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  1. I’m a horologist myself. My pride is my Seiko 5. Got it as a gift from my brother on the birth of his niece.
  2. Is Wells your Servicer? Have you spoken to a loan officer directly? (Two separate but equally important questions). If all else fails you have two basic options: 1) Walk into a branch office (mask on, please) and make them take the application on the spot. They have to, under those circumstances. 2) Find a different lender. I generally recommend a mid-size lender, local to you, but your bank may give you a better deal. As to what’s wrong with Wells? Top five banking institution currently swamped with requests, most likely. No matter how agile you are, enough mar
  3. The lease to own option directly between buyer and seller? Moderately, but not extensively. Ask me anyway and we’ll see if we can’t find your answer though.
  4. Don’t forget. Unless they pull some truly miraculous bullshit, and I mean miraculous, his term ends, and power moves to Biden. It just does. Swearing in is a formality, he becomes President. And that means he gets the military. Game, set, match.
  5. Dr Ronald Sanders, of the Federal Salary Commission, when faced with an order to force people to swear loyalty to the president, resigned. Reported, with letter in hand, by Rachel Maddow just now (9:54p EST). Chilling stuff. Not the resignation. That they’re trying to legalize fascism.
  6. I had to struggle to read it because of the gray scale, but once I got through it, I realized what you’ve described is a Lantern Ring. So there’s two ways to do it, and both were covered, either: An MPF, or multiple MPFs, as applicable. For example, you can put all three flight powers into a single MPF, all “melee” shapes into an MPF, and all range damage, etc. Second thing, remember that healing in HERO is very expensive, by design. As a writer, and a DM, this special effect is lacking. I’d be looking for a lot more definition, clearer examples, were there famous demo
  7. This. I KNEW something was bugging me, and it’s this; as the Charges are consumed, the remaining constitute a greater limitation, so Hugh is absolutely right. There’s a lot of weird variables that can be considered here, many of which were mentioned, but I think this is interesting and different. I’d allow it.
  8. I have no words. But I do have answers to mortgage questions! That said. Well played, sir/ma’am/xir. Well played.
  9. Not an ad, as I’m not a lender, but I am a subject matter expert (SME, in my business slang). Mortgages can be confusing and intimidating, and currently, rates are quite literally at all time lows the likes of which I never expected to see in my lifetime. As a point of reference, we just bought a house and I managed to secure a 2.75% interest rate. If you are interested in purchasing or refinancing, I can answer the common questions. If you have a question related to the industry, to your own circumstance, or just how everything works, this is the thread to post those. I’ll answer
  10. Hay girl hay. I’m thinking by “City Strength” you mean this is a Dark Champions style game, he’s strong, but has some limitations. All those things considered, I’m going to say this: Broadly, you want to know what your campaign caps are. If your PCs cap at 20, you want your NPCs to (generally) cap at double that “unless” there’s a super compelling reason to go above/beyond that threshold. For me, I’d go with 40 STR to start. Then, you want him to create shockwaves; that’s not a function of strength, that’s a Power that deals damage that for consistency you c
  11. I considered this, but I think the mechanics of the spell, in this instance, are better preserved by limiting the actual action economy down to a half phase. An argument can be made for SPD reduction, and in many cases it’s the right answer, but in this instance I’d be looking to shake it up. Mind Control to CON is how I would do it (YMMV).
  12. @Arkhayne you asked this: And I’m here to kill you! I mean. Help you! Sorry. My inner ninja springs out of the shadows sometimes. Where’s my hat? Ah. Here we are. Short Answer: Only purchased powers or abilities can be Pushed, while a Haymaker is a maneuver, meaning you can push the power then Haymaker it, but you can’t push the haymaker itself. Long hand version: Haymaker: Spend a 1/2 phase, tank your DCV (-5), add 4 damage classes (4d6 Normal, or 1d6+1 KA, roughly). It’s a standard comb
  13. Here’s the thing, though; all Transforms have a heal back, whether you heal back the Body sufficiently or you activate the reversal, they, by nature, are not permanent. That’s a whole separate build.
  14. For me it’s not Halloween until Jack Skellington beats the Oogie-Boogie man and Bette Middler runs around with Sarah Jessica Parker. Halloween has never been about “horror,” for me; it’s a celebration of life by recognizing that its fleeting and remembering those who came before us. But the actual answer to your question, it’s not Halloween until I’ve watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  15. You mean like when he exposed the camera crew with his [redacted] video yesterday?
  16. Wow. I wrote this! These are the ANVIL II missiles from HERO: Combat Evolved; 48 Anvil II ASM: Killing Attack - Ranged 5d6-1, +1 Increased STUN Multiplier (+1/4), No Range Modifier (+1/2), Armor Piercing (x2; +1) (192 Active Points); 8 Charges (Must be Reloaded at a UNSC Facility; -1), OIF Bulky (-1), Extra Time (Extra Segment, Travels 200" per Segment, taking a minimum of 1 Segment to Reach its Target; -1/2), Infrared Tracking (Can be Countered with Flares; -1/2), Real Weapon (-1/4), Limited Arc Of Fire (180 degrees; -1/4) 240 UNSC M19 SPNKr Rocket L
  17. This is purely dependent on how serious you want it to be. That’s it. That’s my whole answer. Comedy is minor, if we start getting into the hormones and how men and women are actually quite different, moderate. I don’t see it as major as it’s not adding or removing powers. Wow. I just realized @dmjalund avatar changes colors all by itself. I feel lame now.
  18. My question has always been this: There’s this whole thing about abortion. But no one is willing to step up with daycare. Or the cost of healthcare. Or defund the military by a few million — against its trillions — to rebuild our public school system. You can’t save the children then forget about them. It’s not about being Christian; it’s code for racism and suppression of women. I freely admit to spit-balling here. The “war on Christianity” is all a giant gambit based on Roe v Wade; if we have abortions, then women may not have children unintentionally and thus may finish their ed
  19. One of the people on the list is the lead police investigator. The other is the local Congress(person). (The 80s were pretty male dominated except for women who were all T&A; I’m voting for a more late-stage Erin Grey as the local villainous politician, who has leverage against the investigator, kind of ‘we know your [secret], and we’re [not afraid to use it] so you will [investigate but never find it].” Said another way, the Congresswoman is the villain, and the investigator can be flipped from being an accomplice to being an ally who may die heroically at the end of the arc.
  20. /facepalm That’s pretty close to “rage monster,” but I believe we landed on “both pills give you a perfect result for about a Turn,” but there be side effects.
  21. Never apologize for sincere participation! Gandalf has been “GM by post” so we go scene to scene, that’s why I kicked it back to him. Please continue to post, love having you onboard, Duke.
  22. That is MUCH more interesting! Let’s go with that, or close to it; variations of “perfect talent” — whether INT, PRE, DEX, etc. That’s got story potential. @Gandalf970 You’re up.
  23. What are you thinking, like a 30 point SER PRE attack, AVAD to CON?
  24. For many people he is the single greatest guitarist of his generation, and in some of those lists, of all time. I applaud your stunning ability at understatement, Hermit. I’m... grateful? That my own rock icon, the late Freddie Mercury, after whom I pattern my own singing, is already gone. Otherwise 2020 would kill him out of spite and I can’t take much more.
  25. I was just about to post this. Thanks, 2020.
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