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  1. Special Effect: Seat Belt, but it all (to @Tech’s point) comes back to available STR.
  2. I understand the problem. The answer is, “stop thinking of it in terms of armor.” Instead, think of it as a power, then define its rules and its application. For Persona, I wrote Combat Luck as: 3 rPD/3 rED, Does Not Stack (-1/2), Character Must be Aware of Attack (-1/4). What that means is that if you put on actual armor, your Combat Luck gets replaced, and of course because you’re made of bloody, bloody flesh, if you don’t see the spear, you can’t dodge/deflect/miraculously survive the spear. So let’s go back to your concept, where everyone was Kung-Fu fighting. And l
  3. That’s why it was taken out. You want to build The Hulk. Your primary power purchases are going to be Growth, Density Increase, and if that’s insufficient strength, I would purchase Strength, (Only in Heroic Form, -1/4). I forget what it got called in 6, it was “Only in Heroic Identity,” commonly shortened to “OIHID” and it was adjusted from -1/2 to -1/4. Aid is used as a temporary boost that has a specific drop off level; it’s a classic buff to ability, and how we build things like D&D Haste, or a shot of Adrenalin, etc. Not usually appropriate without a lot of h
  4. The reason I take issue so specifically here is because it is a defining difference between how HERO “works” and how most other games, certainly games where you can’t build your own stuff from the toolbox, work. So whether you’re brand new and watching in fascination as your GM snaps together pieces from a jumble of LEGO into a fully functional set of wrist-mounted lightning blasters, or you have just enough knowledge of the system to tinker successfully, our primary means of defining “power level” is Active Cost. Every system has a means of dealing damage, but very few systems have a means of
  5. I would like to point out the first thing I said was, “if the vehicle is properly defined and has sufficient strength.” You’re not the odd man out, I think this is a case of “HERO being HERO” and people wanting to micro things that I would — and this is a pretty good example — merrily handwave. “You’ve got strength 100? Yeah, by all means, carry all the people you can fit on your badonkadonk.”
  6. This is going to take me a while to go through, but let me jump ahead to this: @Sveta8 said: “Damage is done in DC in this game. DC, standing for Damage Class! Simple enough, no? Without Adders, Limitations, or Advantages, nearly every Attacking Power is built to have one Damage Class per 5 Points put into it. Your GM probably has a Benchmark of what the maximum Damage Class they are comfortable running is! You'll want to stay within that limit. If you aren't certain on what Damage Class you are doing though, there is a handy chart for figuring that out on pg 97 on the 2nd Core Ru
  7. ...wait. What’s the question? How to carry other people at speed? it’s not fluffing it, per se, if the vehicle form is properly defined and they have sufficient strength. However, I agree with a prior post, the best, albeit weirdest way to do this, is Extra Limbs (Mama, I got seats!, -0). You can also purchase STR, only for seats, if you’re really looking for the full bucket reclining experience.
  8. So, apologies. Fun thread but I’m going to do the thing where I ruin it for everyone. Sorry, pardon me. Where’s my hat? Ah, here it is. Striking Appearance. Your definition is one interpretation; doesn’t matter if you’re attractive, hideously ugly, or a super cute toddler. Striking Appearance gives you its bonus circumstantially based on how you defined it upon purchase. Striking Appearance: Clearly a f*ING DEMON, is going to get certain types of people’s attention. Conversely, people accustomed to dealing with Tieflings are going to blink and shrug. Striking Appearance
  9. Verisimilitude is one of my favorite words. I want to pick something specifically from that stack: Restrainable. You already have this, because the power has Incantations (-1/4), so Restrainable would be redundant, unless, there’s another way to do it, such as ringing a huge gong (Venom), completely drenching your GLB with water (Sandman), or by knowing the exact modulating frequency of the shriek and running a counter frequency (this is one of those long term things where they have to go, get hit, sample the sound, discover the sound breaks their silly weak machinery, find a speci
  10. Amusing side thought! You could also do this with Reduced Penetration. I’m not suggesting it, as much as this is exactly the kind of power —.a sonic shock wave — that could as its special effect be mitigated by armor, which absorbs and redistributes the damage wave, while leaving everyone fully susceptible to the STUN effect. Just bringing threads full circle. Again, critical point, “could as its special effect.” Reason from effect, always. Maybe I’ll update a tag somewhere.
  11. As my former manager has said to me in similar situations, @Ninja-Bear, “You’re lucky I was here!” 😉 (he always was a complete smart ass).
  12. Earlier I replied to one of your posts and I said “you are unlikely to ask stupid questions,” and here is proof I was right — this is a perfectly reasonable question, particularly for a newcomer to a system that “has so many ways to do things.” [insert thematically heavy sigh]. So let me dispel {HA!} that idea first; yes, there are lots of ways to achieve a specific effect, but usually, if you reason from effect, there’s a single, clear best option. When I do a build, and this is a hard earned lesson, much of which I attribute to @Chris Goodwin and @ghost-angel for beating that concept into my
  13. Eeyah, that’s confusing to read. Okay, so for my own amusement, I keep rewriting it in my head, but the upshot is, “determine maximum damage, then split the dice pool, apply it to BODY twice, and apply defenses against each attack.” So the question was, “what is this appropriate?” And the answer is, as with me it so often is, “IDK, what effect are you going for?” Examples where I think this is appropriate: * Shottys. Everyone always brings it up, and I am certainly on that band wagon. My shotgun does KA, my bad guy is wearing armor, it’ll put him against the wall and r
  14. Any question asked in good faith with an open mind to hear the answer is not stupid. Note, I did not say there are no stupid questions; I’’m saying that you’re most assuredly not going to ask one. HERO is hard to break through, it’s alphabet soup with a dozen lightsaber builds and rabbit hole arguments as to why “everything is a transform” (it’s not) lurking around every corner. Have no fear, we’ll help you navigate those waters. Welcome.
