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  1. I'm in south Laurel. I host a group that meets every other Friday evening: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/friday_night_dice/info We play a wide variety of RPGs, but not a lot of HERO. -Bob
  2. Re: Your Dream Projects For Hero Books Gangster HERO, the organized crime genre book, with rules, guidelines, and advice for running games based on/similar to the Godfather trilogy, the Sopranos, yakuza eiga, etc. etc.
  3. Re: Plucking Out Eyes This is a clever option that's inexpensive, but avoids the problem of the damage required for a Disabling wound. It's good at simulating a double (multiple?) eye pluck, but not an attack that leaves the target with one good eye (or more). As an area effect power, I think it would require Mobile (+1). I'm not sure if UAA is necessary.
  4. Re: Plucking Out Eyes I built it like this for the Corax (WoD werecrows): Eye Pluck: Major Transform 6d6 (sighted being to blind being, heals back through eye transplant or the like), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Partial Transform (+1/2) (157 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Limited Target (beings with eyes) (-1/4) Real Cost: 90 Yeah, I know it's hella expensive. I guess you could reduce the cost by shaving off some Transform dice, or adding Charges. I remember playing around with the other option (KA with levels and Disabling rules), but I can't remember exactly why
  5. Re: Vampire the masquerade Wow, that was fast. Rep is coming your way.
  6. Re: Changeling: The Dreaming Hero Yeah, I didn't bother with that stuff.
  7. Re: Vampire the masquerade Sure, go ahead.
  8. Re: Changeling: The Dreaming Hero I actually had someone play one of these (the Ceilican) in my last game. Attached are HERO conversion notes for the Bastet in general and some specific notes for making Ceilican characters.
  9. Re: Changeling: The Dreaming Hero I made one which is posted on Surbrook's Stuff http://surbrook.devermore.net/whitewolf/WODchangeling.html I've since changed it to something a little less clunky, with expanded rules for recovering Glamour. See the attachment for the details.
  10. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) Grave of the Fireflies HERO (comes with a box of Kleenex)
  11. Re: Vampire the masquerade It's still based on Vampire: the Masquerade.
  12. Re: Vampire the masquerade Oops - yeah, that would be helpful. I'm the one who wrote the WoD to HERO conversion notes on Surbrook's Stuff . The Vampire HERO conversion has changed somewhat. Attached is a more current version.
  13. Re: Vampire the Requiem In my experience, powers that last "for a scene" aren't really needed once the "scene" is over. In the most recent incarnation of my Vampire HERO rules, I built Constant/Continuous powers that last "for a scene" by tacking the "Costs END Only to Activate" advantage on them and assuming that powers turn off once the "scene" is over and player-characters have no reason to keep them turned on. (Persistent "for a scene" powers take Nonpersistent or Costs END Only to Activate as a -1/4 limitation). I'm not sure if this addresses your point, but in
  14. Re: Vampire teh Masquerade using the HERO System (second try) Hi Ryan, Overall, the document looks very slick – it makes me want to become independently wealthy and buy my own personal jet so I can fly down to OK to play in your game. I’d seen and commented on prior versions of your conversion, but I had a few more comments: 1) I like the descriptions of what you can do with Power Skills purchased for different Thaumaturgical Paths (p.2). Yet another feature to swipe for my own conversion notes. 2) Gaining a Derangement every time a character drops a Humanity le
  15. Re: DARK CHAMPIONS: What Do *You* Want To See? Since a Horror HERO revision isn't listed on DOJ's publication schedule, and since horror could conceivably fit under the umbrella of "modern day action-adventure", perhaps it would be appropriate to include some sort of expansion of the "PRE Drain +/- PRE Attack" rules to cover fear, stress, and insanity in DC.
  16. Re: Ideas Lacking Substance Then you shall see them!
  17. Re: Ideas Lacking Substance Done. Attached is a .zip with .txt character sheets for two Werewolf: the Apocalypse characters. There's a separate sheet for each of the characters' five forms.
  18. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From last night's Vampire: the Masquerade game session: Assamite player: "Would it be possible for my character to suck, but not swallow?"
  19. I had been struggling with this issue myself...until I read Fantasy HERO. Steve L. deals with it on p. 359, stating that PRE attacks against victims of Drain PRE powers should be applied to PRE and not EGO. I imagine the same could apply to Suppress PRE.
  20. Agent333 also has a HERO conversion for V:tM at his website which handles things somewhat differently than mine.
  21. Aren't home-grown meth labs still a problem in Iowa? Our Iowan heroes could be in constant struggle with the dread supervillain, The Methamphetamine Master!!!
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