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  1. This is where we don't have enough information. Given that Thanos has been killed twice in one timeline, as I see it we have a two different options as to how this can work and still keep the "you can't change the past" rule in place: (It also occurs to me that the Black Order & very likely a bunch of the chitauri all die twice as well) 1) Past Thanos is from a different timeline which existed briefly but no longer does. That timeline was created the moment the stones were taken, existed to the end of the universe, then "unwound" once the stones were put b
  2. There was no Gem. As for the Vision... it was complicated, but in a comic booky kind of way so I was fairly down with it. Spoilers for Wandavision: There were two Visions in Wandavision. The "Normal" red and green one was created by Wanda, but there was mention made that both Wanda's Powers and the original Visions personality/Soul had come from the mind stone, so her version was pretty accurate, self-willed, and had a "spark" of life that was beyond her control. The implication was that she had conjured him, but her Infi
  3. I understood her argument being that it wasn't that they cant split the time stream, it's that if they do they are dooming all the people in the split timelines to really hellish exitances if the Infinity Stones aren't around to deal with problems. The discussion goes: 1) removing the stones from The Ancient One's present would create alternate timelines where they didn't have the stones and would be overrun without them (There is good reason to think Dr Strange couldn't have fended off Dormammu without the Time Stone for example). 2) Banner argued that if they took the ston
  4. You did indeed have a mix of poses, I'm saying *this* one is maybe more of a pinup than we might want for a PC heroine. If the character is supposed to be acting enticing, cool. If the character is supposed to be awesome and kickass.. then this doesn't work. The art sets the tone for who you want the audience to be, especially in a product aimed at new players. My group of Hero players is mostly women and good god don't get them started on how shitty the representation is in 75% of all RPG books. I believe that if you have women leading with their chests as sample player characters you
  5. The poses might be an issue. Dr. Nope is doing a generic "tough guy" heroic pose and Apex is doing a "cheesecake/pinup" pose. If her character is all about being a model or similar (like Sapphire is a pop singer) then it might fly, but if you are actually going to try to get a teenage girl to play the game based on this art... it might be offputting.
  6. Think of it this way, in order to qualify for the Focus limit, someone has to be able to take the foci from you. If someone took the character you are statting out, stripped them naked & put them in an empty room then they don't have weapons of opportunity. Every part of the multipower with that limit stops working. If you took the limit on the reserve, then the reserve stops working and it can't power the slot. So the whole thing stops working even if the slot you want to "turn on" didn't have the limit. Which is why it's illegal to do it this way. If you only want the li
  7. Ok, all the limits on a multipower reserve apply to all the slots. You aren't supposed to have limit: it's a cane and advantage: not a cane at the same time. What are you trying to accomplish?
  8. I also say #2. Although it sounds like there is some general disdain for anything less intimidating, I think thats the way to go for new players.
  9. I think it's a question of audience. Comic fans are really into continuity and progress, until something happens they don't like then they like to pretend it never happened. On the other hand, it takes decades and appearances in multiple media to really cement a character in the public imagination. If Grayson had been Batman for 20 years (and lets be real, even that is a stretch. Bruce has been Bats since 1939), and about to hand it off to Damien Wayne (or someone) in the comics, that is just confusing for most people who aren't up on comics and there is pressure to revert to form for the
  10. Yeah, the part where the spear in the neck isn't that bad compared to whatever he does next does seem a little weird.
  11. There are levels of villainy. Just because you can live with initiating a global catastrophe doesn't mean you want to deal with traffic court. To quote the great Doctor Drakken & Shego: Shego: (reading the label of Drakken's mind-control shampoo) "Lather, Rinse, Obey." Aren't you being a little too upfront here? Dr. Drakken: Truth in labeling laws, Shego. I'm a supervillain, not a corporate shyster.
  12. Wow, going back to colonialism, but from a united Europe instead of competing empires? That is exactly the kind of comic book supervillainy I'm looking for from Eurostar. Keep Fiacho (or replace with his daughter, I like Hermit's idea), and shift the rest of the team to not just be thugs from various places in Europe to instead be representatives of the past Empires. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugal, etc
  13. This is the exact origin of MainFrame from an alternate Universe Avengers that was published for a while in the 90s. MainFrame was basically a Black and Gold Iron Man who was full robot with Stark's memories instead of power armor. Part of his shtick was that he had dozens of spare robot bodies stored somewhere and would just keep showing up like nothing had happened when bad guys kept ripping his head off. IIRC, they called themselves AvengersNext, and included a flannel wearing "son of Juggernaut", Younger/Hipper Thor AKA Thunderstrike, and Wolverine's Son. They lived in the same univ
  14. Probably. That would at least make sense in 2021 for a guy who wants to rule a united Europe. I feel like there is more nostalgia than actual examination going on here. Eurostar makes sense in 1984. They sort of make sense in 1994. Every decade after that they get less relevant. If we want to keep replaying our high school games with villains from the 80s thats cool, but if I introduced a bunch of High School kids to Champions today... these guys don't make any sense. The EU has been a thing their whole lives, the IRA mostly stopped blowing things up years before they were b
  15. If I've learned anything, its that you need to trust people about when something is or is not a stereotype of an ethnic group that includes them. They deal with it more and they have stronger opinions. Telling someone who deals with it when you don't that it isn't that bad doesn't land well. If actual Europeans think Eurostar is a bunch of shallow stereotypes we should maybe believe them. Just because they aren't as bad as the guys from European Enemies doesn't mean they are good. When you watch stuff made in other countries and the guy from the USA has a cowboy hat, a gun &am
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