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  1. Actually, when applied to an instant power, Time Limit allows a character to use that power without having to allow for any limitations that might prevent that power from activating for the duration of the time limit. That's why Time Limit is an advantage for instant powers. After the first use, it allows you to ignore limitations like Gestures (do this to activate), Incantations (say this to activate), Focus (have this to activate)… ...and Charges (wait a period of time between activations). Which is why I think Lucius' build works (especially now that I'm not confusing Reloading with Recovering).Each 'clip' has one Continuing (I could see an argument for not needing this modifier, but some GMs might want it as it shows that the charge is still ongoing even thou the Blast has already been fired) Charge that the Time Limit nullifies for five minutes, enabling the 'Khas Gun' to fire again and again until the times' up. Once the Time Limit's duration has ended the 'clip' modifier activates, and the 'khas Guns' cooldown period begins and can't be used again for an hour. Wash, rinse, repeat another 15 times.
  2. That's what Time Limit is for. It makes an instant power function similarly to a constant power for the duration. In this case, you'll be able to used your gun for 5 minutes after the first use, then it shuts down and the way Lucius set up charges(*) means you won't be able to use that clip for an hour. (*Of course, with 16 clips, you can just switch out 1 clip for another (1 phase) and be good to go for another 5 minutes. by the time you've used the 16th clip, the first 4 will be ready to go again. Did you intend for that Lucius?)
  3. Change Environment: Stunning appears in the Advance Player's Guide Vol I, pg 83.
  4. Actually, no. Basic Invisibility has a 'fringe' where the subject can be detected enough to attack if an observer makes a PER Roll. Define the character's 'fringe' as all-or-nothing so that if an observer makes the PER Roll, then the observer clearly sees the character. If the observer fails, then they can't see the character at all. Use the points you saved from not buying the Trigger advantage to buy a linked Change Environment to give observers minuses to their PER Roll.
  5. Throwing Pies would be Flash. Seltzer Water would be Flash again, but this time with double knockback (+3/4 to base cost). The Banana gag would of course be Change Environment with Luck & Unluck changing the odds. The Mochi Mallet would be a straight Blast that does no BODY to living beings (-0). Finally, the 'Off With His Head' routine is LOTS of Resistant Defense with the Limitation Susceptibility: Change Environment (Stunned for as many phases as the attack had D6 plus 1 (Hop can recover if an ally assists him for a phase). Hope that helps
  6. We probably need something like the Language Chart for Science. Hmm... I shall direct you to the Ultimate Skill, pgs. 260-266, which has Fields divided into Disciplines, Subdiciplines, ans Specialities Again, The Ultimate Skill provides an answer: Basically, Steve felt that since "Science" was comprised of so many fields, disciplines, subdiciplines, and specialities, allowing a general "SCIENCE!" skill would be too tempting for too cheap. Also, It makes the Etymologist (Specialities: Etymology & Chymerology)/Roboticist/Physicist (Speciality: Size Physics) easier to distinguish from the Physicist (Specialities: Dimensional Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Robotics)/Neurologist from the Mechanical Engineer/Physicist (Specialities: Astronautics and Hyperspace Physics) than if I told you that Hank Pym, Dr. Doom, and Mr. Fantastic all had the SCIENCE! Skill.
  7. I know there's a 'Hunka, hunka burning love' joke in there, but I can't think of it for the awesomeness of Belkar having Durkon's back in the last panel
  8. Oh, I'm pretty sure Multiforming into a vehicle is legal. How else would you write up Turbo Teen??
  9. I've just read the first few chapters of Gleipnir and I'm starting to wish I hadn't (mainly because of Claire), but I've got the general idea of what you're wanting and I think I've got an 'easy' idea of how to do what you're wanting: 1) Make stats for Shuichi. 2) Make stats for a vehicle (we'll call it Chucky Ruxpin because the first thing I thought of when I saw Shu's altered form was So that's what you get when Teddy Ruxpin 'gets busy' with the Bride of Chucky.). Add a computer (or just add INT & EGO to the vehicles stat block) with Shuichi's INT & EGO and the Physical Complication: EGo is 0 when someone with the coin is 'riding' Chucky Ruxpin. 3) Give Shuichi the power Multiform:Chucky Ruxpin. 4) Let the coin be the 'key' to Chucky Ruxpin and give it the skills Combat Pilot:Chucky Ruxpin and maybe some 'martial arts' with the focus being the coin (IIF most likely). This way anybody can pilot Chucky Ruxpin - so long as they have the coin. 5) Done. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go chug some brain bleach in an attempt to get the Boo Hag known as Claire outta my head.
  10. Only if she doesn't go tumbling down hills. Badum-bum-TISH!!!
  11. To be fair to the writer of EE, DC had a pair of supervillians (Coldsnap & Heatstroke of the Masters of Disaster) who had similar problems; Whenever CS got within a foot of HS steam erupted between them. They joined the group to get money to cure their condition. IIRC, at one point HS was thrown into CS, and the resulting steam bath knocked them both out.
  12. Nooo... That's Brittany Diggers-Gia, Tiffany's mom.
  13. Actually, it's Dimension Door, but who sweats the technical stuff nowadays, amirite ? Anyway, new one up! http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0926.html Don't feel bad, Belkar. Getting turned into a lizard isn't so bad compared to getting skewered by a triceratops. Especially if V has a Dispel Magic ready herself...
  14. Y'know, I think Sabine would gladly forgo her holiday bonus for the contents of Lee's Inbox. And I think I'd like nothing better than for Nale to take out Tarquin instead of Elan. It would show Tarquin where he is in the OoTS' Villain Heirarchy.
  15. Welcome to the Deep End of the alignment pool, Belkar. Mind the Vampires.
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