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  1. Pg 98 is for killing attacks? The description of killing attacks addresses that as a +1 or 1/2 die for 5 or 10 character points. But a blast +1 pip or 1/2 die is a partial DC. The Hero designer allows it to be purchased for 2 or 3 points. Where in the rules is that allowed for a blast. On pg 98 under normal damage it talks about a 1/2d6 being rolled, but where does it describe the actual purchase of a +1 pip or 1/2 die. The STR chart gets into the +1 pip or 1/2 die damages, but it doesn't say anything like that in blast. If it is an adder then it should be shown somewhere in the book or at least reference the STR chart on how points are used for the +1 pip or 1/2 die.
  2. OK, so where does it say that you can do that as an adder. Yes it is splitting hairs or six or one half a dozen of the other, what ever you decide to call it. But where is it.
  3. Then why does Hero Designer support it in both 5th ed and 6th ed?
  4. I'm in an online game and the GM mentioned to me that there is no more half dice on blast and that it is strictly 5 pts per d6. I see the power shows that but I don't see anywhere that says you can not buy a half die. The Hero Designer still allows it for purchase. Is this true?
  5. Version v1


    This is a character sheet I have been working on to make character creation a little easier. I'm looking for input pn the sheet. There are still portions I want to work on more, but I wanted to start getting some opinions on things to change or add.
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