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  1. Re: Fantasy Cliches Which is pretty much my point; Mark is saying in simpler terms what I meant. You can toy around with Archetypes all day long; it's when your archetypes become unoriginal charicatures that you end up with cliches. Bleh.
  2. Re: Fantasy Cliches Agreed. And agreed. And oh yeah - that too. The only Pratchett I ever read was Good Omens, possibly one of my favorite books ever. I couldn't get into Discworld. I know, I know. Blasphemery. I'm aware. Wasn't my thing. I just generally prefer my imagination to someone else's.
  3. Re: Creature: Big Head Isn't Rolemaster also considered the world's single most convoluted system evarz?
  4. Re: Attention GMs... I'm simply saying that what I look for in what I do is to tell a story well; there are things that I can add or deduct from that framework to custom fit whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm not a player messer. I occassionally like giving the public what they ask for. They want kaboom, I give 'em kaboom. That's why I warned you, I'm not the best at this sort of question because it isn't how my brain's wired. Doesn't mean my opinion isn't valid, just means I confuse folk when they ask weird questions like "What's your combat ratio?" Me: "My... my what?" Them
  5. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO So this is roughly analagous to what else is going on under the hood. We resolve the primary effect first, then apply all modifiers based on the effect proper. As you say, 20 BODY & 80 STUN are both resolved using the exact same mechanics. Ah, this brings a separate question. Since we're dealing with an HKA, I've been informed that the source of the damage is persistent; i.e., your natural PD doesn't factor in because the source of the damage was Killing, ergo, your Normal resistance be useless. Yes, no?
  6. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Good monring, Mark!: Two ways to say effectively the same thing. For me, and how my brain works, it's easier to do it the 'new math' way, calculate everything on straight CP, then assign final modifiers after the fact. I do grep what you're saying though, and it was helpful in that it solidified my thinking. So I'm firm on the inside/outside math of the thing. The next bit I'm going to have fun with is Combat, but I have to read through the book (again) before I grasp both the build options (what you buy) against the style opti
  7. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO CURSES. Another thread destroyed by random deletion. Sec.
  8. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Would it make more sense to assign that STR mod as a Power, or is the cost the same? I know there's a great deal of internal consistency in the rules, I'm just trying to guage the general value of the thing. In theory your costs should roughly balance out, but we know that isn't a guarantee by any stretch. Good morning, mayapuppies! Glad you could chime in. Thanks for aiming me at KS's site, BTW, I'm already engaged in brief conversations with him and he put a Babau package together for me (or aimed me to one h
  9. Re: Fantasy Cliches Good literature doesn't avoid cliches... it... well, in part it sets them up. Who'd heard of a Light Saber prior to Star Wars? No one. But you'd heard of Excalibur, a magical blade pulled from a rock by a child who was destined to be King. Oh wait. It was really a glowing stick inhereted by a kid who's father had betrayed the throne... er, Empire... and... wait, now I'm confused... My point is that deep down - deep down in places we don't talk about at parties - you want that cliche. You need that cliche. Not because it's a cliche, because it's part of the
  10. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Killer Shrike: I'd have to do a dare to compare against the base, but IIRC this is pretty freaking close, and it looks great. Even pointed out close to my estimate. If you had this already, thanks for pointing me at it. If you didn't have it yet, then my extreme gratitude for doing it! Which, while we're on the subject, chains into the next question. A little ditty I like to call: "How do I roughly scale the power of my NPCs through the goal posts of life." In d20, as I mentioned earlier, you have Cockatrice who have
  11. Re: Creature: Big Head Yes and no; in d20, initiative determines a few things that are absent from HERO. They are, in no particular order: - Rolling a die. You have to roll d20 to determine your position in initiative, which stacks with your DEX bonus & any Feats you might have. - When you go, or using an inverse system, when you declare, THEN go. For example, most people (myself included) simply allow you to act on your initiative. The "correct" system is to declare in reverse order (slowest declares first, acts last) and then respond based on what other people are doin
  12. Re: Attention GMs... Yeargh... I always have difficulty boiling this sort of thing down because it's the mental equivlant of sticking my head through the bannister struts that hold up the railing. Sure, I can get it there, but I tend to get stuck and my dad has to bring some oil to push it back out. Curse you, physics! What were talking about? Oh yeah. One shot design. You know what, there's only one way I know how to answer this. Similar to what Amadan was saying, but the larger scope (I warned you...) version, simply construct a five step story arc and roll with it. Go go ga
  13. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Good morning. *yawn, smack* First, thanks for the warm welcome, and Steve, thanks for the rep. Even before I thought I would gain rep, I've been repping people out of sheer gratitude and sincere thanks for helping me answer some of these initial questions. I stand by what I said, y'all rule. And I am seriously enjoying the posting I'm doing & reading, which has been a major element in easing me psychologically through the transition of one system to another. Rarely is da n00bas treated so well, and it's nice to see that th
  14. Re: Suikoden Effect: Giving Players a base through contacts/followers. Apriori Premise: I'm currently playing the first of four Suikoden's on my PS One (yeah, the little revised one, got the hot LCD screen and e'y'thing.) I also have 3 & 4 ready to go on my PS2. They released Suikoden 4.5 as Suikoden Tactics, but it's getting mixed reviews. Just an FYI. On the campaign front: I'm doing this exact thing in my Ravenloft campaign, except the design is in part the massive ancestral (haunted) mansion which is located conviently next to the Badly Infested Woods of Pain and Death .
