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    I grew up an army brat, moving around the country till I was 16 when my dad retired. Decided to skip college and joined the army in '94 the day I turned 18. I graduated One Station Unit Training as an Infantryman down in Fort Benning, Georgia. My first assignment was with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell. I spent three years there serving as a rifleman, machine gunner, and team leader. I decided I wanted to jump out of airplanes not just helicopters so I went to airborne school in '98 and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. Spent two years there jumping out of airplanes serving as a team leader and squad leader. Decided I had enough playing army and wanted to deploy somewhere and do "real" missions. At that time in the late nineties the only units that where doing real world missions (besides SOF) was the Germany based units (Bosnia and Kosovo) and the 10th Mountain Division (Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Haiti) out of Fort Drum, NY. It was easy to ask for reassignment to Fort Drum because nobody wants to go there (6 months of winter and -30 degree temperatures I don't know why). I spent seven years in the North Country as a squad leader and platoon sergeant. I deployed three times to overseas missions while there. First was a peace keeping mission to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt we call Multinational Forces and Observers for six months. We were there to make sure Egypt and Israel didn't go to war. I got to see the Pyramids which were neat. Then 9/11 happened while we were over there and thought because of our location we would be the first ones sent to where ever to take the fight to the bad guys (generic name to whomever wants to cause bad things to happen to America and/or it’s citizens). But the big army was like nope you guys are staying where you’re at to complete your mission. Anyway it wasn't long after we got back to home station that we got our chance to go fight the bad guys and we got it in spades. My first combat deployment was in 2003 when we were sent to Afghanistan. We spent nine months running around Bagram airbase, Kunar, Nuristan, and Ghazni provinces. There weren’t many US troops in Afghanistan at the time (Iraq was in full swing) so we were basically running around playing whack a mole trying to find the Taliban/HIG/Haqani network/Drug traffickers/Criminals and whoever else didn’t like us over there and didn’t want a democratically elected national government. For a good read on the first few years of OEF try “A Different Kind of War” by Dr. Donald P. Wright. 18 months later (’06-’07) we were back in Afghanistan this time operating mostly around Paktika province with a few months spent back in Ghazni province. A good read on this period are the books “Outlaw Platoon” by Sean Parnell and “War” by Sebastian Junger. After 16 months we returned to Fort Drum. By this time I was tired of getting shot at so I asked to go down to beautiful south west Louisiana at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk to be a Combat Trainer. I spent three years down there certifying platoons and companies to deploy to OIF and OEF to conduct combat operations. I was then assigned to Fort Knox as a First Sergeant with the 1st Infantry Division. I deployed again to Afghanistan (’11-’12) for a 12 month tour this time operating out of Ghazni province the whole time. Trying to get my old company commander to write a book on our experience over there, for now you can go to you tube and type in “ghazni extended patrol” and watch one of my platoons doing army stuff over there. I am currently assigned as the Operations NCO for a Training Support Brigade at Fort Shafter, Hawaii with my beautiful wife and 5 great kids.
    I have played RPGs off and on since the early ‘90s, mostly Hero and GURPS. The genres I enjoy the most are Fantasy (Turakian Age, Bane Storm), SciFi (Terran Empire, Traveller, Vorkosigan Saga) Pulp, and Monster Hunting (MHI). I have recently started playing table top war games, specifically Ogre (sjgames) and Flames of War (Battlefront).
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  1. Well I guess I am purchasing DC in the near future.
  2. Yeah something like Pathfinder...which implies exploring unknown and interesting places.
  3. For fun I am creating a modern horror survival campaign based loosely on the Walking Dead comic/show. I wanted to have some 50-75 point templates that players could choose from or get ideas. Namely "normal" but useful in a survival situation kinda of job/templates. Jobs like Emergency Services (Paramedic, Police Officer, Fireman), Journalist, Federal Agent (FBI, DEA, ATF), Athlete, Academic (Scientist, Scholar, Engineer), Armed Forces (Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine), Basic Services (Farmer, Mechanic, Electrician, etc.).
  4. Thanks for the link. I didn't think to look there. Still it looks like it needs some serious help. Maybe I can add to this?
  5. Is there a repository of Templates/Package deals out there somewhere? I own Star Hero, Fantasy Hero (5th and 6th ed), and Pulp Hero so I am looking more specifically at modern day templates. I know I can take most of the packages from these books and update or file of the serial number but it would be nice if there was a collection of templates by genre out there somewhere. I never purchased Dark Champions so if that book has a lot of good modern day templates let me know and I will buy the PDF. It would be nice though if there was something like Surbrook's Stuff but geared toward templates instead of individual characters (I could be wrong but I couldn't find Templates on his website).
  6. Okay so besides my earlier list I have, The Shadow The Phantom Sky Captain The Rocketeer The Maltese Falcon Romancing the Stone Doc Savage Pulparize it! thread Thanks for the input, some of these I have seen and some not and some its been a long time so I probably need to watch them again. Anything else out there let me know!
  7. I run a standard heroic (100 + 50) campaign in a modified Turakian age setting. I like the fairly powerful but can still get their butts kicked by a group of goblins if they are not careful points level.
  8. Was thinking of getting motivated to run a Pulp campaign and was wondering what good Pulp films are out there to watch. This is what I've come up with so far: 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark 2. Temple of Doom 3. The Last Crusade 4. King Kong (2005) 5. The Mummy (1999) 6. The Mummy Returns (2001) I left kingdom of the Crystal Skull out intentionally since it takes place in the 50's but it still might fit because of the story. I know there are more Pulp films out there. I googled pulp movies but the only thing that comes up is Quentin Tarentino's very unpulp movie.
  9. I have 5th edition Equipment guide and Gadgets and Gear, but want to upgrade to 6th edition. Does the 6th edition Equipment guide cover these two books?
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