possibly do even without her help.
  6. You have to admit Serini has a point
  7. So maybe PRE is the wrong way to think about this. Suppose instead of a monster, the illusionist creates a rapidly spreading fire. Fire doesn't have any PRE, but rational people will flee from it. As Lonewolf mentioned, having people react to what they think is there is a logical way to handle it. The limit on the effectiveness of the power might be an INT check by the thugs - how likely is it that a fire broke out or a monster suddenly appeared. The lower INT opponents (that is, gullible) fall for the illusion, but the master villain is too smart to fall for it. The GM might impose a IN
  8. Your solution is quick, easy, and to the point. I like that simplicity. But... This has always been an issue for me in the Hero system. For a one time thing, I can hand wave it. For repeated use, I need to buy a whole new ability. From a balance standpoint I totally understand. But the player says, "Hey the first time I used this it worked great because the monster has a 40 PRE. Now I have to spend character points, and I only have enough to get a 30 PRE monster, so not only are those points tied up in a power I got for free earlier, it isn't even as effective."
  9. Here's the scenario: a character has an Images power that allows them to create convincing sight and sound illusions. He is a nebbish little guy with a 10 PRE and no real combat skills, so when a gang of thugs is threatening to rough him up, he decides to make an illusion of a supernatural creature that has been terrorizing the city to scare them off. The question is, how much PRE does the illusion get for purposes of scaring off the thugs? How would you handle this?
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