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  1. Re: Your Dream Projects For Hero Books


    I'd buy a copy. If only for the info on gangs. And I know you know your yakuza movies! Say' date=' you going to run another blood-drenched yakuza scenario for HeroCon 2008? I heard a lot of good things about the last one![/quote']


    At this stage, I'm thinking of running an old Mayfair Games/DC Heroes adventure supplement (The Watchmen: Taking Out The Trash, 1987) adapted to HERO. I was going to contact you later on today to see if you've typed your Watchmen write-ups into HERO Designer yet. I also wanted to run a Qin: the Warring States demo.


    If I ran a yakuza game at HEROCon 08, do you think it would be bad form if I used the same scenario I ran at HEROCon 07?



  2. Re: Plucking Out Eyes


    Has anyone though of using:


    Darkness, Sight Group, 1" + Accurate(?) + Zero END(+.5), Persistent(+.5), Uncontrolled(Lasts Until Eyes are Restored; +.5), Useable As Attack(+1)


    I don't have my book with me now, so this was done from memory, and might not include all the needed Power Modifiers. The only problem I would see would be the list of defenses required by UAA.


    This is a clever option that's inexpensive, but avoids the problem of the damage required for a Disabling wound. It's good at simulating a double (multiple?) eye pluck, but not an attack that leaves the target with one good eye (or more).


    As an area effect power, I think it would require Mobile (+1). I'm not sure if UAA is necessary.

  3. Re: Plucking Out Eyes


    I built it like this for the Corax (WoD werecrows):


    Eye Pluck: Major Transform 6d6 (sighted being to blind being, heals back through eye transplant or the like), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Partial Transform (+1/2) (157 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Limited Target (beings with eyes) (-1/4)

    Real Cost: 90


    Yeah, I know it's hella expensive. I guess you could reduce the cost by shaving off some Transform dice, or adding Charges. I remember playing around with the other option (KA with levels and Disabling rules), but I can't remember exactly why I rejected it. I think it had something to do with the amount of damage required for a Disabling result and how any target with modest resistant PD (regardless of the special effect) was going to be immune to having their eye plucked out.

  4. Re: Changeling: The Dreaming Hero



    In fact, you forgot to add their Yava (racial secrets)--in the Cecillian's case, iron also affects them as silver does, they undergo a specialized multiple personality disorder, and that while they don't know the details of their old Yava... it could come back in effect.


    Yeah, I didn't bother with that stuff.

  5. Re: Changeling: The Dreaming Hero


    You'll want some material covering the were-cats, especially the so-called "lost" werecats that consorted with the Fae in the past. There's even rumors about some still living in Arcadia.


    They're a really quirky bunch, so it's okay if they aren't used--I just need to do a good writeup for BreedWiki.


    I actually had someone play one of these (the Ceilican) in my last game. Attached are HERO conversion notes for the Bastet in general and some specific notes for making Ceilican characters.

  6. Re: Vampire the masquerade


    i want to thank you for this comversion notes. do you have some for dark ages? more especific' date=' do you have daimoinon dicipline comverted?[/quote']


    Glad you like them. Unfortunately, I never got around to converting anything other than the V:tM core book disciplines.



  7. Re: Vampire the Requiem


    Here is something I was thinking of the other day.


    I've been trying to work out in my head how to handle the trope of powers that work "for a scene".


    For instance, in Vamp the Requiem, "potence" and "fortitude" are activated by spending blood and then lasting a scene. This is usually short-handed to around an hour (at least in Live Action).


    In my experience, powers that last "for a scene" aren't really needed once the "scene" is over. In the most recent incarnation of my Vampire HERO rules, I built Constant/Continuous powers that last "for a scene" by tacking the "Costs END Only to Activate" advantage on them and assuming that powers turn off once the "scene" is over and player-characters have no reason to keep them turned on. (Persistent "for a scene" powers take Nonpersistent or Costs END Only to Activate as a -1/4 limitation).


    Now, in V:tR this is acceptable because the fuel for activating the power is relatively difficult to replace (blood). But Hero doesn't seem to be able to address this well, considering its Super-Heroic basis.


    Buying an END reserve without a Rec doesn't really seem to convey the actual problems involved in having a non-renewable resource fueling you abilities.


