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  1. And the answer is (drumroll please)...: A. The general idea behind Only in Alternate ID (henceforth written as OIAID) is that the Player Character has two (or more) distinct identities and that the power(s) with OIAID are only accessible in one form. If a sniper fired bullets at Clark Kent and Billy Batson, the Bullet that hit Clark's head is gonna vaporize when it hits his head, whereas the bullet that hits Billy's head... well... Billy's brains will make pretty art. Both of them are invulnerable in their superhero IDs (Superman and Captain Marvel, respectively), but Billy has to
  2. In combat, I'd have you make 2 rolls: Roll-to-Hit, because the target very likely won't stand there and let you do the "Shave and a Haircut" gag. And a PS: Jedi Knight Roll (no minuses unless the target figures out what you doing and makes a DEX roll to avoid it (but if he's never seen you do it before, how would he know?)) because while it's cool, it's not worth a huge outlay of points for the effect, and a Jedi should have spent a few points for the PS if only to fake being a Jedi...
  3. So Capt. Wonder's the Dude dealing with the Thing... 😜
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