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  1. I wish it were a one-off... https://youtu.be/IcCGjQ4pUO0?t=183 Now let me be blunt: I can't stand this scene! At least with Hal, you could see how Bats could get the ring off his finger (Hal was out-of-combat, had his hands wide open, no forcefield, and he's being written as a fearless fool, so he wouldn't think that Bats would try to slip it off his finger). John, on the other hand, despite being rather stupid (I have the most powerful ranged weapon in the universe, so naturally I should fly in to fistfight a completely unknown enemy) for a former marine, has his forcefield up and his fists balled up and punching (and connecting too). And despite all that, Batman is able to get that ring off his finger like he's filching an extra donut from the JL commissary. I can't believe the GL Corps lasted as long as it did if it was that easy to get a ring off in combat.
  2. Why stop with just Panzerkunst? Here's a write-up of the Battle Angel herself, written up by Michael Surbrook.
  3. Massey misspoke. A CON Roll is made to determine if the target is stunned. HERO System Advanced Player’s Guide, pg 83:
  4. In The HERO System Almanac, the Average Soldier was given a PRE of 10, with the text specifying that the extra point came from 'an improved self-image and experience with acting under pressure'. If the idea of an Average Human having Primaries of 8 took hod around this time then a Genocide Rook having a PRE of 10 doesn't seem so unreasonable...
  5. 😕 That took me a bit to make heads of tails out of. So I ran it thru auto-correct, and this is what came out: Was it even ten years? My copy of Champions II has a copyright of 1982. And as for the question, I was in the middle of a paragraph about how Light Illusions shared its resolution mechanic with mental powers while not being a mental power, and so could be the reason why it was dropped, but then I remembered, so do PRE Attacks, so in the end, I got nuthin'. I should hope not. Then I'd have to comment about Images, self only Shapeshift. And we've got enough of a kerfluffle going on as it is. I was about to drop a Dr. Strangelove joke in here, but it fell apart before I could properly visualize it. Sorry. Also I should've written earlier that Light Illusions and Images are two different powers with different mechanics (one can only work if you're too stupid to escape, the other works by fooling your senses) that produce a similar effect, Images being more inclusive (up to 5 senses compared to only sight), and thus 'better'. My bad.
  6. Yeah, this. And stop trying to turn Images into Mental Illusions. They're two different mechanics, with different effects: An Image can affect anyone who can see the image, which is dependent on its size (base size is 1m × 1m × 1m, but you can use Area of Effect to make it bigger). You pay for each sense you want to affect. A PER Roll is used to spot the discrepancies (like you would use a PER Roll to find something hidden by the Concealment skill, success means you've found enough discrepancies to realize that the image is an image). And if an Image punches you, you can't feel it. A Mental Illusion can only affect one person (although you can increase the number of targets with Area of Effect). All senses are affected. A breakout roll is used to disbelieve the illusion (wheupon the illusion vanishes). And if you roll high enough, a Mental Illusion can punch you and actually do STUN.
  7. Except every other primary stat loses some effect by doing this. And INT doesn't gain anything. Every point of STR increases your lifting capability by 15% cumulative. Every point of DEX improves your chances of going first. Indeed, this was determined to be so useful that the cost of DEX is 2CP per point. Every point of CON decreases your chances of being stunned, which is determined per pip of STUN damage you take from attacks. Every point of EGO decreases your chances of being affected by powers like Mental Illusions, Mind Control, and Telepathy, which is determined per pip of effect rolled by those powers. Every point of PRE decreases your chances of being affected by Presence Attacks, which is determined per pip of effect rolled when a PRE Attack is made. INT is the only primary stat that doesn't gain anything per point. Removing the granularity from the other primary stats won't improve INT's game effects one bit, but every other stat would be screwed.
  8. Select a power in your MP. In that powers window, there should be a 'Fixed Slot' option next to the 'Display Active Points' option jut before you get to the Adders/ Modifiers sub-window. Select that.
  9. Sorry for the unintentional Thread Necro. This is what happens when you just wake up in the morning after having looked for old posts the night before.😕
  10. Since your Hera's a channeller of Bioenergy, I would suggest making one transform an Empower Minion Hero, giving a normal person low-level superpowers along with Hera-related disads/comps, and the other, like Lonewolf suggested could be a 'curse' that gives her opponents unluck.
  11. Oh. My... (insert your choice of copulating deity) Still, my sense of Schadenfreude has me wondering how well the intern fared. Seriously, it's guys like him that (rightfully) give Superhero Registration a bad name. And has Doc Apep recorded the death screams of all involved as music to go to sleep each night.
  12. I don't suppose you could just use Missile Deflection, Area Effect with a Side Effect that says that the lightning always hits the character? For FREd: For 6th ED:
  13. No. BOLO (the Player Character) had a vulnerability to fire. This was back in the day when the more messed up disadvantaged you were, the more powerful you could be. I remember when I tried to pay for a 750pt demon hunter by having her be hunted by various Demons, Demon Cults, and DEMON (this was CHAMPIONS 3rd ed, where after the first two like disads, all disads of the same type got you half points).
  14. Actually, when applied to an instant power, Time Limit allows a character to use that power without having to allow for any limitations that might prevent that power from activating for the duration of the time limit. That's why Time Limit is an advantage for instant powers. After the first use, it allows you to ignore limitations like Gestures (do this to activate), Incantations (say this to activate), Focus (have this to activate)… ...and Charges (wait a period of time between activations). Which is why I think Lucius' build works (especially now that I'm not confusing Reloading with Recovering).Each 'clip' has one Continuing (I could see an argument for not needing this modifier, but some GMs might want it as it shows that the charge is still ongoing even thou the Blast has already been fired) Charge that the Time Limit nullifies for five minutes, enabling the 'Khas Gun' to fire again and again until the times' up. Once the Time Limit's duration has ended the 'clip' modifier activates, and the 'khas Guns' cooldown period begins and can't be used again for an hour. Wash, rinse, repeat another 15 times.
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