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    Master Villains

    I ran a very long term game that lasted from early 4th edition to the end of 5th edition. Dr. Destroyer was still too powerful for my Players, but Mechanon became a long-running antagonist. His increase in power from 4th to 5th more or less kept him above the PCs but not overwhelmingly so. Although I do admit I didn't give him all the slots in his multipower when they first ran into him in 5th edition, they were added over time as he upgraded his body. The 6th edition version seem a bit high-powered for the suggested starting heroes, but I suppose you need somewhere to go.
  2. My Champions Universe ran for 20 years with a gradually cycling series of players. Its mostly inspired by a mix of Marvel Comics and the published Champions 4th and 5th edition universes with some homebrew hero and villain teams. In retrospect it was pretty optimistic without being a parody. Primus was a valued ally and while there were tons of rotten government secret programs and anti-mutant Generals in charge of R&D projects, they were always shut down when the PCs exposed them. The players saved the world several times, and played many of the published adventures. (They never forgave Black Harlequin for Omega World from "Champions Battlegrounds". Some of the highlights: - We did a big summer crossover with the Despoiler actually damaging the Keystone of Reality. When the dust settled we had the 5th edition universe. - Captain Future's backstory from 4th Edition Golden Age Champions was expanded into a super-heroy time police, with a Captain Future in every heroic age. The PCs said good by to their buddy the Star Trek TNG themed Captain Future and said Hello to his Matrix Themed replacement at the turn of the Millennium. - A PC who was a member of the royal family of Cotopia, his vaguely Monaco like homeland, had to take back his country after Brother Bone launched a new inquisition against their decadent ways. - Foxbat stole a time machine & led the PCs (and the Captain Future Corps) on a bewildering cross-time adventure before he succeeded in his master plan. When they returned to the present they discovered that he had altered history so that the Star Wars Prequals were different and the fandom agreed they had surpassed the originals in every way. Lucasfilm was making plans to buy Disney. The PCs decided to look the other way and just keep living in "FoxBat's Future" - An Angelic PC who escaped from the war between Heaven & Hell during the Despoiler incident used a favor with the Powers that Be to end Mechanon's threat. She expected them to kill or banish him. Instead he ended up becoming a heroic protector of Organic Beings & Is now up there with Tetsuronin as one of the most powerful heroes in the world. We retired the old game a number of years ago, but are about to start up a new Ravenswood academy game set in 2019 in the same game universe. I plan to let the characters the Players remember from the old game to still be around, aged 10 years. New characters, or characters they never encountered will match the 6th edition versions. This should make it easier to express that time has passed & new heros and villains have stepped up. One PC is the heroic Mechanon's "Son". He is the result of The Engineer's interference in one of Mechanon's projects, making her the PC's "Mother"
  3. Back in the day when I played 4th and 5th ed, I just house ruled all published character's Dex down by 6 along with the drop in CV. It was a very small amount of mental arithmetic to make the adjustment when I used them and I felt a lot better about where everyone's stats were. The conversion to 6th Edition will follow the same rules where needed. Setting wise, I kept UNTIL out of the US, Russia, China, and a few rogue states. They protected most everyone else. In my games the USA used PRIMUS rather than having armed UN forces operating inside their borders. I could never imagine the US allowing armed troops not under their control to fight in major US cities. I also kinda liked the Silver Avengers and the Iron Guard too much to shut them out anyway. SAT just didn't exist. China and Russia had similar organizations but in never came up much. My PCs international adventures usually took them to central America and the South Pacific.
  4. After an absence of 12 years from Hero System my group is starting up a Teen Champions game using 6th edition. When last we played we ran 4th, converting to 5th a few months after FRED came out. In game we had a big summer crisis crossover with the Despoiler damaging the keystone of reality. This time out we are taking advantage of our time away to catch up to the "current" version of the Champs Universe and the Hero Rules. The changes from 5th to 6th edition have been noticeable, but so far I'm not seeing what the controversy is.
  5. As you say, Roy hasn't even fired up the anti-undead green glow on his ancestral sword yet. This fight has a ways to go.
  6. Re: Order of the Stick A valid way of reading that, but I don't agree that he is. He spent a lot of time standing outside in the daytime, both at the Arena and Girards Hideout. This is a big no-no for D&D vampires, and when D&D rules have been ignored in the past we have always gotten nods to the fact in the strips. (Like weather control not being able to do the stuff Durkon does with it in Cliffport)
  7. Re: Order of the Stick A lot of the characterization that informs RedCloak is unfortunately hidden away in the book-only strips found in "Start of Darkness". The books details Xykon and RedCloak early lives, how they hooked up, and why they are doing what they are doing. It is a fun read and really helps you understand the villains. He has already done terrible, terrible things for the plan. Feeding Tsukiko to her own minions is kinda small stuff compared to what he did to his own kin in service of the master plan. As for power level? teh bunneh is spot on about RedCloak getting the spells he says are brand new at 17th level. That doesn't put him in Xykon's league power wise. Heck, it only puts him maybe 2 or 3 levels ahead of most of the protagonists. Xykon is very clearly an epic-level character. We have seen Xykon cast at least 4 or 5 9th level spells in one battle (which is easier if you are a sorcerer, but you still need to be way above 20th level). We have also seen him use metamagic on 8th and 9th level spells which isn't possible without epic feats. I'd peg him around the mid to high 20s personally.
