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  1. That’s actually a super complicated question, and the answer is “it depends.” Generally, I don’t, unless the character is intended to actively interact with the players. If we’re talking about a McGuffin style NPC, I just say so, and bang, he exists in the aether. However, if we’re talking about a ghost/poltergeist/etc., then there’s two questions I need to answer: * How does the “spiritual plane,” or planes, operate in this setting? Assuming a pretty average concept, then, * Desolid, APW, when APW is active, then, vulnerable to whatever I know that’s e
  2. You can totes fix that, but should you change your mind, I’ll be in the Caligari Sector, enacting the Emperor’s Will. Purging heretics. Getting loot. You know how it is.
  3. Minor edit; I played it on my PS Vita, which I no longer have. They have yet to put VIII on the App Store. I am hoping, against hope, that they follow the trend and fill the gap since everything up to IX except VIII is available. That, and Chrono Cross.
  4. Hey. Professor Grognard. You heard of “streaming services?” (this post meant in purely good humor and honest jest, as I have the highest respect for Cancer, something I believe he is aware).
  5. YUZ ORCZ ALWAYS WIT DA MO DAKKA!! Also, feel free to post a join request, and I’ll add you. BLOOD! FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS! FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!
  6. I don’t know if you plugged in “2 weeks later...” or if it just did that on its own, but that was positively giggle worthy.
  7. Oh, FF VIII. My favorite entry in the series until XV! Seriously. I loved VIII. I get a lot of hate for it, but eh, what are you gonna do? I liked the brooding hero, gun blades are amazing, and the heroine didn’t get popped too early. Character design was solid and what have you. ANYWAY. Spells first. These are actually END batteries, not charges. “Thia, but...” No buts. It’s an END battery, defined and limited as “the most source energy of a given element I can tote at a given time,” with the default max being 100. Then you cast spells with END, all spells cost END, mu
  8. Greetings, Inquisitors; I am currently going through the campaign for WH40k Inquisitor on PS4. We have a Cabal called !PhantomThieves and we can use more people. IF: You own a PS4 You want to PURGE HERETICS You want to PURGE HERETICS WITH OTHER GAMERS THEN Log in, go to page 3 or so, and select !PhantomThieves and Apply. Post here so I know who you are and I’ll approve you, and we shall engage in GLORIOUS COMBAT! FOR THE EMPRAH!!!
  9. But there is a point in having the larger skill group, such as Jack of All Trades, Scientist, etc., as that gives a material return on investment with enough skill purchases. And I disagree here; the point of leveling up the skill is because those points are always with the skill, period. You won’t find yourself having allocated the points elsewhere and then not having them available, which has happened to me on multiple occasions. So there’s something to be said for both options, it’s actually well balanced.
  10. Hey E; I’m happy to help. What you’re describing is Constant (+1/2), which converts an Instant power to a maintained power until/unless interrupted. Generally, all powers behave that way unless they are purchased to anticipate that eventuality. For instance, let’s take the classic D&D spell Agannazar’s Scorcher, which is a constant, time limited spell; cast it, it stays trained on the target, and burns. A lot. In HERO, this would be modeled as Constant, and if the caster is KO’d, the spell ends. What persistent does is keep the fire roaring even -if- the caster is dropped like
  11. Good morning; Caveat; this is not a discussion thread, so for an extended conversation please repost in the Hero System Discussion forum. That said: I think I see what happened here; the sub-section in question details how Dispel interacts with other effects, in this case, Adjustment powers. In the preceding paragraph, and to your point, it specifically states that Dispel does not affect Characteristics. In the paragraph in question, it contemplates, in direct contradiction, “Characteristic or power that’s been negatively adjusted.” What I think is causing the disconnec
  12. The multiplayer (online) component of Halo PC provided me with many hours of fun.

    1. Thia Halmades

      Thia Halmades

      I’m on PS4/5 now, but I do lament I’ll miss HALO Infinite. 

  13. Please reserve discussion for the forum, rather than the rules clarification hotline. Thank you!
  14. Good morning (relatively speaking). This is a rules question hotline; normally I would cite the text and provide some explanation, however your question required some unpacking and clarification first. That said, this is not a discussion thread, I’m just working to get to your question and provide sufficient clarity that the answer provided speaks to your question and makes sense: Based on the question as written, “is there an equivalent limitation that adds time as a third method of turning off the power?” Broadly, this is Time Limit. You also state in your post Persis
  15. I’ve been turning this over in my mind, but something keeps coming back to me; you’ve made it a point repeatedly that they aren’t in this for any reason except to go back to their normal lives. So for me, I would make them the focus of the ritual, kind of like a horrible, horrible surprise party. And, the most important part, is that they lose. They’re in the wrong place, the ritual requires “the blood of the faithful,” etc, one way or another, they are directly feeding into the thing’s completion. Upon completing it, they are cursed/tied off/forced to adhere to the conditions of the summon wh
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