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  1. No apology needed. You didn’t do this. That was my point. I’m just tired of living a nightmare and not sleeping because I’m raising my daughter in the United States. We need better and we should be doing better, and yet “things” keep holding us back. All the posts I’m writing are heavily edited, partially to prove to myself I can do it, and largely because I know screaming about it won’t get me anywhere. SO. I appreciate the thought, and for the record, I accept your apology in the way it was intended, but no need.
  2. Everything you said is well within the boundaries of reasonability, and we’ve known each other for ... 15 years, Hermit? Not super close but we’ve been on this board together for a minute, and i have the highest respect for you. So I know, for a fact, that the rolling sickening feeling as I read what you wrote isn’t from you having written it. It’s that we live in a world where it can be contemplated at all. I am going to return to lurking for a bit. Until someone says something I can’t keep mum about. So... five mini?
  3. Shut up! You’re not my real dad! I wrote a whole post on the difference between reality and what’s seen on TV, but it seemed to veer too far into Simon-Land so I blipped it. Short version: You’re right, I was trying to draw a correlation between reality as concept and reality as seen on TV, and how some people don’t realize they’re two separate things. I think you can figure out the rest of what I was saying from there. My first post did not have the weight of the construction behind it and thus it’s my fault for being unclear.
  4. That’s a fair point, there has been so much noise and it’s deafening, drowning out most positivity and hope. It really does a disservice to the whole process and pollutes the discourse. To be honest, there may not be a reconciliation between the “sides” but I also don’t believe that there needs to be one. Based on the actions and the ideas that I’m seeing there’s a group of people who believe that the function of government is primarily the protection of property, and another group who believe that the goal should be the common interest. Simply put, we need both to function as a society and re
  5. And now, this: https://apple.news/Axoy3HO5wS3OzYzgQixFo2Q Short version: 10/1 at/around 10pm, it was announced Hope Hicks, aide to Trump and the Trump family, tested positive for Corona Virus.
  6. You can also have permanent foci; a Wand of Fire Magic, grants +3 to cast fire spells, etc. This is one of the things that a Social Link can do for a player, and I think some Persona can reduce costs directly. Having multiple ways to get there is a good thing.
  7. @Old Man This made me think of you: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/2020/10/01/amy-coney-barrett-not-rhodes-scholar-she-went-rhodes-college/5882148002/
  8. Mafia had a code, honor, all kinds of things. He runs it like the idea he has of how the Mafia works based on a show he watched once.
  9. it’s an interesting approach, using the mechanics of each school as their differentiation. Not how I would do it, because that seems overly complicated to me. When I think of school I don’t think of mechanics, I think in terms of special effects, i.e, abjuration, evocation. Where when I think in terms of class, I’m more inclined to change up the mechanics. Of course, we could be saying the same thing in different ways.
  10. Hmm. Hmm hmm hmm. First off, the chain thingy. I’m assuming that he can hit people with it, so first, build it as a HTH attack. Chain, HTH, Reach, OIF. Now you can hit people who are X away with the chain. Coo. Next, entangle. Remember that when someone is entangled, the chain is now “busy.” To represent that, the Entangle carries Lock Out (-1/2, I believe). And it locks out the HTH function. Coo? Cool. Oh, and your Entangle is on a Trigger; that way, he can choose to bash people with the chain, or choose to hit someone and then when it strikes, engage the Trigger (it is opti
  11. When people say “run America like a business,” — and I saw another post on this but was too tired to reply — they do not mean ‘yell at people because they didn’t do their job.’ That’s not how you run a business. A business is about the people in it. Those of us who want to see America run like a business mean things more like this: * Quarterly & Annual targets, with the appropriate accountability * SMART goals * Reasonable transparency for our taxes * The construction of a new, uniquely American culture; Amazon holds people accountable, we should as well
  12. And I want to go back to the office without risk of getting a life threatening illness; I want my daughter to grow up in a world that doesn’t involve fascism. I want a leader who isn’t bull horning for racism, and who at least at the basic level, can get through 5 sentences without lying. I want a pony. The options are what they are. I get it. But. This is the system. These are the current rules. We have to play by those rules and we have to play to win. The only way to achieve that, currently, again, from a non-Trump point of view, is to vote Biden/Harris or, preferab
  13. Here’s where I potentially veer into trouble, but I’ll make it plain: Any vote that is not for Biden, is a vote for Trump, mathematically speaking. It’s not enough to want to vote Trump out, nor is it sufficient to vote for an alternative, non major party (i.e., Democrat). Your vote is part of the group vote that determines how your State votes and pushes the electoral college. I am not telling you how to vote; I am telling you how you should vote if you want Trump out of office. Because we are in a democratic republic, and not a democracy, your best tactical option, regardless of
  14. This is what I said originally, and I stand by it, so I agree with the esteemed @Ninja-Bear. That said, I will always give you the best answer I can whether we agree on the approach or not.