  15. The Lord Captain Thia Halmades is a signature character I created for my fantasy setting; I liked the name and kept it. Someday, I’ll change it, but then how would anyone recognize me? My first table top was Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D/2nd Edition) at the tender age of “I’m too young to fully understand what’s going on,” but old enough to “not eat the dice.” AD&D was also the first game I ever successfully ran at summer camp. Even then, when I’m supposed to be getting exercise and meet girls, what did I bring? D&D books. I am currently in a 5th Ed
  16. Thia Halmades eyes you warily, uncertain of your intentions!
  17. I don’t think that’s naked strength, just characteristic strength. I’m quibbling, but Naked has a specific sub-function which escapes me because IDHMBIFOM. That said, what everyone else posted is correct. The other way to go about it is to have an END Battery “only for feats of strength.” END is cheap. However. I would also submit it may make the most sense, campaign/game wise, to not change a thing. It’s a Troll. Buy up the strength characteristic, and then buy up END to whatever the Troll Characteristic Maxima is, since it’s likely over 50. Call it 75 or 100 or whatever is approp
  18. If there was one truly bizarre HERO trope I would utterly ditch without hesitation, it would be this. I remember reading it when I joined, and every time I see it my hackles go up. And I mean no offense, @archer because that’s what everyone has always said, but to my original point, it very likely ain’t so, for a whole bunch of reasons. Not the least of which is, how often are you in a ship wreck and land with nothing? Rarely. In a super heroic game, sure. The Silver Gunman finds his guns — that were bought as OIF, or that lack the focus limitation at all. It’s not about the points, it’s about
  19. @Chris Goodwinbeat me to this when he pointed out that under RAW, a crit occurs when you beat your target by half (in favor of the defender, so rounded down); this is what I’ve always used and it works very well, particularly given how much manipulating of the numbers can be done by skilled players. In your system as proposed, I’d be looking at a pretty wide gap between OCV & DCV and that’s before application of CSLs or other modifiers like Surprise. Not saying it can’t work, just far less often. Also bearing in mind that you have a 0.5% (IIRC) of rolling 3 (that very specific combination;
  20. Low power magic generally means divination, long incantations, curses, hexes and alchemy. I would point to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, particularly film one, for what low magic looks like; Gandalf is pretty nerfed compared to what he can do in the books. Prophecy also tends to make itself known. In terms of a low magic system, I know I’m going to sound like a broken record when I say this, “What do you want people to be capable of?” And on the heels of that question, “What is the thematic source of this magic?” I need both of those to provide a reasonable answer. But. As I’m lat
  21. This one! I LOVE THIS ONE!! Warning: I’m up a little late and when that happens I tend to ramble. So I’ve put my answer to your question up front, where it’s easy to see: Answer 1: It actually doesn’t matter as long as you’re consistent. You’d be surprised how much punishment the HERO system can take and still put out a balanced game experience. To go back to @Ninja-Bear, it’s easiest to make all weapons free, because the cost was paid by the player when they invested in the Martial Art to use it. For example, Kusari-Gama. If I pick one of those up, I’m going to
  22. TL;DR; Long Term Endurance is a solid way to represent physical wear of heavy armor. Other thoughts follow. I always get lost in these threads. Are you asking about a fundamental rules question? I.e., “how do I?” Or are you asking “how would you to achieve verisimilitude?” Because we’ll be here for a while depending on how you answer. Short version: Build Armor with the limitation, “weight category, (-x/y).” Weight categories are: Clothing (-0), Light (-1/4) Medium (-1/2) Heavy (-3/4) and Urk (-1). Then the fun starts. What do you want that weight category to mean? This
  23. Wow, I remember when this happened to me (not identically, but similarly). It made me restructure how I assemble games and parties and the “basic buy-in” that everyone agrees to. But that’s not your question. My answer is “let it ride.” Instead of coughing up a new plot line, really think about what all of your other major actors are doing: 1) Who was affected the most? What is their angle, and what is their end goal? 2) What toll has this taken on the town? What is their response going to be? PS: There’s always a response. It can be leaving, it can be assembling a
  24. I believe this was already said, but what you’re describing is fancy Retrocognition. It’s going to have a few qualifiers; 1. You’ll need to define your OIF, and if you like, give it Charges 2. Since the character is recording what’s happening as it’s going on, then playback is limited only to what was witnessed (-1) 3. Which raises the separate question, “Can this be used as an attack?” By which I mean, how does he get in, and do I get a breakout roll? Personally I don’t want someone in my head that I didn’t actively invite. So while you have Retrocognition, i
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