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  1. I've never financed a vehicle either, but I have never paid cash. It is just inconvenient to carry that much cash, even if it is legal tender for all debts. But being hard to trace, cash is great for criminals. And marijuana sales since they are technically illegal on the federal level even if they are legal on a state level in some places. Which makes a marijuana shop another good place to launder money.
  2. There is always someone willing to do the tedious chores if they are paid enough. I suggest a lawyer like Michael Cohen. Now the plot hook - the hero has to protect said scumbag lawyer to be able to testify against the supervillain. Sure he is a loud-mouthed, insufferable, entitled douche, but without his testimony the supervillain walks, and the supervillain knows it. I don't know what the current limit is for cash transactions you can make before the merchant or bank has to report it, but I don't believe it is all that high (several thousand dollars I think). You c
  3. A guy is driving down the I-95 highway at night, listening to his radio when an emergency broadcast comes on. "A warning to drivers on I-95, there is a car traveling down the highway in the wrong direction." The guy snarls "Well it isn't just one car, it's dozens of them!"
  4. For some rolls, like Stealth rolls, what you really have is a skill roll contest, so the player makes a Stealth roll and the GM makes a PER roll for whomever they are trying to sneak past. If they roll really well, they know they probably won the contest, but they are never quite sure. Plus, I think the character would have some idea of how well they did (they can hear their own footsteps after all). For rolls that need to be secret, I will sometimes roll those myself. Mostly my players are okay with that. But I have also had players make a bunch of rolls and write down the res
  5. Ockham's Spoon


    I make the players track END because the GM already has too much to do. That said, during character creation I make the players figure out how much END they use each Turn on average (typically half move, attack, and possibly an active defense power). Initially we did that to gauge how many Turns they could last before exhausting themselves so that they would be sure to have enough END to last through the average combat. But now they often track END by Turn instead of by Phase, adjusting up if they used a high END ability one Phase or down if they just Dodged or something. I am
  6. I posted a version back just before Thanksgiving, but I'll take it as flattery 😀
  7. Logically there should be combat penalties, but I never use them for a couple reasons. First, it just makes combat that much more complicated and slow, and that is the last thing combat needs. Second, most of my players buy up their skill roll to a point they are comfortable with. If they want to have a 15 or less success chance typically, they buy the skill roll up that high. If as GM I typically impose a penalty of -2 in combat, they will just buy it up to 17 or less to compensate, so really it just becomes an additional expense spell casters have to take, and one that will pr
  8. Well there you go. You can pay for the 5 point LS: Immunity to Pregnancy with your 5 point Physical Complication. Overpriced, but at least consistent.
  9. Yes, the Ultimate Metamorph has LS: Immunity to Pregnancy as 5pts, which IMO is ridiculously overpriced for the game effect it has. Seriously, unless both the player and GM want to role play a pregnancy, it should never come up. And if they do want to role play a pregnancy, then it is just going to happen by fiat. I can understand having a power to represent the fact a character can't get pregnant just for flavor, but that sort of thing should be practically free, or rolled into another ability, like a metamorph Power Skill or something.
  10. Change Environment, -1m Swimming, only vs. sperm. Scale up the area as needed.
  11. Heathcliff and Catherine from Wuthering Heights. And Old Joseph too. Especially Old Joseph.
  12. A man comes home early from work one day to find his two young kids watching television, oblivious to the strange noises coming from upstairs in the master bedroom. He senses something is wrong, drops his coat and briefcase and rushes up the stair and opening the door finds his wife naked and sweaty on the bed. "What is going on?" the man asks. His wife replies "I, uh, think I might be having a heart attack." "Oh my gosh!" he says "I'll go call an ambulance!" He rushes back downstairs to get his phone. He calls 911 and explains the situation wh
  13. Man, I threw it out there, but no one decided to bite. I am impressed by the restraint given the number of puns that hit these boards.
  14. I realize this has been out a while, but I just finished watching the entire Good Place series with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. It is a witty, irreverent comedy about the afterlife that discusses morality and the philosophical implications of our actions and the motives behind them. Lots of fun dialog, plot twists, and interesting character arcs. That said, the last season was two episodes too long. The penultimate episode felt tacked on and the final episode did a sharp turn to the melancholy and nihilistic. It felt like the makers of the show got in a fight with some of the fans and de
  15. Okay, when I said 'exotic', what I really meant was something outside of Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, and Sue. Names that don't appear in the top 25 most popular baby names of the year. It just breaks the tone of the game when you introduce Bob the Paladin or Tim the Sorcerer.
  16. Yeah, I already do this. A VPP is a Stop Sign power, so the GM needs to look over anything like this of course, but this has worked just fine for me.
  17. For a superheroic campaign you are probably right. But what I find Piercing useful for are Fantasy settings where I can put it on a magic sword to make it that little bit better than a regular sword without overpowering it. I have also used it in sci-fi settings to represent high tech weaponry with laser-honed diamond edges or something. But in those cases it is equipment and the character didn't pay points for it, so the cost is somewhat irrelevant.
  18. I have had so many problems with players remembering names over the years that I will often give them a summary sheet with important people and who they are on it. I don't go into great detail, but just being able to see the names written out helps a lot with keeping the NPC's straight.
  19. Exactly. Besides which it allows for more variety in warrior classes. Of course I had a player with a mage who bought a spell called Phantom Servant that was basically extra STR to offset Encumbrance, but that was more for hauling supplies and treasure than offsetting combat penalties.
  20. One 'talent' I have used on occasion was "Armor Training" bought as +5 STR only to offset Encumbrance penalties. It wasn't so much a matter of saving points as making the knight fit the player's character conception better, making the knight a little more mobile and cinematic in combat without having to buy a 20 STR.
  21. I find baby name dictionaries and websites to be useful, especially for non-European cultures. I will usually modify European names slightly to keep them from being too prosaic, but most names from other cultures sound exotic enough on their own that I can keep them as is.
  22. I use 6 DC as my target at the beginning of the campaign usually. That tends to creep up as players gain experience and magic weapons, but it starts everyone off at about the same point. Because it is easy to exceed 6 DC mechanically, this means players spend points elsewhere rather than focusing on how much damage they can dish out which tends to make for characters that are more well-rounded (although to be fair, frequently those points end up in OCV and DCV). But my players understand that they will be facing opponents that are geared for their power level. Invariably someone has a char
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