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  1. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Damnit I should go to bed. I waste so much time
  2. Re: A Game Of Questions What kind of pie? Are you some sort of pervert?
  3. Re: A Game Of Questions Do I ever pay attention?
  4. Re: A Game Of Questions Asked about what?
  5. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Michael Jackson, what happened to your nose? A: I was just helping the goat through the fence officer, I swear.
  6. Re: Magic system opinions I think Killer Shrike has an example of this on his website, under framework based magic systems. I was thinking of using a variation on it in my next FH campaign, for all of the reasons mentioned by old man.
  7. Re: Character ideas for a new player
  8. Re: Advantagous sfx If you really want the quirks of a sfx to be captured by the game rules, you could actually type "(Can do any power trick fire sfx can do with a power skill roll -0) (Cannot do any power trick fire sfx cannot do -0)" after each of your powers, but for most people, this is just understood.
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