  8. Re: Order of the Stick I liked: "When has it (our trial) been scheduled to begin?" "What's your Move rate?"
  9. Re: Who is sticking to 4th or 5th Ed HERO I think the fact that long running groups like this are common around here may be among the biggest reasons this debate is happening. In my experience every group has it's share of rules arguments, and long running groups usually come to some sort of accord. Someone either comes up with a house rule everyone can live with, or an argument for the controversial rule that sways everyone enough that they can then live with it. Groups that cannot do this either just ban sections of the system, switch to a different game, or break up. After a while, you forget these rules were ever controversial in the first place. Your group is on board with them & are happy with the reasoning behind them. This thinking, IMHO, is at the root off a lot of this debate. Figureds make an intuitive sort of sense to many Hero players. That intuitive "it feels right" is at the core of the system for many. Others have found that High Str=More PD just doesn't make sense for some of their characters & really prefer the new system. But if everyone you play with is in one camp or the other, then the debate doesn't even happen except on the internet (where to my knowledge the good argument vs. random blathering ratio is somewhere around 1:50) I have played with two long-running groups. One for 8 years and the other for 13 (and running). The biggest single challenge I had when switching was the realization that the new group enthusiastically embraced rules I thought were terrible, but still had fun. And had fun in ways my old group never did. Their paradigm made sense to them & after running with them for a while it made sense to me too.
  10. Re: "Bloodied" in HERO I seem to recall an old 4th edition gladiator type character from Alien Enemies had this exact power. He had extra PD, ED, & Con "Only when under xx Stun" to reflect his amazing fueled-by-determination comeback victories. His name was "The Champ" or something like that.
  11. Re: Order of the Stick So, if the old man had at least 5 wives.. has he only had 2 kids?
  12. Re: FUZION Kill Damage in Hero I don't think we should dismiss the Kills system so quickly. What it basically does is make the damage system logarithmic. Standard hero DCs are very linear. Back when Galactic Champions came out there were a lot of discussions around the "Superhero vs. Star Dreadnought" fights you see in comics like Green Lantern, Legion of Superheroes, and Silver Surfer. Basically, any respectable star ship that could survive a battle with another star ship had attacks and defenses that could incinerate even a 1000 point Cosmic Hero. If you gave the Cosmic Hero the power to defeat one of these ships then Cosmic Hero vs. Cosmic Villain battles ended really stressing the system. Galactic Champions got around this by laying out some optional damage rules that work but seem to bother the "I paid points for it, why doesn't my armor help me?" crowd. Maybe it's just me, but I like to destroy my Star Cruisers with the attack I paid for rather than waiting for them to collapse due to the "Vulnerable to PCs" complication it didn't even get points for. It's a "feel of the rules" thing for me. It sounds to me like BeZurKur's proposal of using the Kills system solves this rather neatly. You end up with attacks in the 18-22 DC range that vaporize tanks but only scratch power armor, without having to buy power armor that had 60 Resistant Defense. Sure, it alters the balance of Def vs. Damage in Hero, but it allows a certain type of bombastic damage output that hero doesn't do very well without costing a zillion points. There were a lot of stupid things in Fuzion, but that doesn't mean we should throw out every idea just because it originated there. To me a "does this campaign use Kills damage?" would be a campaign specific adjustment just like "does this campaign use hit locations?" or "do I have to pay points for equipment?" are campaign setting choices now. There are some games where that kind of damage output is really appropriate.
  13. Re: Order of the Stick Hmm. Half-Dragon attacking with poisoned magic weapons? Might just be someone trying to off the guys asking questions about the gate, but I'm guessing that V was the target from the beginning and this is somebody upset by all the Dragons she killed during her swim in the "deep end of the alignment pool"
  14. Re: Order of the Stick They aren't available as part of the archives, but Rich created two full books full of strips that go into the background of all the major characters. "On The Origin of PCs" goes into the Order's lives and "Start of Darkness" tells the story of Redcloak and Xyklon. I really recommend them both. Start of Darkness goes a lot into the family lives of Goblins and makes it explicit that in the world of the strip, all goblinoids were created by the gods for the express purpose of providing appropriate challenges for low level PCs. "The Dark One" RedCloak worships is actually a former Goblin Warlord who ascended to Godhood on a platform of "worship me and I will make us the equal of the PC races". The RedCloak worn by, well RedCloak is an artifact that stops it's wearer from aging and is worn by the high Priest of the Dark One so he can live long enough to see the Dark One's plan through to completion. Funny bit of Back-story: in the Start of Darkness a major part of RedCloaks's arc is his relationship with his eyepatch-sporting brother and the widening rift between them. His brother thought the sacrifices RedCloak was making personally in the name of "the plan" were not justified. Needless to say, readers of "Start of Darkness" can't help but draw parallels now that RedCloak is sporting the eye patch. Oh, and Xyklon? He was never a good guy. In his living youth he was just lower level. The actions he manipulates RedCloak into by the end of the story firmly establish who is in charge in their relationship. It has nothing to do with power and all about what each of them is willing to do in the name of power. It also firmly establishes that the lines RedCloak crossed that day to side with Xyklon will prevent him from ever making a serious attempt at destroying Xyklon. He has to believe it was necessary in order to live with himself.
  15. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far Wow, So now, according to page 132 of 6thv1 folks can use powers casually as a zero phase action the way they used to use Str casually. I'm actually down with that. It allows the Sapphire the same ability to blow through doors that Ironclad has always had. I'm not as sure I like the example where you can make a casual use of an attack and a full use of an attack on the same phase to try to get out of an entangle. It feels like a free, limited sweep. (Of course, I haven't gotten to the sweep rules yet)
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