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  1. Inspired 100% by Ninja-Bear a few posts up, A pair of "villains" showed up in my last few Teen Champions: "Mista Finsta" and "The GOAT" (Greatest Of All Time). They are a pair of 15 year old mutants that are using their powers to become internet stars. They are social media influencer wannabes that are committing very splashy crimes and posting them online for the attention. They haven't taken anything expensive and no one has gotten hurt (yet) so they are low on the authorities priority lists, but their antics have spilled over into the personal lives of my PCs. Mista Finsta is a teen-h
  2. I'm more worried about how free willed they are. If they have a sire that has mental influence over them does that affect their personhood?
  3. It's easy to get lost in the special effects of a power and try to buy what the power is doing instead of buying the end result you want. In this cast I think you are getting stuck on the character 'changing' things so you want to buy a transform. That does make a certain sense, but transform isn't meant to work that way. It's more about the change being whats important (like a enemy into a frog) and not as a way to make yourself guns when you need them. In Hero System, you need to buy what you can do, not how you do it. If you want a wall, you buy the barrier power. If you wa
  4. Elaine King bought reduced END for her Multipower & Widget was the OAF Focus for the END reduction. If you grabbed it she had to pay full END for everything. It didn't have stats per se and just sort of floated around her. Her description says she listens to it and sometimes responds but that no one else can her it. I took it to be a big of a fun roleplay bit that it was alive to her but it didn't do anything other than reduce the END spend when she used Magic.
  5. Clearly there isn't one right way. This is Hero, that's the point. I was expressing the opinion that for most cases a power skill is probably fine. I think lots of times a power skill roll is fine rather than an extra slot in a multipower that gets used one game in 20 or buying weird defenses "only when ready, only vs X thing". It's fine. If you plan on stabbing people with arrows frequently, then the Hero way is that you have to pay for it. Just like you have to pay for all your standard abilities, in which case yours is a good way to handle it. It just isn't what I typically woul
  6. I'd leave the writeups as is & let the archer user a power skill roll to stab someone with his ammunition. It usually only happens once or twice at most, so a power skill "trick" is a clean way to do it without really over-complicating builds for the sake of something that happens rarely.
  7. I really like this as well. 6th Edition has lots of specific years mentioned throughout various character backgrounds and attached to big events. Which gets weird when the Enemies books were all printed 12 years ago.
  8. One of the PCs in my game is the "son" of Mechanon and the Engineer, after one of their fights did weird things to one of the Droids in Mechanon's base. He has some parental issues. I'm seriously kicking around doing "FoxBat Beyond". FoxBat has been Fox-Batting for years, is pushing 50, and after developing shin-splints decided it's time to pass on the Ping-Pong gun to a worthy heir. He stages a loud and ridiculous death, and then a few months later "FoxBat Beyond" shows up, clearly getting prompts on his villain speeches and spending half his time arguing with someone over his earpiece
  9. I actually played a lot of FACERIP Marvel back in the day, it followed the conventions of the comics at the time that (say) Cyclops was just a guy in good shape who shot eyebeams. Now that is clearly crazy if you assume he is getting kicked around by Blob or Avalance an not dying. Marvel's system covered it by giving everyone "Health" that let them soak 2-4 hits from equal opponents before they went down and maybe one from a superior one. Body Armor or Force Fields were *really* powerful in that system as it let you ignore damage from every attack up to a certain level, which was amaz
  10. If I had it to do over, I'd rationalize the point totals on a lot of villains. The Mega Threats like Destroyer, Mechanon, Menton, The Warlord, etc are *way* to high to actually use in a normal game. Not every villain should be within reach of starting characters but the Destroyer is potentially straight up Killing most PCs built to standard recommended stats in like 2 hits with those 30D6 Destroyer-Beams while their 10-12 DC attacks are doing less than 5 stun to him. I keep seeing people on the forums mention that they never use most of the iconic villains because they either need to b
  11. I've found that since around 5th edition or so, Doctor Destroyer works better as a Thanos or Darkseid analogue than as a Doctor Doom analogue. In which case I'd probably move him full time to his hidden nation of worshipers and I'd shift his minions to be less about the mental conditioning and more about the unbridled worship of a superior, visionary master.
  12. I'm actually running a Teen Champions game with my players. So far most of the enemies I've used are home-brewed as there isn't much official that is in the right point range. I've used - individual members of the Cirque Sinister (the whole team is *way* too powerful for teens), emphasizing the Circus of the Weird aspect. - A time solder from the future the heros eventually figured out was a possible future incarnation of one PCs very normal girlfriend. She *hates* them for all the damage their future selves have done to the world. (Sort of puts a shadow over all that
  13. Re: Ghostbusters HERO I might make a few changes: -According to Egon in Ghostbusters II, the Proton Packs rely on a power cell with a half life of several million years. I'd buy them 0 End -I'd drop the overall skill levels. Pete didn't seem all that competent -He is supposed to have a doctorate in Parapsychology and Psychology. -I'd reduce the Occult and Mystic World rolls to 8-. Ray and Egon were the ones who rattled off endless jargon & refrences. (I'd make Parapsychology and Occult two very different skills) I always thought the Dean at the beginning of
  14. Re: TV Teen Titans And don't forget that when they meet the impish alternate dimension Robin in "Fractured", he gives his name as Nosyarg Kcid. Our Robin just calls him Larry, but it's actually a pretty good clue as to who Robin really is.
  15. Re: Dear G-D, NOOOOOOOOO!!! I hate Hollywood! That didn't help Electra. And the Fantastic 4 buzz is mixed at best. But you never know, I actually liked Daredevil. (And while there are likely lots of comic characters with seduction powers, it doesn't sound like the new director is using any of them. He is apparently making up another one for the movie)
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