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  1. My main Champions game is 14 years old now and I call it the Atlantaverse. We have a nice mainly Silver Age high point Superhero team in Atlanta; a group of mystics in Vibora bay; three vigilantes in Hudson City; 4 pulp heroes in the 1930's; and low-point heroes in San Mateo. This weekend I am adding three Teen Champion in a High School in Atlanta. 300 pts No skill *purchased* above 12- only 1 power up to 50 active; other powers no more than 30 active Social Limitation: Legal Minor and Social Complication: High School Student for 0 points no Public IDs They have
  2. Thanks guys, I appreciate the great response
  3. "Could you describe the origin a bit more? "The Elric books" covers a lot of territory." Sure! As I remember the origin was a girl seeing a fight between the Lords of Order and the Gods of Chaos. It was all so cliched and ridiculous that she laughed at them. They judged her, found her too realistic and complex, and transformed her into an amorphous energy being.
  4. Years ago I borrowed a book from a friend and one of the characters described had an origin story that seemed to mock the Elric books. I think it was called The Shape. I have *no idea* what book it was in. Am I crazy? Anyone know the book?
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