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    Full time DM, hockey wachin', gamer junkie. Now engaged. <panic>
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    Very slowly helping to rebuild the housing market, one modification at a time.

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  1. Re: Complicate the Person Above Darbor has been on the road three decades now, in search of the mythical golden fava bean, the only thing that will reunite him with his family.
  2. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? It's So Easy When You're Evil,, Voltaire, the Devil's Bris.
  3. Re: Help with "Flavor" for Energy Projector. How about something not done overly often? I'm leaning towards a "Heroes" esque game about 'actual crime fighters' who use their supernatural powers to solve & fight supernatural crimes, something I'll likely blend into my Beta team for the Halliruch Campaign. But I think I have this image of Crucible as an Arson Detective; sort of a not-entirely-psycho John Constantine. My image is of hime with an expensive (but not Italian) suit jacket flipped over one shoulder, a blue shirt with one corner untucked, in slacks, a belt, and cowboy boots (which are covered by the slacks, so you just see the heel and patterned shoes). Expensive watch, wedding band, and an "inner fire" in his eyes that's obvious to anyone who meets him (as Distinctive Features, Noticed & recognizable, not concealable, detectable by commonly used senses).
  4. Re: Chocolate Orc I think I repped the Palindromedary too recently, but this is twelve kinds of flipping brilliant. Genius, my two-sided yet queerly identical regardless of which way I look at you friend. Genius.
  5. Re: Off To San Ramon! I wouldn't say "better." I would say "Hey, thanks JmOz!" because we all know Thia loves his rep.
  6. Re: Off To San Ramon! I don't understand why everyone is so hung up on this. We've already got photographic evidence that both chihuahuas and horses can talk; clearly, we need to Transform Snap into a chihuahua, with the Heal Back Condition: "Tell us the big secret." I guarantee you no Border Collie worth its leash will suffer that indignity for terribly long.
  7. Re: Real point caps? No, I had not (and would not, not even in a boat) consider just a Real Point limit. BOTH, certainly? Active, yes. But real? I could abuse that thing so badly it'd make your head spin.
  8. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? I saw Mirror Mask for the first time this weekend; I really loved it. A grown up, less cheese filled Labyrinth.
  9. Re: Answers & Questions Q: When I said "give those guys a raise," after my daughter's recital, why is it that the Legion of Doom is now on my payroll, and I'm getting angry letters from an unpaid band? A: Hey, you said "hit 'em with everything!"
  10. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Which end of the Palindromedary did you intend on kissing again? A: Because they're the best team ever, of course.
  11. Re: Answers & Questions Q: You're getting married in Vegas? What's that cost, like, five grand? Minimum? A: Because Yetis make great pets.
  12. Re: Answers & Questions Q: So, now that we've broken you out of Dr. Demento's lab, have the drugs he dosed you with worn off? A: I can hold the vampires off as long as necessary; me and my bag of Funyuns.
  13. Re: Archery shields? If you were to allow it, that's probably what I'd do. Just use the Small Shield rules in FH and call it good. It's particularly useful if you're using Hit Location Tables. Then it really could block an arrow he didn't see just by advent of taking up the slots for the arm on which it's mounted and the hands.
  14. Re: Answers & Questions Q: So we need to bounce the graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish, and that'll cover our makin' sh-t up as we go quotient, right? A: It took three Klingons and a cell phone.
  15. Re: Answers & Questions Q: So, Doctor Maw... you have me where you want me. Are you going to disclose your Master Plan now?! A: I wouldn't say "goal." More like "partially met objective thingy."
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