  15. Re: Attention GMs... Well, my specific cup of tea is coffee. But that's beside the point. My structures dictate a series of modules within the frame work of the larger over-arc, so I'm pretty familiar with this ground as I've treaded it many a time. What I look for is, generally, pretty irrelevant. I work with the players so they get a story they want to be involved in, so let me preface this by saying that it isn't so much what I look for when I do one of these, but what I write. And what I write varies heavily. So let me ask a clarifying question: - Are you asking what I
  16. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO *nod* Yes, sensei. I will try again. - Bob has a 20 STR prior to application of powers, which, using NCM, cost him 10 points (1:1). - Bitter Bob then looks in the mirror and realizes he lost 3' in all the wrong places, and took a -5 hit to his STR score. He now has a net STR of 15, even though his CP says 20. - Bob starts working out (that plucky little fellow! Why are short people always 'plucky?' You never hear an Offensive Lineman be referred to as 'plucky.') and begins burning CP at a 2:1 ratio in order to g
  17. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Curse you over occupied brain. Don't make me shake my fist at you. Okay, power structure I'm good with. Vulnerabilities work very differently in HERO than in d20. d20 allows for two base forms of damage resistance: 1. DR (Damage Reduction, Value/Form). In other words, if you don't take damage from anything that isn't Cold Iron, that's worked in there. So you could have DR 10/Cold Iron, and you can ignore the first ten points of damage from any source except Cold Iron. I need to replicate this. 2. Vulnerabil
  18. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Okay, because this is how I learn, pardon me whilst I reiterate what I think you said. 1. Bob the Hairfoot buys hissef a nice STR 20. Costs Bob 10cp at a 1:1 ratio. 2. Bob now applies his Hairfoot modifier, which smacks him down to 15. 3. Bob is bitter, and decides to improve his STR back to 20. However, the modifier is always counted and totaled outside of the CP Bob spends. Ergo, Bob (or Jim, or Harry, or Buffy) can ever cheat the system outside of what their template dictates. 3a. Thus, if Bob wants a STR 25,
  19. Re: Fantasy Adventures Or Why are we always underground...again You know, it's odd. Were I just sitting there with a rule book I'd go bannanas, because the book I have (CHAMPIONS 4th, ordered HERO 5th Rev... still waiting... *sob*) is so barking opaque that it does make D&D look like ... well, like an entry level system. That is a massive discussion on the ENWorld boards at the moment. You've got the hard-core who, I think, are defending D&D by saying it ain't entry level, and you've got the lit-freak/math junky (moi) saying, in short: "Er... yeah, it is. Doi." HERO, with
  20. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO CRAP, that's why I recognized the SN. Amadan-na-Briona is Gaelic for Oberon, Lord of the Twilight & Shadow, King of the Unseelie Court, Master of the Fae, forever sundered from one half of his soul, Titania. New it rang a bell, couldn't for the life of me place it. You'd think, since my entire campaign revolves around a love triangle built on the Faerie mythos, that I'd've known that. That, and I've read thousands of pages of myth, legend, and I swear by Feist's The Faerie Queen, which is one of my fave modern fantasy books.
  21. Re: Chronicles of Gor Okay. So I'll take that off of my reading list then.
  22. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Okay, that I grasped *gasp* "He can be taught!" I'm still utterly baffled as to how frame works and spell purchasing is going to work, but there's no point in me asking really in depth questions without copies of both H5thRev & FH in my lap and a lot of scratch paper available. I will ask this: - We're slinging about a great deal of numbers to represent specific things. For example, Healing (Ressurect), Only Works on Stone (-1). Is that really such a big deal against simply buying the regular ability straight up?
  23. Re: Creature: Big Head Which isn't entirely dissimilar to d20; the only thing that'll throw is the way initiative is handled; there's no way for a character with two phases to change the phases they move on, short of holding action (click... click...) and then said group resets at the top of the next order. So what I'm hearing is, similar to d20, on my turn I can either half-phase move, full-phase move, half-phase act (i.e., swing once) or full-phase act (auto fire, rapid fire, swing both blades, etc.) Yes?
  24. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Pardon me. What? Gracias!
  25. Re: Fixin' what's broken - switching from d20 to HERO Susano: MOB stands for Mobile Object Beast, it's a holdover term from MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon) and is slang for monster or creature. It's used to represent anything that isn't a major PC or NPC. Golems, Cockatrice, Dragons, and worms that say 'allo! are all MOBs.
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