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  1. Can you re-post the output instead of the .hdc file? It would make it easier for folks to comment
  2. True enough, if you take this sort of discussion far enough the entire Hero System turns into 4 powers: Make, Break, Change, Move. (and people would argue that change and move should have been combined) Which I don't think we actually want. I do stand by the idea that mind control/telepathy/Mental Illusions are short-term powers for tactical effects. They should let you do something *right now*, their effects should wear off quickly, and the target may or may not realize anything odd happened depending on how skillfully the powers were used. "These aren't the Droids you are looking for"
  3. I would argue that "If you can kill someone you can make them into something else for that cost" is only sort of on-point. Making someone stand still? Probably. Making someone attack an ally? Well, now you are tying up two people for the price of killing one. I see this discussion as a mechanical attempt to fix a problem we haven't actually defined. The problem: What does a mental attack *do*? Does it make the target stop fighting? For how long? Does it make the target do what you want them to? For how long? Are they a slave for weeks
  4. Schultz was the owner of the largest toy company in Germany, which had been commandeered for the German war effort. At several points he mentions not liking the Nazis, both for what they do in general but also for how his family was treated when their company was seized. I always took his "I Know NOTHING!" announcements to mean he saw a lot more than he reported because he was hoping the Allies would win the war and he was just trying to keep his head down until that day came. There is a theory that Klink put up with him because he knew that Schultz was going to be a good person to know whe
  5. I would *really* not add 100 pages to an intro book. Hero already has a reputation for being overly hard to get into, a 160 page "basics" book will not help things. I'm still not sure why each character needs 6 write-ups though?
  6. Mine made it 25 before I retired it But I'm now 2 years into a new game with several of the same players set in the same game world after an absence of 8 years. So how does that count?
  7. This was my thought as well. I had a PC in a Pulp Hero game who played a big Prussian with this power bought as a combat luck style "too tough to care" type power. He was supposed to be the guy who was so burly he could get shot & only notice later. His normal defenses applied, then his combat luck applied, then if any body got through his "too tough to care" power let one body through then stopped the next 4.
  8. I think in an intro "quickstart" points are entirely beside the point and advancement is handled by the additional rules you are introducing in each section. As long as the various characters can do what they need to at each section of the adventure it doesn't really matter if one is built on more points or not. Grey out the sections of the character sheets you aren't using yet, and then bold them when you add them in later sections along with the explanation of what they do. (Or swap a blast for a Multipower as you explain what they do) By the time you get to the end you can get 300 poin
  9. Im very interested in the Patreon concept for Sectional Books. I like the concept a lot but my initial thought would be that if I have a choice between buying the individual sections and a complete product with art (even b&w art) I would generally wait for the "complete" product. I'd hate to see this idea fail because people are holding out for the final book. If there was a Patreon structure that would let us pay as we go for sections and then reward backers with the complete version later (or let us "upgrade" our digital versions for a nominal fee) that would be ideal. At this poi
  10. Even though he was left behind in the edition switch from 4th to 5th, I think that Captain Future from the 4th edition Golden Age Champions is another interesting take on time travel in Hero. TLDR: He doesn't have time powers at all and just knows about time. Being from the future is his origin. His backstory is that he is a time cop from the future who was assigned to "walk the beat" in the US of the 30s and 40s as that was a period of intense temporal interest. His job is to 1) Protect the time stream (It isn't mentioned specifically, but all the people who time travel ba
  11. Jhamin

    The Stargate

    They are a bit inconsistent on that front. Or at least its more complex than we usually think of it as being. There was an episode where Teal'c was caught mid-transport and got stuck "in the buffer" and they had a limited time to get him out and couldn't let anyone else use the gate lest they overwrite him. They made it sound like he had arrived but not materialized and was stuck in the gate ring somehow until they tricked the gate into forming an event horizon without a wormhold behind it to reintegrate him. So the gates apparently disassemble you, space fold you, then reassemble you. T
  12. I'd say leave him out. He was my favorite as a kid too, but if you cover the other archetypes you should be good.
  13. At the risk of rewarding thead necromancy or reiterating a point already made: Regarding why they are there: Long ago I got a reproduction series bible for season 2. It said that given the years long missions and the months away from port, Starfleet had recognized that the mental welfare of the crew was really important and should be managed the same way their health was, which is why the ship's psychiatrist was a senior officer. They had also decided that mental & emotional welfare was improved by having their families there so people got to bring their families with them.
  14. Likely, also a martial arts style with slaps, eye gouges, and a surprisingly effective Martial Block.
  15. It depends on how independent that limb is. If it is basically you and can make decisions, it's a duplicate with a lot of physical complications (There is a Toy Story Short where Mr. Potato head has to go on a date with Mrs Potato Head but wants to play Poker with some other toys. He leaves an eye and a arm behind and tells them to "deal him in". The implication is the arm/eye will be a long way away from Mr. P but he will be able to both play Poker normally & tend to his wife) This feels like a duplicate with a mindlink back to Mr. P If you can throw you arm across the room, but
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