    I'm not sure if this addresses your point, but in my (altered) Vampire HERO conversion, I dumped the Transfer feeding the Blood Pool END Reserve and added a REC for the reserve that required blood as a Focus (OAF, blood to be consumed, Expendable, Difficult to obtain new Focus; -1 1/4). After all, the Expendable modifier for Focus is designed to simulate non-renewable resources.

  8. Re: Vampire teh Masquerade using the HERO System (second try)


    Hi Ryan,

    Overall, the document looks very slick – it makes me want to become independently wealthy and buy my own personal jet so I can fly down to OK to play in your game. :D


    I’d seen and commented on prior versions of your conversion, but I had a few more comments:


    1) I like the descriptions of what you can do with Power Skills purchased for different Thaumaturgical Paths (p.2). Yet another feature to swipe for my own conversion notes. :winkgrin:


    2) Gaining a Derangement every time a character drops a Humanity level seems a bit harsh to me – some of the Derangements can be crippling.


    3) The “Obey Vampire Master†Disadvantage for Ghouls (p. 35) seems redundant, given that these creatures have already been enthralled by the vampire’s Blood Bond power. Also, ghouls have a weaker version of the Beast and Frenzy at lower frequencies than vampires.




    Edit: On second thought, the Blood Bond Transform would confer the "Obey Vampire Master" Disadvantage. Never mind.

  9. Re: DARK CHAMPIONS: What Do *You* Want To See?


    ....might as well work in fear for horror while your at it. (since I hope the Horror genre will at least get a little room in this book).


    Since a Horror HERO revision isn't listed on DOJ's publication schedule, and since horror could conceivably fit under the umbrella of "modern day action-adventure", perhaps it would be appropriate to include some sort of expansion of the "PRE Drain +/- PRE Attack" rules to cover fear, stress, and insanity in DC. :D

  10. Re: Ideas Lacking Substance


    anything you could send me would be ultra helpful. in txt format preforably its easier for me to deal with.

    Thank you .


    Done. Attached is a .zip with .txt character sheets for two Werewolf: the Apocalypse characters. There's a separate sheet for each of the characters' five forms.

  11. Re: Ideas Lacking Substance


    I just went and saw VanHelsing and I really liked the way they did werewolves in that but I dont know what kind of powers to give one' date=' or for that matter how to make them fit together. Please any help would be greatly appreciated because I need him done by Tuesday.[/quote']


    There's some notes for converting White Wolf's WoD werewolves to HERO

    here at Mike Surbrook's site. I haven't seen Van Helsing and don't know how closely the Wolfman resembles the Garou of Werewolf: the Apocalypse. If you have HD, I can send you .hdc or .hdp files of some werewolf characters to play with (or if you don't, I can just send you .html or .txt files). There are also WoD werewolf conversion notes at Agent333's site.


    In general, any Wolfman-type werewolf is going to have Multiform (to change back and forth to and from his bestial forms), HKA (claws and teeth), extra STR, enhanced defenses of some sort (Damage Reduction, Damage Resistance, or Armor), probably Healing with the Regeneration option, and a Susceptibility or Vulnerability to silver.

  12. Originally posted by mudpyr8

    So, a 6d6 Suppress PRE (30 pts),




    You could get their PRE down to about 0, on average, easily, and then scare the patooty out of 'em.


    The only problem is that they could still use their EGO to resist the PRE attack.


    I had been struggling with this issue myself...until I read Fantasy HERO. Steve L. deals with it on p. 359, stating that PRE attacks against victims of Drain PRE powers should be applied to PRE and not EGO. I imagine the same could apply to Suppress PRE.

  13. Originally posted by Ghost who Walks



    Roles for the Team:

    1) As a counter to those "morally ambiguous" teams, the Defenders always puruse the morally correct course of action. This can be annoying.

    2) Should a war break out, the Defenders will all volunteer

    3) If the Heroes need reinforcement/help, the Defenders can arrive on their Team Bus

    4) The Defenders claim that their presence has kept Iowa nearly supervillain free. They claim they can do the same in the campaign heroes city.

    5) One of the PC's supervillains decides to conquer Iowa and establish his own kingdom. The PCs must rally the local heroes to their side.


    Anything I miss? [/b]


    Aren't home-grown meth labs still a problem in Iowa? Our Iowan heroes could be in constant struggle with the dread supervillain, The Methamphetamine Master!!!:)

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