  15. The point is this: I will submit, as an apriori premise, that the majority of people’s minds are made up. I will also acknowledge, via point A, that they are fighting for the margins. If you agree to those two points, then the conclusion I’ve drawn is this: We must have two more debates. it is the only way to actively demonstrate the material differences in plan, in approach, in demeanor between the two in real time. It’s the only time that both of them are ‘putting themselves out there’ and fighting for votes. Well. One is fighting for votes, the other is fighting to
  16. I would put caps down, though, now that I’m thinking on it, which I mentioned in one of @Gandalf970’s threads, and I mention him here as I think he’ll find the discussion interesting. So for me, using some real world examples; All Persona skill are: Gestures, Incant, Cost END, Only Known Powers (-0), Only Equipped Persona (-0), RSR (specifically a stat roll for EGO, which is -1 for 20 AP), but in reviewing my notes and my builds not all of those are consistent, and I would likely go back and make a few changes, such as: * -1/Power Rank (I - VII), and equate that in term
  17. As I noted before, that’s going to get costly, quickly, but its not imbalanced.
  18. Those WERE my comments to the question, because it’s all theoretical, that’s why I posted the rest of what I did, because I’m still trying to get a handle on what you really want to do beyond “does this work?” And to clarify, my experience is not that equal points is equal balance; my experience is that in a well designed system, where I have accounted for most contingencies and mentally built out my core classes, THEN, points tend to be balanced. You’re absolutely right, and I’ve said this before; 200 points in my hands is wildly different than 200 points in a new player’s hands.
  19. This, to me, is an issue, but it explains a lot. So if I’m following your logic: They can build any spell, so long as they can pay for it; i.e., OIF, Gestures, Incantations, RSR, etc. You then wanted a safeguard against player madness by locking in their spell casting ability. Assuming casting is stat based, we’ll say on CHA for the moment, they have a 20 Charisma, and a skill of 14-, a 30 point spell (and trust me when I say 30 points is nothing in a complex magic system) is a -6 penalty out of the box. I would choose to play a fighter at that point. You’ve also made the spell che
  20. I agree with you, this was not a debate; he was not engaging with intent to debate, he intended to drive people away, to convince them to tune out, because the current poll data shows an exceptionally strong lead, and voters who reinforce that lead mean a referendum and forced accountability. That would go against the existing narrative of being a “rule breaking deal maker.” The goal here is to push everyone out of the picture and failing that, to plan on dragging the election into a stacked SCOTUS. When you’re planning on fighting the results, when you insist repeatedly that the
  21. I think you’ve captured the heart of my opinion. My greatest concern is that when given an opportunity to denounce white nationalism, and a name, which Trump asked for, and was provided “Proud Boys,” he said “stand back, and stand by.” They’ve now turned this into a new banner. It’s truly chilling. I think if I said anything else I would risk wandering into @Simon land, so I’ll leave it there. I think I am safe in saying this: anyone who believes that is a proper and rational response to being told to denounce white supremacy is not someone I want to know.
  22. Hey E; You said “one of your schools.” For me, out of the box, if I’m going to use activation rolls/skill rolls (which I have) I make them system wide. When I built Persona, I required skill rolls for all casting under pressure. That out of the way, -1/5AP is extremely granular. I look at the whole system I’m building, so my scaling was for I - VII, and I believe it ran 30 - 150 or so, and I used -1/20 AP, because I wanted each level of magic to be specifically tiered and cost that extra level to cast. If you’re starting at 1/5, that’s exceptionally challenging to hit, especially i
  23. I own(ed?) the entire B5 on DVD; whether it still exists is questionable because many things got thrown out in my last move. Many more will be thrown out with this one, but at least going forward I’ll have a whole house to fill with random crap.
  24. It’s why I outlawed wish. Just didn’t exist in my games. I get where you’re coming from @Scott Ruggels, however I actively side with Mallet and Hugh on this issue; to me your argument says “we are all equal and must all be playing by the same rules which I should have complete and total insight to.” That may not be what you’re saying, but that’s what I keep pulling out as the underpinning “core” of your objection. I can’t have infinite summoned MOBs, neither can they. This next bit is said without snark, and I want to say that because a) I’m easy to misinterpret and b)
  25. That’s actually a super complicated question, and the answer is “it depends.” Generally, I don’t, unless the character is intended to actively interact with the players. If we’re talking about a McGuffin style NPC, I just say so, and bang, he exists in the aether. However, if we’re talking about a ghost/poltergeist/etc., then there’s two questions I need to answer: * How does the “spiritual plane,” or planes, operate in this setting? Assuming a pretty average concept, then, * Desolid, APW, when APW is active, then, vulnerable to whatever I know that’s e
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